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京都へ行くと必ず寄るカフェがあり、そこでの出来事。三十三間堂を見て、東京へ帰る前に、どこかでお茶でもと思い、少し歩いて「Kaikado Café」に来た。














"Real things change"

"I treasure the sound, the sound when I opened it, thinking that if the sound of this opening is good, I will put some important things inside."

There is a cafe where you will go to Kyoto without fail, and there happens there. When I saw Sanjusangen-do, before I came back to Tokyo, I thought that it was tea somewhere, came a little "Kaikado Café".

This is a cafe that Kyoto has been producing "tea ceremony" for many years. It seems that it was refurbished where the tram was running in Kyoto, it is a western style building, the ceiling is bright and the interior is bright and very comfortable, so when you come to Kyoto it is a place to stop by once.

By the way, there are seven large and small tea cranes in the Kaiden-do. Four tinplate, three brass, one of which is a brass coffee can that puts coffee beans to drink every morning. I liked the tea ceremony here, and I bought it a little at a time. I bought a brass coffee can at the very beginning, I wanted a tinplate as well, and it became necessary to have a different size.

Why is it a tea ceremony here, it's fun to change over time. Tinplate will be black and brass will be reddish or yellowish. Also, although I do not have a copper tea cupboard, it is browned with astringency.

Shiny when purchasing, glossy silver in tinplate, shiny gold in brass. Both of them are fabrics that have not been painted, so it rubs, oils of hands adhere, and so on, it seems that the color changes with nature, as it is used.

When I bought it I was told from the store people "Please touch the whole thoroughly with your hand well in the first week, so that color changes will come out cleanly and quickly" It was.

I did not buy copper. It seems that copper changes most quickly, so if you want to enjoy secular change quickly, it may be made of copper, so it was also good, but I bought it made of brass and tin.

The brass made by the oil of the person who uses it, seems to be reddish or yellow depending on what you usually eat usually, fish or meat, it seems different, I thought that the difference between the changed results is interesting. However, at least the result will be known 10 years later, so it will gradually change, so it may be known in a couple of years whether red or yellow taste, but I do not know as it is still a year.

Tinplate takes more. It has been 40 years for shiny silver to become black, I may not be alive anymore. Even then, even if it comes to the next generation, if the tea ceremony was handed down and it was used in everyday life, it seems that it is a wonderful thing if a black tea chestnut was used in daily life, and for that I have to buy it.

Although it may be possible to produce the texture in a pseudo manner by painting, it will not be enemy to the texture where real fabrics have changed. It is time consuming, genuine article is good, Tin tin is good there. There was a thing to hand down to the next generation.

I was intrigued by the secular change. It is likely that it will be caught negatively as a product in modern times, but it is commonplace to change over time if you use natural materials or fabric items, so that it will change over time While using it, because it is also natural materials and fabrics can be reworked, over the years can be passed down to the next generation.

I felt there was the original way of things, not disposable.

And another thing, I have looked forward to this morning that this tea cup is nice.

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