"The most difficult thing"

I recently thought that many people suffer from the gap between wanting to be someone and being nothing.

Surprisingly everyone wants to be someone, you can see well by looking at SNS such as Facebook, unfortunately when you want to be someone, but you can not be anyone.

At this moment, you can move your hand to please someone, your own, or your neighbor, but you don't. That's the most difficult thing, and no one can easily do it.








"Throw away, don't throw away"

It's the opposite of decluttering, and it seems that there is something wrong with the situation where you can't just store and organize things without throwing them away, but you can see what the ancestors valued.

Although it cannot be thrown away, things that are unnecessary for that person should have been thrown away, so the remaining things are biased toward that person.

A lot of old maps and old rosters were left behind. I knew that I liked maps, but I was interested in Ino Tadataka, so I feel various connections to the now useless list.

If you want to cut it off, it's all the things that are thrown away first. However, I thought that it was not a matter of choosing between a minimal life that was thrown away and thrown away, and a life that was surrounded by unbalanced and unnecessary things.









"When moving out"

Time accumulates various things. Not only the accumulation of memories as memories, but also the things themselves are accumulated without permission.

It was decided to move out of the office that had been used for 30 years. There are many traces of past work in places that are not normally visible, and no one, including myself, has organized them, so for the past few months, I have selected the traces of work for 30 years and left what to leave. I was always in the corner of my head about what to throw away.

After all, I think his past work is like an alter ego that he created, and although he is already out of his hands, he loves even one line that describes the process of creating it, and almost throws it away. I couldn't. She was prepared to accompany her for the rest of her life and packaged it.

The office, which was full of things, has been emptied. I don't have any particular feelings about the office space itself, and I'm not driven by nostalgia, but I feel that the change from an overflowing state to an empty state represents everything on my smartphone. I took a picture.

She photographed two rooms through the fittings she made to her liking. This fitting was the only one I modified in the space of this office, and I created the look I wanted to achieve with this fitting.








"Rewrite the context"

Since the difference between the outer wall and the inner wall represents the context of the surrounding environment, there is a difference in appearance between the outer wall and the inner wall. Sometimes the difference between the outer and inner walls is a clue as to where you are.

Then, try rewriting the context of the surrounding environment by changing the distinction between the outer wall and the inner wall in a pseudo manner. The guideline for rewriting is to make oneself a context, which leads to autonomous architecture.

First, plan the outer wall and inner wall according to the context of the surrounding environment, and in the next stage, change the distinction between the outer wall and inner wall according to your own context, and rewrite the context of the surrounding environment.

This creates a new environment nested within the surrounding environment, which can create autonomous architecture from the heteronomous situation of being influenced by the context of the surrounding environment. In the environment, in the city, autonomous architecture will be settled without any discomfort.











I'm looking for a solution that blends well with the conflict. It seems that he is always looking for a solution when he is designing.

The image that comes to mind always has something that is difficult to realize. From the beginning, everything is not unreasonable and can be realized smoothly. In the first place, we don't do things like burning, so adding new elements each time increases uncertainties.

Because it is uncertain, I don't know, so I get interested and become interested in various things.

Actually, I was wondering if spatial uncertainty was necessary. Is the space where you can grasp everything in your hands really attractive? As an honor student, the product of certainty is probably architecture, but since the person who uses the architecture does not know everything about the architecture, it is meaningless to make it a highly reliable architecture.

What about attractive architecture and spaces? The word "attractive" is vague and uncertain, but at least the designers try to eliminate the uncertainty. It tries to disambiguate as if it were a design. So think of a solution. However, I am attracted and moved by the uncertainties. The fascinated heart and the fascinated heart of the attractive space feel the same, the roots are the same.

The result is uncertain, the result of increased certainty, otherwise there will only be more sloppy architecture. I thought it would be good to intentionally create an uncertain architecture.







"2020 → 2021"

You may realize that 2020 isn't everything you're looking at, and 2021 isn't all that you're looking at.

Many values have changed, but now I can see what I was seeing directly as I moved, in front of me, but through the device, without moving. If you think that what you felt unconsciously by looking directly at it will be cut through the device and not reach you unconsciously, but you find the possibility in a situation where you have to do so, then Nao is important. You may have found that there are few things unexpectedly.

If you think about this time a little positively, 2021 will only clarify what is more important. At that time, be prepared to throw away the others.









"Choose emotions"

The activity of "selecting" connects people and architecture. What to choose at that time, I'm thinking of choosing "emotion".

Human emotions are not visible, so we need to replace them with visible ones. Architecturally considering the replacement, I decide to choose a place based on emotions.

At first, the activity of choosing a place connects people and architecture. Emotions are the standard when choosing a place of residence, and by repeating this, emotions are linked to the place of residence, and choosing a place of residence changes to choosing emotions.

For example, if you want to feel "happy" and want to go there, you will be able to elicit and control your emotions, which will determine your whereabouts and thus change the way you look at architecture.

It may seem that it is not good to be influenced by emotions, as the word "become emotional" is, but it seems that people are acting with reason, and that reason is actually dominated by emotions. Even if you look around the society, there is no saucer that can accept individual feelings in reality. I think that it is inevitable that architecture will be built on the saucer because it will be built on the basic basis of people as the word "clothing, food and housing" is used.








"How to do it"

The matter that had been delayed for a long time moved a little today. It's still a long way to go, but I finally met people who seemed to do the troublesome things with high accuracy, and I was able to confirm what I was a little convinced of.

After all, if you do not actually meet and tell what you want to do with your face in front of you, even through the acrylic board, with your own voice, no matter how much you exchange PDF drawings by e-mail, with the other party If you do not create while feeling the time, facial expressions, gestures, etc., the higher the difficulty level, the more accurate you cannot improve.

Although I can't do what I can't do, it takes time because I'm trying to figure out how to do it, but I think it's normal, but I wanted it, so it's fun to have a meeting again. , I wanted to pack as much as possible on this occasion, so I was busy with the next scheduled time.

In any case, the accuracy of the opening can be improved in the future work. I'm very happy about that, and the range of creativity has expanded.







"Material, shape and content"

I'm curious about the contents of architecture, and I think that architecture has materials and forms, but the shape is the outline of the space, and I'm interested in the "contents" in that space.

When it comes to content, it feels like it's moving away from things, but since architecture is a representative of the thing itself, it's strong as a thing, so even if you focus on the content, the part of architecture as a thing always remains.

In this case, the content is weaved by the person who uses the architecture, and the emotions and moods of the person act on the architecture. In the opposite concept of material and shape, both are well handled, and the emotions and moods of the person It creates a space each time.








"Information that is not the reality of drafts"

The other day's presentation was a little relieved because the owner was very pleased and seemed to move toward realization. I couldn't meet him directly, so I put together a plan on one A3 sheet, added my own words, and delivered a 3D printer model together.

Now, I tried to convey what I should achieve in this environment, the thoughts and feelings of the designer properly, and briefly convey it, but what kind of reaction will it return? I was relieved because I could only evaluate the reaction.

I've been posting some draft plans for SNS recently. After seeing the reaction, I submitted the ones I liked as a single A3 sheet.

The reaction of SNS is not all, and rather the role of SNS is not more than or less than information transmission, and we should not try to exceed the reality, and thinking that it will break the reality, Therefore, I think that it is just right to expose unrealistic information such as a plan that is close to the draft before it is realized. Even if it's useless, it's good to think about it, and it's just an output, so the stuffy mind is organized. It may be annoying for those who can show it, but if you know that it is the manner of information on SNS, it will not bother you, and you can save it.






















































































































































"What you want the architecture to think about"

Most people haven't thought about how to recognize architecture, though they will wonder how to use it.

If you are on the side of building architecture, what does this building look like, how do you feel it, how does the light look when you enter this space, how do you gaze? What do you feel, what you see and what do you think, while your eyes are changing continuously while walking, sometimes walking, sometimes sitting, sometimes stopping, so from the time of designing If you think it is better to revise the image you were embracing and the reality, to think about the housing you are living in here, and make corrections, you can make changes on the spot.

First of all, we start by how to recognize architecture. It's been a matter of course since I started to learn architecture, but on the client side, it's not a matter of course, but the size, size, and usability are the most important things. It seems to see the value of architecture as real estate, rather than the architectural value of architecture itself.

Since there is also a business aspect to construction, it is natural that the value as real estate is important, and it may be unavoidable to bring it first, but then, where it stands, budget and area, It might be decided that the size is superior or inferior, which is a shame.

I think that there may be a way of thinking about how to use architecture, how it should be felt and how it should be perceived, while limiting how it is used.








これはあくまでも建築やデザインやものづくりのはじめの目標設定の話だが、今現在の状況に照らし合わせても、それは完全にコロナが終息する状況が早く訪れることが一番良いのだが、それに対して誰も明確な答えを出すことができないのならば、人が想像しやすい時間の単位毎に、例えば1週間毎に、今現在までの状況分析からのリスク説明を伴う出口戦略を示してもらえれば、ただStay Homeしているよりもこの時間を使って、今現在も行ってはいるが、より少しでも良くなる手段を自分たちでも考え創意工夫できて、精神衛生上もより良くなるし、今現在より少しは心地よくなれると思うのだが、いかがなものでしょうか。


"It's okay to think ahead"

I was wondering where people would feel most comfortable to recognize.

If you recognize that it will be better than your present day, you will naturally feel comfortable, but if you recognize that it will be worse than your present day, it will be uncomfortable, and even if it is the same as your present day, it may not be unpleasant. I don't think it's just comfortable.

So, if it's better than today's daily life, and it's better than you can imagine now, what's that, and it's better than you can imagine, so it's really comfortable.

Maybe it's offensive. Even if you know that things that you can not imagine can be greatly improved, anxiety and anxiety will rise because you can not imagine, maybe because your self-defense instinct works, you may not be comfortable comfortably .

After all, it is most comfortable for a person to be as good as they can imagine, and maybe it's better to move from where he is now to where he can reach.

This is only about setting goals for the beginning of architecture, design, and manufacturing, but in light of the current situation, it is best that the situation where the corona will completely end soon will come, but to whom If you can not give a clear answer, if you can show the exit strategy with risk explanation from the situation analysis up to now, for each unit of time that people can easily imagine, for example, every week, However, I am spending this time rather than staying home, and I am still doing it now, but I can think and devise ways to improve even a little, I am better in mental health, and now I am I think it will be a little more comfortable, but how is it?










I suddenly remembered the habit of "shoganaea". My parents were from eastern Chiba, and my father's parents' home is still there, and my aunt often said that.

A gentle aunt always adds "Shoganeea" at the end of a conversation and tells her to throw it away. When I have a normal conversation, I end up with that habit when I can't help myself, what I can't do at all, or when it becomes impossible.

Looking at only the words in a word gives the negative impression of giving up, but when I actually hear the words as a voice, it feels comfortable and healed for some reason.

Don't overdo things you can't do without saying anything, let go, let go, and just do what you can. I have lived such a comfortable life in the country all the time, and I hear the tone of voice that only people who have overcome anything can hear, and sometimes I unconsciously say "I don't know."

However, it is tempting to imitate the strength of switching over with just one word, because it feels supple enough that people living in the city can't get it.











If architecture and architects are connected to daily life and daily life, they will be facing the inconvenience of coping therapy in this situation, thinking about everyday life and life of after-corona and focusing on it. .

There may be many architecture and architects who are not connected with everyday life and life, and when they pass by, the days when nothing changes will come again, so now there are many people who can divide that it should be a nest, and that. In contrast, there are many people who want to keep their nest but cannot do it.

The after-corona differs depending on which social position, or in other words, from which level you are looking.

You may not think there is a need to change it, you may be forced to change if your surroundings change, and you may think positively or change to survive.

I was told several times that the world after this would change, but nothing changed. To that extent, the flow of time from the past to the future is strong, human activities are not so soft, and architecture does not have the ability to change by itself, and it requires philosophical and social transformation, so it is linear. Does not change.

But what about this time? People's activities are decided by the combination of the absolute truth of being born and finally dying and the flow of time, but in this situation where the last death is shown every day and made me think everyday, I can remain unchanged I wondered if it would be weathered or would it return as if nothing had happened.








"A wonderful normal is waiting"

It's good, it's good, it's normal, and it feels like it's part of the bad category, at least not the good category. Occasionally, I hear the word "ordinary is the best", but it's also not disturbing, so I'm not tired of it, but it's not a good reason, but it's not an extremely bad thing, a little good or a little What is bad is about the acceptable range, and it means that it is just good to put in that amount.

However, the usual contents are not always the same, and they change from time to time. For example, now that I am living a limited life, I am also limited in what I can do, so I feel that the normal before Corona is very good, it feels great, I think it was normal at that time, I think Becomes stressful.

Ordinary changes in after corona. It's normal now, and the pre-Corona normal is jumped up to a wonderful level, so even after returning to the pre-Corona after-corona, it seems that normal everyday life will make your life richer. .

If you pay attention to normal, and compare before and now, and after that, the situation of staying in the house like this is necessary for enjoying the wonderful ordinary everyday life and life of after corona, the preparation of it. Don't you think it is worthwhile?










"Keeping trust with social distance"

Unfamiliar words such as social distance and distance have become commonplace. I'll see later if such a simple thing was really effective against viruses, but I also made an ad hoc response that it would be better not to come close to something strange. I think it's better to put safety first, but such a simple way to deal with distance has changed everything.

It turns out that there is almost nothing you can do without meeting people, and even if you take a distance, you can't do it unless you can reach it. Nor.

It would be good if I could remote or deliver it to the virus that blocks the activity and play with the psychology to the extent that it seems to be unpleasant, but of course there is no way I can do without meeting people directly.

I can't hear. The purpose of the hearing is not to listen to the other person's story, not to understand the other person's situation, not to share the other person's information, they are all interviews, even if you do not meet directly or remotely. You can do it with documents.

The true purpose of hearings is to build trust with the other person. For that purpose, it will be necessary to enter the distance where the droplets are splashed and the personal distance.

It is the most scary and problematic thing that a virus takes a person's life, and I avoided it by all means, but the same fear and problem is that the relationship is broken without building a trust relationship with a person, rather here May be more difficult to deal with, in situations where you maintain a social distance. And it will act like a body blow in various scenes of society. Therefore, no matter what kind of situation, you have to be careful not to lose trust.









"I notice because I need it"

There are many things in front of you. The item you are looking for is within easy reach. There are also things to worry about before that. I knew that there was a while ago. I want to get both if possible.

However, even if both hands are stretched out, you cannot have both at the same time. Then, there is a lot of people there, one after the other, someone wants the same thing. Maybe, if you don't get it first, which one you want is the one you want, but there is something closer to you before that.

Get a 360-degree overview of everything. I don't have time to understand all the details in detail one by one, so I will focus on the ones I care about. I'm worried because there is a momentary catch, and I can tell the identity of the catch after focusing.

I am attracted to the nature of the approach, the degree of attraction, or the level of the degree of attraction is high, or I do not know what the identity of the catch is anyway, but I do not have to think about whether it is attracted anyway.

Surely it's something that you need, and you're bothered and attracted. What you don't notice is the same as you can't see, it's the same as it doesn't exist. I want to cherish the things I put in.










"Kitchen life"

You can only cook and eat your own food at your own home. Your home includes villas and homes, and you cannot enter camp.

So cooking and eating is a major activity at home. If you think about it, you can do other life activities, even if you are not in your own home, sleeping, taking a bath, or even spending time with your family.

So if you don't cook yourself, you don't need your own house, even if you don't need it, it might cost more, but you might want to live in a hotel . However, it is a different story whether it will give you a sense of security as if you were in a safe zone.

Hungry is a physiological phenomenon, so everyone has to prepare food for that, so if you say the extreme, for those who make it, your home = kitchen It would be safe.

I work from home but stay in the dining room except when I sleep. Although there is a work room, I now work at a dining table in the storage of documents and books.

I didn't cook a lot, but this style was because I started cooking boiled beans, and I couldn't help thinking about the progress, and the smell of cooking beans I loved it, so I started working nearby, and now it is convenient because the kitchen is in place, the refrigerator is close, and coffee can be ground from beans.

So, if you make a map of whereabouts at home in a day, it will fit in a very narrow area. If so, I thought it would be nice to make it smaller and live in the kitchen, and make that space a garden or something, take more distance from the neighbor and take in more sunlight from the windows I want to.













Think about "What should we make?"

If you are given a pawn and a title, it will come out automatically, but it will not be enough, so I will try to take a good look at its automatic contents.

So we meet two forks.

One is to decide where to go, and then to build up that time, and the other is to decide where you want to go and just go to that.

Neither road is correct or one is incorrect, but the place to reach depends on the road.

I've been doing a lot of ways to decide where to go, and if it's a job, it's much more so if I don't decide where to go, nothing will go according to plan. First of all, if you decide where to go, it will be a heavy road, and it won't have a positive effect on what you'll get, so stop deciding where you want to go, and how you look forward Kana, think about what to do for that.

Having the ideal of what you want to make, it's a fun situation to think about what to make and how to make it every day.

Then, if the method of making is not fun, there is nothing as fixed as the method of making. If the way of making changes each time, it won't spread and it's inefficient, so just enjoy it.

So, I started an attempt to reconsider how to make it and came to Kinko's at night after a long time.











Have you ever watched the transition of light? Have you ever stayed in the same place with shadows and looked at light and shadows for hours?

If you want to do it, you can't do it. If you do it easily, you can do it in your own home. What is necessary is just to follow the trace of the light which injects from a window. You just have to watch it.

But no one will do it. There aren't many people out there, and I'm tired in the first place.

Even if you can stay in a place that is said to be a famous building, you can only take the sun. I can't stay all day.

However, the designing side calculates the degree of change of the light. The light you are imagining when you think about where to take openings.

The first architect to visit is Tadao Ando's "Church of Light". As is known in the name of architecture, it is a structure with a cross of light, and there are slits in the shape of a cross on the concrete wall. At that time, I watched the light transition of the cross from morning till evening until it became dark. Even though it was a simple structure with slits on the wall, it was impressed by the richness of the light transition, and that was the beginning of the design.

Light is available to everyone equally. I thought that it was the architect's ability to give the light a cross shape, and at that time I wanted to do this kind of work. At that time, I realized the possibility of the light that I was always seeing, and after that I became aware of the light.

I was impressed with what I hadn't been aware of before, and I was impressed with it, so I was impressed with architecture.


軽井沢にある篠原一男のTanikawa Houseでのお茶会後、名残惜しく、その地を離れる前に、もう一度、建物の周りを巡って、斜面を登り、南側から見た時だった、今までの様相とは違う表情が見え、ハッとし、思わず「いい」と呟いてしまった。





"Illusion of the moment"

After the tea party at Tanikawa House by Shinohara Kazuo in Karuizawa, before leaving the place, once again around the building, climbing the slope and looking from the south side, the situation until now I saw a different expression, and was relieved and unintentionally screamed "good".

I immediately put it in the photograph at that time, but I am sorry that I can't show it, but because of the strong form of architecture until then, the strength of that form leads, and I am instructed to understand this architecture like this Sure, it was wonderful and impressed, so I was satisfied, but at that moment, beyond the form, the architecture was assimilated with the surrounding air, the architecture disappeared for a moment, the surrounding nature and If you think of it assimilated, there are no strong forms that follow the rules of nature, and there is an illusion that the form of architecture has become assimilated into that natural form.

It was the beginning of learning such a feeling. I thought it would be good to come here just by tasting this feeling, but it was also an instant.

The strong form of architecture is sometimes criticized as authoritative, and how to weaken it is sometimes an implicit understanding of the design, but maybe there is another possibility for the strength of the form It may be because it is attracted by the strength of the form.

Tanikawa House 秋茶会


軽井沢にある篠原一男のTanikawa Houseでのお茶会に参加した。個人の邸宅ということもあり、長らく未公開の建築で、一般公開されたのは竣工以来今回がはじめてらしく、あまり使われていない時期もあり、竣工当時のそのままの姿で現存しているという。

説明によると、Tanikawa Houseとは、1974年、谷川俊太郎氏が一編の詩を建築家篠原一男氏に託して建てられた北軽井沢の別宅、とのこと。









"Tanikawa House Autumn Tea Party"

The architecture shone brilliantly in the forest.

I participated in a tea party at Tanikawa House by Kazuo Shinohara in Karuizawa. It may be a private mansion, and it has been unpublished for a long time, and it has been open to the public since it was first completed, and there are times when it has not been used so much.

According to the explanation, Tanikawa House is a separate house in Kita Karuizawa, built in 1974 by Shuntaro Tanikawa entrusting a single poem to architect Kazuo Shinohara.

The feature of this house is that it is built on a sloping ground and has a sloping soil where the slope appears continuously in the house. The soil is 9m wide from north to south, has a drop of 1.2m, and is covered with volcanic ash. It seems that Shuntaro Tanikawa was supposed to hold various events in the space.

In addition, a thick pillar with a 45-degree cane was placed between them to emphasize its existence.

Also, since the roof starts at an angle of 45 degrees from a height of about 1 m from the ground, it becomes the impression that only the roof is on the slope, all the appearance impression is the roof, the material of the roof is colored silver Because it was a galvanized iron plate, it shone in the woods, and its brightness was slow.

The overall impression is that a silver roof is built on the slope, a thick pillar supports it, the wall partitions the exterior and interior, and the slope is exposed as it is between the indoor soils, emphasizing the structural elements of these buildings As a result, the form of the architecture was strongly launched, and the architecture was in its original form and was majestically settled in nature.

However, it was mysterious, and its strong architectural form made a presence in nature, and it was well adapted to nature.

I don't know why, but I was very attracted to its strong architectural style.

(Photographing on the spot was allowed, but posting of architectural photos on SNS etc. was not possible)











Although it seems to be "~", "~ like", or "~ wind" is not "~", it is natural, but it is misunderstood.

For example, you may behave as an "architect" or "behave as an architect", any occupation or title, but because that person is not or does not have that occupation or title, think so. Let 's go.

For example, "Japanese-style" cuisine is a Japanese-flavored dish, not Japanese, and "European-style" dishes are quite about, but they look like French or Italian food. It's not cooking.

The same is true of "Like me" or "Like me".

In the first place, when it becomes "~", "~" or "~", it becomes ambiguous and it is good if you are seeking the ambiguity, but the person who says unexpectedly does not seek that ambiguity, firmly You may be imagining something that is cluttered, but you may not be confident that you don't have words to tell you exactly, or that your head is not clear.

In addition, "~", "~" and "~ wind" are all things that seem to be determined from the outside, such as customary or common sense, and range. It may be useful, but the person itself, or itself, exists separately from it, and it has a separate origin, so if you want to be something inside you don't care I think that's true.

I don't think it's normal, but I usually think of myself as "~" or "~", so I'd like to imagine where it was removed.











"in spite of"

Recently met, from a surprised sentence,

"If you think about it, people can live normally, especially if they don't do self-expression. But nevertheless you want to express something. In such a natural context of "in spite of that", we may be surprised to see our original appearance. ]

A long time ago, Haruki Murakami's "Novel as a profession" was interesting, so it was better to read not only the text but also the person who made something. I've read "What I say when I talk about running" before, but in fact, I've never read a novel by Haruki Murakami and I wasn't interested in it. I didn't read it.

Then, recently, another person told me the same thing, so I started reading and met the first sentence.

If you make it normally, people will be pleased with it alone, thank you, and you can live with it, so I think that there is no such good thing, so you can live naturally, but the person who is making it, I feel unsatisfactory with what I'm finished with, I feel like it's boring, I think "even though", so I want to do something, I want to change something.

You can extract the contents of what you think so that you do not think so. It's a very simple and simple story.

However, if you do too much, you will eventually go in an unnatural direction and begin to do unnatural things. This time, I feel unsatisfactory in doing that very simple and simple thing, and I think that I have to have something of my own expression. Because it thinks that it is connected.

The question "Despite" reminded me that expressing myself was a very simple and simple story.








After the typhoon left, I was able to greet the clear blue sky comfortably the next morning, opened the shutters, inspected the house, and fortunately there was no damage and I was able to return to my normal life. When I think about the victims, my heart hurts, and on Facebook, the joy of rugby and the situation of the damage are reflected alternately, and then I feel that those facts are moving away from me. However, both are real and both are tough, but both extreme events are too much to keep up with reality.

I don't want to be overwhelmed by the fact that the strong typhoon feels that the reality is not catching up, the rain and wind are too severe, but I can't do anything, I just have to endure it. For this reason, this was not a reality, it was a fiction that could only be dealt with if you didn't think you got lost in the movie set.

So, I thought that it would be reset in the blue sky the next morning and forget about the heat if it is too close to my throat, but it will not go so easily, there is a continuation, and I am confused by the damage situation that is different from my situation, That was because I was also exposed to the same typhoon, so I couldn't calm down.

However, I still think what I should do tomorrow and what I have to do, so if I think that it is a willingness to make today and tomorrow different, I'm sure the calmness and feeling of sorrow I decided to take reality as a sign that my brain, body, or mind is trying to digest it.









"Power of nature"

As with the previous typhoon, my chest hurts when I think of the people who have suffered the damage. Even if you take all the measures, there is no way to do it before the power of nature that exceeds it. Surely people in the past, especially Japanese, have overcome this situation by accepting rather than resisting. Therefore, it seems that the flood control has improved from the past, and it seems that the Kanda River was often flooded when I was a child, and even if there were pros and cons, the dam reduced the damage caused by this typhoon.

Since water and food are commonplace, we cannot imagine that it will be lost, but if possible, the range of imagination is narrow. This time, the area I was in had no water outages or power outages, but it just happened that I was at home in the intense rain and wind, and I thought it would be a strange situation even if there was a power outage or a water outage. .

Measures are taken, batteries, solar panels, cassette stoves, food and water are stored as much as they can be stored, but if there is actually a power outage or water outage, how many days will it last, and how many days it will recover I didn't know, but it was difficult to take measures.

Because it is a natural thing, it may be a price for richness that it will not feel real or disappear, but it may be a price for richness, but even if there is enough power, food, water, it will be uneasy if it becomes a power outage or water cut Will not disappear.

What I thought most about the intense wind and rain was to spend my life and time as usual. If you take too many special measures, your anxiety will not disappear and you will get tired.

So, for people who are experiencing power outages and water outages, it is important to have power, food, and water, but I want them to be able to live and live as usual as soon as possible. It may take some time to restore your lifeline and place of residence, but if you can restore your life and time rhythms to normal, you will be much more calm and tired. Power can only accept and respond.














"Shelter of the heart"

I think the house is a shelter.

This is the first time I have taken countermeasures against a typhoon, the first time that all shutters have been closed, and the first three days before that.

This time, I was prepared for the first time because I was worried about the effects of the typhoon, and after a power outage, water cut off, and then what to do.

Until now, it was going to be somehow. Even if there was a power outage or water outage, it managed to manage it.

Some people in Chiba had a great feeling, replaced it with themselves, and stored water and food, what they always eat.

And the last is a house. No matter how much water and food you have, if you don't have a house, it has no meaning.

However, measures are limited. Simply put, what to do with the windows, the other is the potential problem of the house.

So, I don't want to say that I should make it sturdy, but I think that the house is a shelter, a heart shelter.

It's not like how a house is built, but the appreciation of the enclosed safety zone of the house, inside, thank you for being able to spend it without having anything to do with the outside, if there is a sense of security, if the house needs it, Is the best.

Roughly speaking, everything you do at home can be done outside. I can't afford to eat, sleep, or anything else. Let's have a safety zone.

If you experience it, your feelings for the house will change.












"The book I met"

I happened to pass in front of a bookstore that I had visited several times before, and I thought that there was time later on my way to my destination, but I thought back how I was before, specializing in design and architecture books, I can't remember what I thought it was before.

There is a government office nearby because it only goes about once a year, but it is a street with a lot of atmosphere, there are only local shops, butchers, fish shops, greengrocers, there is no supermarket, In the evening, shoppers for sugar beets are not overflowing, but they are moderate, there is also a touch, and shops are opened as young people like. Then, I found a shop that was the stage of the drama I saw before, the variations of the shop as shown in the table, from fashionable to downtown style, not much cars, and the city where you want to live, to the bookstore along that street I stopped by the errand.

The book is beautifully decorated, and you can see that it handles the design book from the atmosphere. Since the scale is small, there aren't many books, but there are many books that are unique to choice.

However, it did not match my hobby and there were not many books on architecture. I picked up and picked it up a little, and it was a lot of fun, but this time was quite fun, something different from a large bookstore, like looking at people's hobbies, yet something that I can sympathize with There is strangely a sense of affinity.

Two large books in a red box catch your eyes. Paul Klee's "Thinking of modeling" has upper and lower volumes, and I didn't know much about Clay, I was teaching at Bauhaus, and of course I didn't know the work or the book.

I was attracted to the title because I was attracted by the title, so what was written if it came to `` modeling '' and `` thinking '', but I did not expect so much, the black title letter was somewhat cool in the red box, Until then, I was watching the book while playing with it, so I would like to take a closer look.

I didn't even hear about Clay and this "Thinking of Thinking", and I did n't get to talk about anything around me. I was drawn from the page that I expanded.

When you look at each of the things that are logically developed in terms of words and illustrations, it explains the origins of modeling, and it's so easy to understand It was the first time I met a text that taught me exactly.

The words that come out there are words that I usually keep in mind when I design, but I have never met texts that are straightforwardly embedded in illustrations. Naturally, I'm curious and I want to read more carefully. Although it is only Amazon, there is this to go to the bookstore, so it was inevitable that it was already in hand.











In the book you are reading now, stop thinking about the trivial thoughts you have taken for granted in your daily life, re-question it, and try your own words. It doesn't matter, and it is written to love the process itself for free.

What I thought was taken for granted and that I didn't care about suddenly one day suddenly happened to happen, I heard it, heard it, words and images, etc. If you can throw a word or video that causes such things to change, something that is the natural consciousness will change greatly, I always think that it will be interesting if it can be done in architecture .

I think that there are a lot of treasures that I haven't noticed in my daily life, but it is difficult to notice it with my own power, and I need help from other than myself, and design helps I have thought of it for a long time, and compared it to "treasure hunting", and if I was a treasure hunter, showing the treasure that I found out changed my consciousness that I had never noticed before. If you tell me that I should start moving, I was laughed if I told a person in the past, but I still think the same way, so what is a treasure,

"The real treasure is so easy to find that anyone can see it, and it's hard to find it, and anyone can get it, so you can't make it your own." (From Hiroyuki Horibata's "Language Clothes" )

When I thought it was a treasure, I thought it was a special thing, something that was invisible, or something that was unique to me, but there were times when the nature of the thing itself was different from what I was seeing with my own eyes. I see, my awareness of treasure has changed.

I thought hard about what the treasure was, whether it was my own words, but I met the words in this book and fell into a trap quickly, and I reversed what I was doing in architecture Experienced from the standpoint of.

"Philosophy" Soak yourself in the process of loving yourself and receive help from other than yourself. Also, "Philosophy", this nesting process is comfortable, the more you can make this nesting, the more everyday you will be I felt like I could acquire everyday life.









Softly, I don't know if it's important or not, but it might be useful someday and it was an interesting story.

Along with what you felt at that time in the corner of your head and what you thought of at that time, let's finish the drawing in the head that Haruki Murakami says.

It was a fun and interesting story after a long time. Talking from a variety of perspectives, using scientific detection, historical recognition, and design thinking to think about and feel various things from a normal perspective, gives rise to unprecedented thoughts, It felt like a new circuit was created inside.

If it's easier to get people to teach from the beginning, and if you want to think beyond what you already know, you can read a book, ask people, search on the net, and then start thinking It's good, but it's boring, or maybe you've come up with something different from a person from the beginning, and that's definitely better and it's more fun.

So, for today, let's finish the drawer in my head, finish it without making any conclusions, open the drawer when someday comes, and think again. At that time, I have a different myself, so I may be waiting for a different development, and look forward to it.











The distorted shape of the vessel with a green color, and the distinctive vessel that can be seen as a work imitating Oribe Yaki or Oribe Yaki, the author's Furuta Oribe, was finally cut off. Then, it seems that sinner's works disappeared all at once, and disappeared.

Bowl it was up to a neat roundhouse began distortion. From a bowl that is black, rugged, and samurai-like, with distortion and roundness removed, it was born rounded, distorted and colored.

Black rustic, a roundhouse, when surely accounts for the many bowl worthy of the samurai, it probably came to be given the equivalent of the value and authority.

Sonaruto, as the rich person creativity, and want to break the authoritarian ones, aware of the value of those not in discarded opponent until then, attention.

In the rounded or distortion, value of as rugged more bowl neat, along the way of the tea ceremony, probably it found a more accentuate appearance.

It is difficult to measure and know the path, but the Oribe ware of that era, which can still be seen today, is not just distorted and interesting, but from the neat and rugged thing that appears and hides in its shape and color. I feel the strength that I was born in, and the depth and depth of the ocean that swallows black and big things in a mild and soft impression.

It is wonderful to shake the consciousness of the present person by looking at the amazing things left from the time when people died in one vessel, looking at it now, what is beauty there, and what is workability.









"You don't have to know"

Finding what you want to know is really easy and you can get it right on your smartphone. That's why there are many people who know that it is natural to know, that it is natural to know, or that it is embarrassing if they do not know.

Regardless of whether the information you get on your smartphone is really worth it or not, whether it's knowledge, for example, it's harder to forget your smartphone than to forget your wallet. It has become natural to have.

So, conversely, the information that can be checked with a smartphone can be understood as soon as necessary when you need it, so if you do not need to know the information that you can check with a smartphone .

You should be able to do a lot of things on your smartphone, and then you don't have to know a lot.

It can be thought that there is now an environment that you can't understand on your smartphone, and that you can concentrate on your daily life with only knowledge that is very important to you. There is now an environment where you can concentrate only on what you like, important and important to you as you wouldn't have thought before in the days when there was no smartphone or internet.

People who still find value in what they know may be those who are not interested in the content of the information and just like collecting catalogs and looking at them from a distance. That's fun, but I think it would be richer to try to touch information that isn't available on a smartphone.








"Diversified states"

Being able to leave a complex thing complicated means that it is allowed to exist at the same time, and in other words, diversity is recognized.

A variety of states, when viewed from a bird's-eye view, only the difference is a state where only the difference is random, the difference is characteristic, the difference is valuable, and the difference may be expressed The situation is ready.

Therefore, in various states, the difference is determined by superiority or inferiority, so the original origin disappears. Actually, the origin is important because it is based on the origin, but the origin is important, but in various situations, the difference is focused on and the relationship disappears because the origin is invisible.

The simple state is the opposite, the difference is rather superfluous, the superiority and inferiority are determined by the origin, and the difference is irrelevant. In the first place, simple states are not considered simple unless they are all visible, so when focusing on differences, they become too complex to be fully visualized. Group and judge superiority or inferiority because it is easier, easier to understand, and easier to manage.

It may be either a variety of situations or a simple situation, but people who are making things are in a variety of situations because the difference is worth the creativity or the ingenuity I think it will be interesting to you, but not surprisingly.









"Sweet and miso soup"

If you say no, you will want to do more, and if you say no, you will. Even if you know that it's not good, you can do it. It's okay to do it, and you'll have no problem.

I read an article by cooking researcher Yoshiharu Doi. He was lamenting the society that rapidly simplified, not diversified, with the importance of "this is Eyan" and "diversity in the house" with Akafuku and miso soup for breakfast.

Even if you know that people are different, you can't tolerate the difference, and people often attack Facebook on Facebook. Rather than someone else, even myself can not make a consistent way of thinking and shakes to make a difference, but rather, I am aware of myself who sometimes thinks what to do now without shaking, uncertain, and that is OK If you understand yourself, you will not be concerned about the differences with others and you will be tolerant. This is the first step in "diversification".

In the first place, people who understand and acknowledge themselves now look at the differences from others rather interesting and interesting, and if they are better, Sassa and their thoughts will change, so everything will flow. It seems that I think that I am different from myself in the future.

In that case, diversity is the driving force for diverting things, and what kind of diversity can be possessed and the quality of diversity is the key to brightening the future.

After all, I don't want to eat miso soup for Akafuku every day, but if I buy Akafuku as a souvenir, I would like to try it once.













"Simple and complex"

There is a contradiction between being simple and complicated at the same time, but it looks simple and actually complex, and when it looks complicated and simple, it is possible to hold at the same time.

It looks more complex and actually attracts people who look simple and actually more complex than simple. It is simple, simple, but very rich in essence, and I think it is good.

I wonder if it is Japanese, or Japanese culture, such as cooking, architecture, Japanese food, sukiya architecture, cherish the material, seemingly simple, simple, but taste I am impressed by the depth and depth of the food.

It may also be a Japanese image seen from abroad. When Japanese designers work overseas, it seems that they are required implicitly. However, even if they are not conscious, they seem to be simple but profound, simple and actually look complex.

If it looks complicated and actually simple, it looks and looks beautiful, but in fact it may not have any content and may not have any content, but it can be said that it shows complex things as complex.

If you sort out complicated things, give some solution, and show it simply, it looks simple and it is actually complicated, but it does not leave the complicated things as they are, but gives a solution that can remain complex, If it looks complicated, it looks complicated and actually simple.

The reason why it looks complicated and does not become complicated is actually what is the difference, so it is simple if the amount of change from the beginning is small and complex if it is large.

However, I feel the possibility to show complicated things as they are. If you try to make something from scratch from scratch, it's easy to create a complex state that looks simple, but if something already exists, It may be complicated, and it is difficult to simplify it. Rather, it is easier to organize and express complex things as they are, and it should be familiar with the original state.

The example of failing in urban planning is simply complicating the complicated things, and because it is unfamiliar with the original state, if you solve the complicated things as they are, the probability of failure will also decrease right.

In addition to city planning, I think that in architecture, if the daily life becomes richer by showing complex things as they are, it will be more versatile and possible.









"An important time"

I have heard that there is a Zen zazen called "Yoza" in Zen training, which is performed after dinner until sleeping.

Whether it's time to look back on the day or calm down, it's time to rest after both the day and the day.

It seems that people are genetically determined when it becomes most active during the day, and there are types of people in the morning, noon, night, midnight, and I am the time from morning to noon The belt is the most active and the concentration is increased.

So, most of the work and important activities are done from morning to noon, and after that evening, extra time, don't do anything important, be quiet, and tomorrow, rest time until the sun rises and switches on I think.

Of course, there are times when I work at night, sometimes I meet people and eat out, but it doesn't matter how I spend my time until I go to bed, but for tomorrow Is the most important time zone. When you are at home, you do not need to be aware of the time zone from morning to noon, but you should be aware of the time zone until you go to sleep so that you can sleep deeply. If you don't, you won't be able to spend tomorrow comfortably, so it will be a time of day when you spend most of your day.

So I'm interested in the way of the night-sitting mind, maybe calming my mind to converge, but if I don't get sleepy then I can't sleep during zazen, so I want to sleep It 's not as painful as a situation where you ca n't sleep, so it 's training.











When the parents turn the faucet, well water comes out. When I was a kid there was a hand pump in my house, so it was Goemon bath. There were a lot of pieces of wood, so if you go to the workplace every morning, the carpenter was making a firewood with a small ax, and using that firewood for bathing, It becomes charcoal in the wood, this time the charcoal is transferred to a brazier and used for cooking the evening sun. In the winter, the rice cake is cooked in the soil that continues from the kitchen. In the coming season, I was grilling sword fish.

There was a place with a small mouth to put a bath jar between the soil and a bath jar. There are also wells and hand pumps. Speaking of the chimneys for cooking the baths, the old bathhouses were boiled with firewood, so there were quite high chimneys. Speaking of that, when I was a kid, I was wearing a chimney sweep regularly, wearing glasses, and when I went home, only the eyeglasses were skin-colored. I thought that if I entered without a board and got a foot there, I would burn myself, and even if there was a board, I felt like I was holding the edge with my hand and floating my feet hard.

There is nothing except well water now.
There was no need for electricity, and it took time and effort, but it was simple, but there was no waste. Now you just have to push the switch and the rest is automatic.

I don't want to go back to my childhood, and it's good that housework is alleviated, so it's better to have a single switch. Even rice, fish, and childhood may be better than a single switch, but both time and time are more valuable. In everyday life, a single switch is sufficient.

Well water has a water supply, well water pumps, and sewerage fees. In other words, electricity is needed to operate the pumps, but the parents left only well water. Probably because there was.

I used it for daily drinking, cooking and washing, washing my body, and the feeling of security that only well water was secured 365 days a day, or the feeling of life that permeated it was replaced by anything. It may have been difficult. The reason for this is that when standing in a system kitchen with two faucets, one for well water and one for waterworks, the faucet faucet was in an easy-to-use position on the front, and the faucet water was always available.

That alone is a sense of life, and it turns out that the old people felt that they were living. When it becomes a disaster, no electricity, no water, you will be forced to live live. I think it's impossible to live that life now, no matter how much you have to stock up, food, drinking water, mountain equipment, camping equipment, etc. After all, I think that there is well water.









"Technology for creating a place to stay"

If you relate to the flow of the river, the flow will be disturbed, and there will be a place where the influence of the flow will be somewhat weakened.

If you compare the movement of people to the flow, and Seki is an architectural wall, if you place a chair or table in a place where the movement of the person is affected by the wall and you have to stop, that may be your place.

If the passage of time is compared to the flow, and Seki is scheduled, it may be an experience if the schedule affects the passage of time and faces time when time must be spent.

If the movement of the space is compared to the flow, and Seki is a person, if the movement of the space is influenced by the movement of the person and the place of the movement of the space is determined slowly, that may be the place where people gather. .

The transition of the space may be, for example, the scenery of the car window. The place where it slows down becomes a place when you stay there, spend time there, and make a wall there.

People, time, and space are interrelated and nature and whereabouts are determined. When thinking so, creating a place is an act of disturbing the flow while in the flow, but if the flow changes too much, there is no original or child, and the balance adjustment is technology.










"Everyday and Architecture"

Since I've been doing architecture for a long time, I am interested in architecture with strong workability.

It's usually boring, things that are common in the city, things that you see often are out of the question, anyone can do it if you don't think about it, just show it cleanly, and you want to see something that is unknown or that is less visible However, if you are a person who is not involved in architecture, you may feel uncomfortable, or you may not be able to understand it a little. There is a fault between the side that makes the architecture and the side that uses it. There is also a feeling.

In the first place I think that it does not hold in a single building space, but I do not think that it does not hold if there is no person, but I want the autonomy that stands in a building space alone, that leads to workability, but that is the problem that people are useless In addition, there is a problem that it is human beings who recognize it as an architectural space.

Since people recognize it as an architectural space, it exists as an architectural space, and if there are no people, Hydecker advocates that the architectural space itself does not exist in the first place. It's just a value as a work of art, but it's still good, so I want to make a building with a strong architecture and see it.

However, I dream that such a strong architecture will enrich my daily life.

Even though everyday life is something that people create, I am seriously thinking that architecture that makes people useless will enrich their daily life.

Solving this seemingly contradictory connection is the current challenge, and it is fun to think about it as a foothold for the next.









"I have to go nearby"

Whether you are looking from a distance or actually going to the near, what you are looking at should be the same or different, even if you know at some corner of your head, compare both to understand the difference , You may not feel it easily.

Thinking from a distance, thinking that it is usually convenient for me, or judging from past experience. If you're curious about what this is, your head will puncture, so you give up and give up, so that your mind's structure is so focused that it's really important. There will be.

However, for the person, whether the judgment is right or wrong, whether it is good or bad feels like another problem, or for the time being, it is important to make a judgment once there, What a surprise, sometimes a happy surprise, sometimes sad, disgusting, or a wonderful experience.

To realize such a design that changes consciously by seeing it, but I am thinking about finishing, but I can not feel it when seen from a distance, but there is a decoration when approaching, in a simple and simple way A.

The wall finish was made of larch plywood and fastened with pan screws. The screw was used to warp the plywood, and if it was an image of a wood version of a riveted steel plate, a round pan screw with a head like a rivet was used. Considering the various sizes, colors, and pan-screw pitches, the difference in how the distant and near-fields look, and when viewed from a distance, only the grain of the plywood can be felt. To make it feel like a decoration, we end up in this simple and simple way to fasten the larch plywood with a pan screw. However, the person who sees it should just feel unconscious, and if that person was caught too consciously, he thought it was noisy or seemed unnatural as an additive was added to the space.

After all, there are many things that are different between the distance and the vicinity, and there are many things that you do not know if you do not go nearby, which is probably unconsciously frustrated, noisy.












Someone thinks and prepares the answer to the extent that the answers are overflowing, something unknown or questions no longer exist in the world, and the answer is based on something that someone gave It can be said that there is nothing that you do not understand if you examine it.

Answers change with the times and are constantly updated, and the situation may be the same as in the past, for example, 30 years ago, but in the past, when there was no internet 30 years ago, it is difficult to access the answer So, I don't feel like I'm full of answers, and I feel like I was starting to think about how to find out how to get to the answers.

One way to find out was to read a book. Even if it's simple, if you can't find the person you want to ask, for the time being, there are no Amazons in the vicinity, there is no Amazon, and there used to be a lot of bookstores in the neighborhood. I think that I could start thinking at that point in time.

So, when I got the answer, there was a gradual accumulation of thought so far, rather than receiving it as it is, it is already an answer that is a little dyed in my own color, and it is not inferior as my own, immediately I feel like I was able to use it.

As I heard before, former professional baseball player Ichiro seems not to read any books. I don't like it because it's bad for my eyes. When you ask yourself something, even if you read a book and get an answer, you just feel like you know it. Without it.

Get answers quickly without thinking. That is because there is already an obvious answer, but it is a waste of time to think about that one by one, and it is more efficient to start with the unknown part ahead of what you already know. It will be convenient.

However, deriving the obvious answer from the beginning and deriving the unknown part of the answer should require the same thinking ability. It is important to acquire your own thinking ability, otherwise you will not be able to derive answers to the unknown.

So, sometimes it's fun on a day off, just blocking, blocking the net, blocking books, blocking people's thoughts, stopping looking for answers, becoming stupid and slowly thinking and thinking.








"If it's fine"

I hope it will lead to an event that changes something a little, and I want to draw my thoughts.

Because it is directly related to things, architecture is inevitably the value of things, the quality of things, the amount of goods comes first, and it tends to be the center, but in parallel , I think that it is necessary that the conventional customs, assumptions, and life patterns move slightly better.

You may think that building a new building will reinvent and renovate it, but if you can't think it was an extension of it, it will be just a new building. It often ends just as it is.

I don't want to change it, I understand the feeling of being conservative, I don't have to change it forcibly, I don't mind changing it as before, In doing so, I try to add something that makes my life a little richer when making proposals to clients.

So, now that I've added it seven years ago, while inserting a new wall, I showed my imagination to the fullest seven years ago. From now on, it's out of the imagination, and one more pleasure will happen.










The density of the eyes seems to be determined by the sieving eyes, the squirrel eyes, the mesh eyes, and the objects to be sifted.

Screening for necessary items, leaving unnecessary items, and sifting for purification, we prepare sieves with different eye densities according to the purpose. I feel like there is.

In other words, it filters. It can be said not only for things but also for matters, depending on which eye is used for selection or purification, even in the same state and situation, it will differ after sieving.

The process of sieving should be different for each person, and the way of sieving is individuality, and the state and situation should be different for each person.

However, there may be some rules for how to apply this sieve. That is, for example, academic or academic, because it is a way of sieving created by overlapping history, it is not possible to prioritize personal sieving, but it may be researching to fill in the differences I don't think, but I feel that skill is necessary to grasp the difference and to connect it well to research, as well as how to sift.

If anything, I'm interested in the sieve itself, what kind of sieves exist in the world, I like cooking utensils rather than cooking, I like cooking utensils, but it is like cooking, but collecting a lot of sieves I want to










"Salmon, Mukumuku, Sprout"

Every day, buds come out, and new shoots come out like flowers in dead trees.

Organize and reset the cocoons that covered the cocoons at home, start growing some of them indoors, first put a piece of branch into the water, add plant vitality, first think that new air roots will come out and grow long However, as soon as some white air roots were seen, the shoots were muffled.

As you can see the difference between morning and evening, it grows fast, it is strong life force, whether you have become accustomed to the environment, it seems that it grows as if it is tangled up for the first time, so it is next to the room It just seems to spread.

However, it is interesting to see how it grows, and I put it in the kitchen, but I see it every time I stand in the kitchen. It 's fun to grow up. It 's the first time I 've ever thought that plant fun is like this.

I was good at withering, so when I was in elementary school, I had no flower in the morning glory and I was not interested.

It's fun to see things that change every day, and I'm never bored. It's like architecture. Of course, it is completed every day during the construction, so it's blissful as a designer who sees it like that, and even after it is completed, the designer can not live on his own even if he works hard and makes it I don't use it, but I'm sure it's fun, I'm glad I hand it over, but when I went to see it, I was dyed by the color of the people who lived and the people I used, I imagined If it is different from change, it is fun to see it again.

In my imagination, I'm going to be full of cocoons in my room, buried in cocoons, sleep between cocoons, and sneak out of my niece, but what happens.











"Daily scenery"

What is visible is strange. Even if there are many things in the field of vision, there aren't many that can be remembered, and it can't be remembered accurately if consciousness is not there.

If you look vaguely somehow, you will only remember and you will remember it.

However, all the information that enters from the eyes remains in the brain, whether it is conscious or whether it is seen somehow, it has nothing to do with such things, there is only the same amount of information, for example, It looks like everything in the frame like a photo, and after that, how to handle that information, how to approach it, if nothing is done, it remains, but forever You don't see the sun's eyes, if so, your brain will have a lot of capacity, because you can store information for a lifetime.

Even if you try to remember it, you don't remember it, but it's not a big deal, but you somehow remember it.

Of course, I remember that when there was a shocking thing, but I do not forget, I can't forget about surprises, but remembering in everyday life is often irrelevant.

If anything, I think that it is more important to remember on a daily basis than to remember occasionally, or to enrich the daily life.

Perhaps it seems that the scenery you see every day is the original information, and emotions and actions are linked from there, and you suddenly remember it.

When you think so, you can see how important the scenery you see every day is important.












"People first"

The thing defines the place. Certainly, I feel like a high decker said such a thing, but the thing that the thing has an implicit image is not only how to see the thing, but the thing The impression of the person who handles it, and the atmosphere of the place where the thing is placed.

I received the Wajima Lacquer Cup & Saucer I had requested before. A free cup is being made from the wood at the same painter's place, but as a reference for deciding the paint, I would like to use it everyday, and when I visited the painter's place before, the cup & that was there I bought a saucer and ordered a different color.

The colors of the painting are common black and vermilion, but the colors are reversed, the paint is also blurred, oil is mixed to give luster, and there is no luster, many in one cup & saucer Since the painting technique is used, I will think about what to use for the free cup while using it in my daily life.

The shape is very simple, common shape, but beautiful shape, the color is also lacquered color, but the process is neat and the real coating using the proper material, the material is made of wood, it is light, but it looks May become a so-called loose lacquer, profound image.

Because it is still a cup and saucer, it is easy to use and accept as a lacquer everyday compared to Megumi.

Yes, there are images that are difficult to accept in lacquer, and possibly high-quality images, so there may be images that are difficult to accept and difficult to handle with conflicting images.

Perhaps, as before, the place may be defined only by the presence of lacquer. It would be good if you could use it well, but it seems that there is no successor, that there is no successor, that the industry has declined, proof that the implicit image has not been used well, fountain pen finishing, chopsticks Although it has been around for a long time, it does not take full advantage of the goodness of lacquer.

In addition, unlike lacquer, lacquer is a versatile and excellent product, especially Wajima Lacquer is durable and very good for everyday use. Taste comes out. However, it is not necessary to use lacquer separately, because it replaces the values ​​of the previous period and those values.

Successor grows up if we make thing which we cannot make without technical skill that we specialized in characteristic of lacquer, characteristic of lacquer, but person can shape the answer, but after all person But first, if you notice that people define things and places, you will find clues.










"Pure Prisoner"

It 's a Mathis dance, Andy Warhol 's Campbell soup can, Richenstein 's cartoon chic painting, Jackson Pollack 's action paint, even though it 's completely different in age and ism, but I like flat paintings I liked all of Jasper Jones's flag and Higashiyama Kaoru, and there was always a permanent exhibition at the National Museum of Modern Art. Was a masterpiece.

Sometimes I like the work itself, and sometimes I like the artist itself, but as a whole, I was attracted to paintings that feel "flatness" as a big conclusion.

The first time I touched a two-dimensional painting was a Campbell soup can from Warhol that was permanently installed at MOMA. The first impression was a surprise that "This is a picture, a work", and people are vulnerable to surprise It will remain in a place with a deep memory and impression, so you will be captivated.

Then, mysteriously, the spirituality that should have been excluded to acquire flatness will start to grow.

Architecture and paintings are often compared, and in modern times architecture and paintings are different, and a wide variety of isms and thoughts have been established. Originally, modern architecture and paintings originated from an ism that can be called the "modernism" movement, and then The movements are homologous, and if you look at paintings through architecture, or see architecture through paintings, it will be easier to understand the times, isms, and thoughts.

It wasn't, but it was still happening, but the first thing that touched modernism was the painting before the architecture, and the previous Campbell soup can, so if you were a prisoner of "flatness" Attracted to modernist architecture.

However, although modernist architecture is a geometrical impression rather than flat, architecture and painting are the same in terms of eliminating decoration, eliminating the spirituality associated with decoration, and pursuing pure autonomy. It may have been captivated by the "pureness" of the original and geometrical origin.











"Ripple-like presence"

There was an opportunity to show me the extreme of celadon porcelain, the one of Longquan in Zhejiang Province.

The quality of the celadon seems to be determined by the color. The color is beautiful, there is no dullness, clear blue is good, and it is better to thicken the paint. The image of a celadon porcelain is thin and delicate, but this celadon porcelain was not so and had a profound presence as an object.

I'm not sure if it was used everyday, but it seems to have been used. Imagine the situation that was being used, and the presence as a thing seemed to spread like a ripple, and I felt that various things became clear.

What is put on this celadon porcelain, how does it appear and how does it feel?

Where will this celadon vessel be placed, how will the surrounding space change and what will it feel like?

Who will handle this celadon porcelain, and how will it change the mind, emotions and consciousness of the person who handles it?

And one more thing, what will change if this celadon vessel disappears from it?

Annotating things, going to the extreme, and returning from there, I think that the best part of things is that you can see a different landscape.











"Because it is cloudy"

Well, I do n't feel good, maybe because the weather is n't good, maybe because it 's cloudy, it 's more and more depending on the weather. However, I feel like I do.

It is not an exaggeration to say that architecture depends on the external environment because it cannot move, and that almost everything is determined by the external environment.

For example, the scale is determined by the size of the site, the regulations of the site, the building coverage ratio, floor area ratio, and height restrictions. Of course, there is also a budget, and if the site is too large, it will not be built to the full scale. In urban areas, there are not many such large sites, so they will be used to the fullest.

Applications are also affected by the external environment. There is almost no private housing in the middle of the downtown area, and there is no need to create an office building in the suburbs.

Also, the indoor environment depends on the external environment. Take measures against the outside environment, such as the surroundings surrounded by buildings, facing the main road, the park next to the park, and a quiet residential area, or conversely improve the indoor environment by taking advantage of the outside environment To do.

However, even if it depends on the external environment, the superiority or inferiority of the architecture is not determined by the external environment.

It doesn't mean that the scale is large, not to mention what the purpose is good for architecture, and the indoor environment depends on measures and how to make use of it.

So, even if the weather is cloudy, rainy or sunny, even if you change your mood, it's fine to try something you can do because it is cloudy.






"Don't get depressed"

"There is" the first voice of this morning, "What 's the second voice of this morning", the emotions in the voice started this morning, a new project started again today, and the preparations for that will be done from about a month ago This morning's voice of the results I started.

It was quite carefully set up, almost 3 days ago it was almost completed, and it should have reached the morning of the first day, but people told me that if I think so, it is in stock and it is necessary to purchase I tried hard to arrange the ones that were not there, and I comforted myself because it was better to use the new ones, but I did not notice at all until I pointed out that I mistaken the quantity as expected As soon as I was pointed out, I knew that I couldn't remember this place, so I couldn't remember it. If you did, you returned to normal, but you don't know why you made a mistake.

After all, it may be that the setup is sweet, but this is also happening for the pattern that this will happen on the first day as well, so I'm just depressed and the project itself is nothing There was no problem, and it was a smooth day. So, as a result, it was sweet to myself that it was the result of the setup, and comforted myself, and I thought it would be good. But again the stock increased.








There is something strange about the connection, and it is not a strong connection, but it is not weak.

This is a story about people, not just a story on the internet, but only when people are in direct contact with each other. A connection on the internet is so weak that it is still strange that it is still connected. It is also strange because it is sometimes comfortable, and I feel that there is a strong connection like a family, a very weak connection like a net, and two connections with different strengths between them.

The overwhelming majority of people who have worked or introduced their work so far are those with intermediate strength, which may vary from person to person, but at first it is a very weak connection It starts and nothing happens if it remains very weak, but if it becomes a little stronger, of course, it may be a story about work, not everyone.

However, nothing happens when it gets too strong. Of course, this should be different from person to person, so the strength of the connection with people in the case of work is always a concern, and I think that it should not be too strong, but it is difficult and weak.









"Cognitive power of connection"

I don't know if anyone can know it from the beginning, or if I knew it from the beginning, but since I was a child, I'm not good at understanding the whole, and I don't know it in the first place. I couldn't do it well, so now I can easily understand it by using the Internet, but the difference is large even if I put the credibility, so that is Because I knew it myself, when I joined the design office, I was only thinking about how to give an answer to what I didn't know right before I had no personal computer at the time. It was.

In the first year after joining the company, I had just entered, and even if there were many children I didn't understand, I wasn't in a situation to say, and I was punctured.

What made it a little easier is that after a job as a person in charge, from initial meetings to design, construction supervision, and completion, the first year's newcomer is often in charge. I thought it was, but my senior helped me, and I paid it for the time being. Can be applied to any kind of work.

Those who understand this connection seem to know it right away. This is called cognitive power, but I do not understand this connection.

Everyone knows what it is and what it is because it is connected to where and where it is, but I think anyone can understand if you examine it, but it may be weak at grasping the connection, in short, the relationship I haven't had it recently.

So I started using Mind Maps again with the notes I learned a long time ago. In the past, I thought that something was troublesome, but thanks to its hierarchical structure, the overall relationship became easier to understand, the feeling of improved cognitive power, what I thought was troublesome in the past is now just fit Thinking of a day, I draw mind maps on my smartphone.














"8 cups of rice"

Aristotle, an ancient philosopher, asks what the thing is, asks himself, says that he thinks that the thing is broken down into four.

It is the material for making things, the shape of the thing, the people and technology that make it, and the purpose of making it.

If you think about how things are there, there is a material, and you use that material to make a shape. The shape has the purpose of making it. The person who has the technology that can make it forms it, but in ancient times, it seems that it doesn't matter what it was after.

In ancient times, things seem to end when they are completed.

It is clean and the moment when the product is completed, the person who made it, in this case, the person who has the skill to make it is the most satisfied, the most comfortable and the most beautiful, so it seems that Maybe.

At the restaurant we went to today, we had a combination of 2 types of rice and 3 types of side dishes, a total of 6 types of rice.

Cooking is a thing, people who make dishes are not looking for a finished photogenic,

"No, don't bring out such a tasty food to the end of it, I've eaten up until then, but I'm confused but I'm not full."

You must be looking forward to the line and the face. How, why don't you just eat it and eat 8 cups?

When the end of a thing is no longer consumed, perhaps the word "consumption" may not have a very good image, but to create the next thing, you have to lose what you have, If you don't, you think you can't do that.

Surely there were no delicious foods in the ancient times, so Aristotle said, "What is it that makes this thing like this?" The cause or answer is Ufufu.









"Logic and Practice"

Even though I am not conscious of being alive at this moment, I am thinking of tomorrow or next week's schedule, and that is conscious of being alive tomorrow and next week.

Because times have changed, societies have changed, extreme talks, and in the past, things have changed in a day, so tomorrow and next week, nothing is guaranteed, but why everything is as it is The premise is that things will not change.

There is no such thing as a universal truth, but there is no such thing as an absolute universal truth that the sun rises from the east and sinks into the west, but it pursues universal and essential things, including assumptions. End up.

If you try to explain universal truths in relation to the times and societies, you will always get out of touch, so you can leave them as they are, but the times and societies will change, but apart from that, universal There is a general law, it may be science, it may be philosophy, but it will be troublesome if it always exists. I think that both science and philosophy have changed with the times, and to analyze the object Although there is no change, I think that the results of analysis have always changed, reflecting the times and society, so I think that there is only a choice of the position to be taken in positioning.

If so, I think that practice is more important than logic, and in that position, I think that it is only important how it is practiced and what kind of result is achieved, but such logic is necessary, It is only a means of practice.

Although it is difficult to determine the framework of society and the times, it is still difficult to determine the framework, and if the framework is defined, social issues will be highlighted, and the solution is the logic of that era, the means of practice, However, if the model is constantly changing, there will be no essential and universal things that have fundamentally established this era and society.










"Twentieth Century Trap"

If there is support, it is transmitted and it grows steadily, grows steadily, it gets thicker, but when it is alone, it does not grow at all, it does not grow at all, and it does not grow at all.

Inside, there is a cocoon planted from the "mother's house" by a cocoon architect. It's already 20 years, I brought it when I moved, and it was grown too twice, so I felled it, but it still covered the firewood and I can not catch up with daily care, so it is the first time in several years today I was cut down.

There was no shinobi that completely disappeared, and there was a person who wanted to talk about it, so it fell pretty clean and I was worried whether it would grow again, but I tried to grow it as a houseplant in the room As a result, a small amount was secured and water was inserted, and there were also leaves that were transferred to outside flower pots or planted on the ground if looked closely.

Then, when I asked the gardener, the previous answer, I am not familiar with the plant, so if I think that I should grow it as a houseplant indoors from the beginning, the feeling that the moths cover the outside is good, 20th century I think that modernist architects love cocoon, but it is interesting to hear that it grows when it is supported. I saw it but it was thin.

The foliage of the foliage plant is not rough, it feels weak, and it may be good, but even if there is no support, it grows steadily, if there is no support, you can grab something even if you crawl sideways I found something and thought that it would feel like that rough, tangled with anything, and the image is the "mother's house" trap, so I think that it is the vitality that hits the outer wall, because there is an outer wall This difference without support, whether you have been able to demonstrate the vitality.

For a long time, modernist architecture traps interpreted the architects as if they were to grow up on purpose in order to restore the place to a place where place was abandoned. However, the samurai also uses architecture like a prey, but rather, pretend to be used conveniently and cover modernism architecture, even if it is buried in the place and burns ambitions. Or

After all, moths are precious, so take care of them and cover them again.






"What is a policy?"

Everything you do in everyday life, something that is common, just doing something simple, just doing something simple, something better, and then you're just feeling this different feeling It makes you feel different, feel different scenery, enrich your daily life, it's easy to create an extraordinary life, or it's unexpected. I can't stay in it for a long time, and the extraordinary life may be fun, but the place I really want to be satisfied is in the daily life, only in the daily life, so this is the tip of the iceberg, The base for realizing it is under the sea surface, which is not visible or visible from everyday life, but there are various technologies and various ideas, and while practicing it, it is a struggle between practice and logic. ,That Lance to always use care, if tangled complex, solved, simply understandable, who built a logic that can be immediately understood even in, are always making things in images, such as the process goes to practice.

As a result, the other party may be unspecified number of people or individuals, but it is important whether you have attachment or sympathy. That exceeds the external evaluation as a thing, and if the other party has attachment and sympathy, it will be the supreme pleasure from the side of the creation.

I had an opportunity to think about the policy, so I looked down on the current and ongoing work, extracted only what I could say in common, and put it together. Even though I was thinking a lot, I was casually trying to do it for myself.







"I can not stand it"

Swarms that start to move in the same direction when you say a `` flowing pool '', of which water flows, the flow gathers all over the body, and while it is flowing, it keeps flowing while flowing, swim I did not feel like I was able to swim only at that time, and I became junior high school so I could swim because my body remembered the feeling at that time.

Remember, once you have a flow, you can just ride it, but you can't do it alone. This can flow if you involve other people or use something, but you have to move and continue on your own, so in this case, try to rephrase the flow as a habit and use other words. Often, it stops and cannot flow until it can flow.

Once the flow has been made, there is no need to move consciously anymore, so even if it is patience until the flow is made, it will not continue to the moment when it was thought, so it may be only myself, but it is Adults will endure, but only stop what you can do without patience, stop if you think patience, think about how to endure, and then do not progress, do not clear up, but once you can do without patience , It becomes a habit, even if you stop or change the habit later, I think I can share the way of thinking and feeling until it becomes habit, and I do not really like to move to create a flow However, because I am patient at that time, I always fight with patience until I can flow.

How about looking at a room that is not cleaned up, thinking about everything, reading and using a cleanup book, so recently, the flow of doing other things at that time, whether to make the ultimate cleanup no longer cleanup Whether to make it or not to put up with a room that doesn't get cleaned up.










"7 years ago and now"

People will change over the course of 7 years, but of course there are things that have continued since 7 years ago, but many times that has been done 7 years ago.

It may be natural, but conversely, if everything is the same as 7 years ago, it is stranger, that is, there is no progress or retreat, in fact the body changes, whether it is growth or aging, There should be a change, and the person himself / herself is unaware of it, the surroundings have changed unexpectedly, and they think they are old, but the contents are not changed.

From the stage of construction completion, growth and aging begin at the same time. When it is completed, it is still unfamiliar to them, such as wearing clothes for rent, like a baby, when it lives, it is dyed gradually to their life color and completed Color is added to the architecture at that time, and it grows.

However, when looking at architecture as an object, it was the most beautiful when it was completed, and gradually deteriorated. The speed of deterioration depends on the material of the object, but the deterioration cannot be stopped.

However, if the deterioration can be made well, it will become a taste, and it will be colored, and the taste will be added, and the taste will be added, and it will be better than the architecture at the time when it was completed. The appearance is really wonderful, and it is better to spend a little more time than when it was completed.

I am involved in a house that was completed seven years ago. The child, who was a baby at the time of completion, becomes an elementary school student, creates a partition wall in the room used by his brother and sister, works to divide the room, and simultaneously repairs the deteriorated part.

It's a lot of fun to see the growth of people and architecture synchronize, and the addition of color and taste after seven years. Some people have met for the first time in a while after this time, even if the appearance changes I think I may start working again while thinking inside my heart, and I don't know if it's progressing, stepping back, or maintaining the status quo, but it's been 7 years that we have been able to make things on a different scale. It may be the most different from the previous one.





それに気づいたのは、今年になって手書きのノートを止めて、全てiPad にApple Pencilで記述するようになってから。やっていることは手書きのノートと変わらないけれど、デジタルノートには自分で制御できないルールがあり、例えば、色を変えるにも、その操作法は決められていで、手書きならば、ある程度自由に、4色ボールペンを使おうが、色鉛筆を使おうが、マーカーでも選べて、その使い方、運用の仕方も自分しだいだが、その不自由さが、それが手段ならば、そこまで感じないだろうが、目的だからとても不自由に感じた。



"4 colors"

I have been using four-color ballpoint pens a lot since I was a kid, and I started using them sometime, perhaps from junior high school. In the submission, there are also my rules in color, red is important, blue is the most important, green is a digression, black is normal, and when you ask people, it seems that they have their own rules and they are operating .

Before, when a book on reading methods using a three-color ballpoint pen was published, I thought that it was the same as a flip book, with four colors on the book from the front, feeling like leaving a nail mark, other than four colors Place sticky notes on important pages, and make the sticky notes four colors, just yellow instead of black, and when the meaning of yellow is more important than blue, you can fold the corner of the page or read the book I had heard that the book was a notebook, so I used it as a paper book.

However, it was a means, and the purpose was to put the contents of books and notebooks in mind, but the purpose was to use the four colors differently.

I noticed that this year, I stopped writing notes and started writing everything in Apple Pencil on the iPad. What you are doing is not different from handwritten notes, but digital notes have rules that you cannot control yourself, for example, even if you change the color, the operation method is decided, and if you are handwritten, you can freely to some extent, Whether you use a 4-color ballpoint pen or a colored pencil, you can choose a marker, and how you use it, how you use it, but you can't feel that inconvenience if it is a means. I felt very inconvenient.

You may think that you should stop, but you can think of digital notes, but if you can see them on various devices in sync, and you can also reflect your corrections in sync, it will be convenient to see them repeatedly, and it will be more clever. It was easy, and if you used the four colors properly, it would be a problem of cognition if you didn't come to mind unless you look at it repeatedly.







"Long and slow"

Recently I feel that time is long. Time passes quickly when you are doing fun things, when you are doing what you like, or when you are impatient, and when it feels boring for a long time, just When I'm immersed in something, I feel that there are two ways.

When I noticed the time, I went through a lot of time, or I was focused and absorbed, did something, did a lot, but it didn't take much time. Is it fast or slow?

Actually, the speed of time does not change, so it just feels like that, but if possible, it is better that the speed of time is slow and it feels longer, but I don't want to be boring. If you think that if you use time, the speed is slow and you feel that time is long, prepare a lot of things you like and want to do, decide the time limit and do a lot, what you like I feel like it's going to be early, but I don't spend more time than the time limit, and I can do many things I like.

In the end, I settled on the natural idea that if I did a lot of things I liked efficiently, I felt that I could use my time slowly and slowly.











"Time with tools"

It's a story about tools, but what you want from a tool is what you want to do by using that tool.

There are two things you want, and if either is satisfied, use that tool. It's something that raises your mood or creates your own time.

The things that make you feel uplifted will vary from person to person, so there aren't many, so at this time there is nothing for the time being, it can not be found, it is troublesome, this level is okay, there is only that level With that tool. If you feel better while using these tools, you will not have such a good time and it will be a good time.

For example, if it 's a tool for moving a car, it 's a great time if you just move and feel better than just moving.

The story I often hear is that everyone is the same 24 hours a day, so I appreciate a tool that can create my time. For example, rumba frees you from cleaning and takes time to do other things, but your rumba is old or hits the furniture quite a bit, because it is a storage tool, so you only place your favorite furniture I don't want it, so isn't the latest one that hits it?

Now that I'm free from modeling, I want to do everything myself, so if I have time to make a model, the 3D printer that I want to use to deepen my project is fully operational.

The first study model has many variations, and I want to make a lot anyway. So, while making a model with a 3D printer, consider the previous model, create new model creation data, and when the model is completed, It is a pleasant and fun time to repeat the process of applying the data to a 3D printer, examining the completed model again, and creating new model creation data.

When thinking so, I think again that both tools are not only made up, but also uplifting, tools are things that deal with time.











"Whole and part"

If you look at one point from a large viewpoint, it is easy to understand the mutual positional relationship and appearance, and it is easy to understand which side you are in, but if you try to look at a large viewpoint from that one point, you cannot grasp the whole picture in the first place. You may be caught in the illusion that one point is everything.

Recently, there was something I wanted to know and I took two courses. Both courses took the form of courses that were not just about the relationship between the speaker and the receiver, such as having time for discussion between students, or proceeding with the course based on questions.

However, since there is a difference in the level of knowledge of the students, if the difference is not filled, the discussion will not be possible and the questions will not engage. Therefore, before taking the course, one class is called a pre-video, and it is required to look at the video to acquire basic knowledge in advance and output it. In the actual course, the course starts from the beginning and answers the questions.

The other covers the basic knowledge in the course, discusses it, and clarifies what you want to do.

In both classes, it is the same to proceed after grasping the whole picture of basic knowledge, but one side sees the advance video in advance on another day, so the question on the day of the course is inevitably the content of the advance video It seems that there is not much relation, or it converges only on my problem at that time, and only the content of the question walks alone, and it feels as if it represents the whole.

The other side covers basic knowledge on the spot and then summarizes its thoughts, so it is easy to understand the standing position in the whole and know what to do more accurately.

I don't think there's a better way to do the course, and I think it's better to use it properly depending on the purpose. On the other hand, it takes a long time to complete the course, but on the day of the course, there are only incomplete questions, and you have to understand the questions and answers while recalling the pre-video, which remains in mind Let's go.











"The vessel that can do that"

It's not hot even if you put your mouth softly. Even if it's left in a room without an air conditioner this season, everything will be hot, and even if it's ceramic, it's still hot.

I feel grateful that it is cool in this season, such as touching by hand, touching by mouth, touching by touch, touching by mouth, how to do it, this touching comfort, just touching.

Even in the touch, it becomes sensitive to the temperature without notice. Surely, it's a strange thing to touch, rather than touch, so even hot water that can cause severe burns when applied to the skin can be put into the mouth, although it cools.

So, unexpectedly, it reacts unconsciously to the temperature and responds, so it will not be insensitive about that temperature, but it will not stop at all, but because it is cooling down, it has some influence In cooking, it is natural that the temperature and temperature difference are delicious, but the vessel that puts it in is insensitive to temperature, and it can only communicate the temperature of what touches the vessel as it is, It has no temperature and is not used in the design of the vessel itself.

Even though it is a vessel that mediates the temperature and the person, the vessel is just a buzz, but if it is devised there and the design is involved there, the experience will be more wonderful.

So, when I changed the thickness of the mouth, I changed the position of the mouth according to the taste and mood of the person so that the container responded to the temperature, and then the shape of the container changed, every day, every day.

I wanted to incorporate the temperature into the design.To that end, even if I poured hot water, it was not a device that would be moderately warmer than human skin. I wanted the feeling of kissing.

The only material that could do that was lacquerware, not ceramic, glass, or of course, metal. I am designing a box to put in a lacquered sample while looking at the wood.








"I can't be deceived"

If you are deceived, you will get satisfaction as it is, so you repeat the same thing, it becomes a habit, and even now, even the awareness of being deceived does not think that you are deceiving in the first place, so you get satisfaction So, if you are satisfied with the result of doping, or if you are satisfied with the result, it seems that the brain can not distinguish so much whether it is important or misleading, so you can also suggest self-implied and it will not stop Somehow, for example, greed, appetite, sexual desire, etc. are the keywords that are the most important now, just by wrapping the elements that become deceptive in oblates.

Last year, I had a little zazen experience at Eiheiji Temple in Fukui. Eiheiji Temple is the main head of the Soto sect, and the zazen of the Soto sect is directed toward the wall, but the imitation of the zazen performed by a monk called Unsui is just like a parachute and suddenly descends to the center. I tried it.

There was a business going from Osaka to Hokuriku, getting off at Fukui on the way, enjoying the sake dragon of the next morning, there was a hope to practice Zazen at Eiheiji Temple, but the season at that time was midwinter, Immediately after the heavy snowfall, I headed early in the morning, but surprisingly the means of transportation were limited, and I was the only one who was in the monastery at the time of zazen, as a guide, Unsui-san and one-on-one, just to sit It seemed like a precious time when I came here, but I also remembered why I was here while doing zazen.

Apart from that, I didn't get an answer at that time, but I felt like my greed was going out of my body because I had already peeled something off one by one and at that time I was already good at becoming a demon.

It's better not to be deceptive, but it's like eating when you really shouldn't eat it, because it makes you feel more comfortable and satisfied, but when you start thinking that the satisfaction is empty Zazen is quiet and can't be deceived, it feels like it was time to feel the tight air that can't be deceived.










"An important book"

Wow, what, what, this was a little bit, I found out a newspaper clipping, and I got stuck when I bought an old book on Amazon.

The cut-out of 1986, the first edition of this book was 1985, so the owner before buying it with a new one was sandwiched, and the binding was also beautiful, so it was on the bookshelf, in the bookstore, it was yellow, but it was glued Because it 's so crisp, the Asahi Shimbun, the Asahi Shimbun, or so to speak, once a day, every day, I read the Tenshin Mandoku for a long time.

If you can choose between paper and electronic for the same book, be sure to choose an electronic book. When you buy a paper book, there is no way because there is no electronic version. There are no hobbies like collecting paper books or wanting the whole collection, so you can read it right away on your mobile phone, know what you want to know, take it with you wherever you want it, and take it anywhere you want to see it. Because I can see it, I buy another book I want to read back at any time, a book with important contents, an architectural magazine, and a book on the right, cut the back cover, scan it myself, and carry it on my phone.

I used to cut out newspapers between books, cut out newspaper advertisements where the books were published, and look for them in bookstores. There may also be a cutout in my bookcase book.

This feeling, the previous owner may have thought this book is important, the clipping is sandwiched between notebooks, the content is of course important, but the book goes beyond mere printed matter and takes care of the book itself Although there was a sense in the past, it will still exist, but it is more convenient to have no physical substance as paper, and there are many books with short lives.

Speaking of books, a collection of mere data and simple text information is up to that point, but in the middle of writing it is now data, but old writers of old authors are sold, old manuscript papers come out from old storehouses When you ask, the drawings are now data even in architecture, but there are traces of the artist in the middle of the production so that old handwritten drawings are a collection of museums, and the traces themselves are part of the work Yes, it may have been a pleasure to own a book, a paper book because it was felt.

I don't say that I don't want to divide the book, but once I have cherished it, I want to have it for a lifetime. As a paper book, I think it's a pleasure to live.






"Points and points"

I want something like this, but I can't find it anywhere, I don't see it in the first place, I don't know everything, I don't know everything, but it's a world that I don't know at all. If you want to make it, there is also a reckless overconfidence due to ignorance, for example, there may be a fool, a person you know may be related, or you may be involved, if you make it It might be easier, but don't use it.

Now, when you try to make something that you don't want to have in your head, but want to make it into a shape, you want to connect directly with the experts and craftsmen who make it. I don't want to do it, and I meet with the experts and professional craftsmen, and there is a point-to-point initial contact. They don't know each other at all, and I can't help making it anymore. If you don't know this translation, accept who you don't know where and when, just make a thing, listen seriously and meet someone who makes it seriously. I can't, and I feel like I can't do the real thing, so I'm always defenseless, go to the local area without anything, make a relationship from scratch, and really say this kind of thing is called "friends" think I met a person with a similar idea, and then, that person was actually, and I was able to do something of high quality sometime, and the craftsmen of the architecture also met with a similar feeling, such luck has long been There seems to be.

The point, the point, it doesn't always become a line or a face, but in general, all the people who are pleased with the difficult problem, the people who seem to be happy, the existence of the point, the kind calls friends.









Once I had unwound it, I couldn't get it back. I thought it would be so, I took a picture of it before, but I gave up.

The knot of the paulownia box was untied and hesitated, but the impulse that the contents wanted to see could not be suppressed, relying on the habit of the fold of the string, trial and error, the direction of the fold would be the opposite, It was just time I had fun playing with the strings and what I was doing.

Since my eyes have been changed, it is difficult to read difficult books while standing and walking, so when I sit and read, I get sleepy, so I decided to read while exercising while moving, in the living room The book has become a constitution that can never read books that are dangerous and difficult outside.

However, the difficult book is saved, unexpectedly, because the paper tic is clear, the settlement is clear, so you can see where the conclusion is written immediately, so you can only read there, but it is sleepy and sleepy, as expected Even if you do not sleep while walking, even if you do not understand the language, even if you do not know the reference literature, as you read more and more, suddenly the view opens, suddenly wakes up, the moment when the mysterious mystery has unraveled, it is difficult I'm glad I opened the book.

There is no need to tie the unraveled thing again, so continue reading the next book, its joy and fun are exceptional, but the figure that is difficult to tie is unexpectedly beautiful and unreachable It may have been good to leave.









I can't keep quiet, I can't stop, I want to move and I can't help it, I can't help it, I can't stay still.

I received pesticide-free garlic, so I made peperoncino, made garlic soaked in olive oil, chewed with a single piece, just a single piece in my mouth, my body is honest, sweat doesn't stop, Sweat, sweat, sweat even in the wind of an air conditioner.

According to the story I heard, garlic is easy to mold when it is raw, and it seems that the pesticide-free garlic is dried, so I usually eat garlic. Even though there is nothing, Peperoncino using it is exquisite, what you say by yourself, so extra sweat, sweat, sweat.

I'm used to architecture because I want to move and want to move, but I'm accustomed to architecture, but it is usually thought that architecture is something to see, but it's different. Architects are imagining things like things that move, stop, move, stop and go, wind up the appropriate places, and give you the power you can't move. It 's like pesticide-free garlic, so make sure you ca n't keep people who ate and eat pesticide-free garlic.

On the market garlic, the architecture you often look at is nothing but still standing still.











"Do not clean up"

I'm not good at cleaning, but I'm not good at cleaning up. If you do a lot of cleaning, the work will be the same, so you do not use much effort, it is patterned, you can read the time, otherwise dust will accumulate and it will become dirty, so it will be a routine It's all you need to do, but the basics of tidying up is to restore it, so it's good to do it with cleaning, but even if you put it back to the original, it doesn't feel like it was tidy up.

The only thing that can be said in a design meeting is that storage is the only topic of discussion, and only people who want more storage say that they contradicted that they wanted a larger room.

In the first place, storage and the size of the room are not the most important, so we suggest what kind of idea you designed and then talk about the size of the storage and room, so for those who are a little larger Can listen to details such as what is stored where and how much, the range of activities from the daily behavior pattern, and in general, it can secure the necessary and sufficient amount and space, but it fits in there It becomes like this.

The place where I live now is a renovated house, but with regard to storage, I reused the original thing and increased it considering that it was not enough. In addition, there is quite a lot of storage so that the storage furniture used before moving and the storage furniture purchased after moving can also be placed.

Of course, I thought about where and how much to store, but it certainly fits in there, but in the first place I was not good at cleaning up, but there was too much storage for cleaning up.

It's not easy to get rid of, so if you add more storage, you can manage to hide it. Even if you sacrifice the space of the room, if you take a lot of storage, the room will be cleaner.

On the other hand, the time and effort to clear up will increase. Just because you can't see it, if you don't clean it up and keep it organized, it takes time to search for it when you use it. If you don't, you have to clean it up. Since there are more and it is not good at it, there is neither a former nor a child.

Originally, it is ideal that you do not need to clean up, so if you do not have storage, you do not need to clean up, so if you do not have all storage, you can live without storage, but things to throw away etc. If everything is important, if you don't use the storage as much as possible, let's put out and decorate things, and it's not a good idea to clean the things that are decorated, so store only the things you can't decorate and don't put away .


結構家にいると独り言を言っていて、それを自覚している、というか、誰かと想定の会話をしていて、それは側から見たらアブナイ人かも、今は亡き猫とは、まだ生きていた時も、亡くなってからも話し掛けているから、ほんとヤバイ人かも、もちろん、外では声に出して言わないが、 頭の中では常に何か会話をしているかもしれない。






"Solo Word"

I'm telling myself that I'm quite at home, and I'm aware of it, or I'm talking to someone and it's an Abnai from the side, but now the dead cat is still alive I'm talking to him even when he died, so he's really a bad guy. Of course, he doesn't say aloud outside, but he might always have a conversation in his head.

When I was a college student, I used to travel with friends, stayed together, and when I came out taking a shower, I was laughed out. At that time, he was surely trying to write a letter, thinking about the text, and chanting the text.

When you are alone, when you are alone, at home or in the car, you are speaking out normally, answering assumptions, relaying yourself to yourself, for example, planning In a setting to convey the architectural concept of the client to the client, play the scene in one and two roles, think about the quality of the concept, put out a bad idea, discuss the contents of the book you read to yourself , I explain it with my own interpretation, and speak aloud other things and even minor things.

In other words, I am trying to convert it into my own words so that I can easily fall into the trap and make it my own not only with my head but also with my mouth and ears. I will keep it in my head without switching, so I can't be silent, just talk and do not go out, just before my head punctures.

However, if you speak to yourself and the mouth, ears, and head work together, you still have a lot of memories, and it is quite possible that such a situation will come and you will speak as you say.






"A word"

What happens, how, what to do is usually driven when something unexpected happens, whether it's a trivial thing in everyday life or a job, to some degree Sometimes it's time to keep track of time and to lose as much as you can to schedule.

So, make the best use of your imagination, predict what will happen, and prepare to proceed smoothly, but since there is no reason to understand all future situations, it has a buffer as a countermeasure. Let 's say that it 's okay, it 's perfect. How about a punch coming from behind the blind spot. It 's shocking. After all, in the relationship with people, people are really diverse. There is always a part that other people can't understand, including myself, but if you can understand it, the relationship will be better, so if you listen to it, there is only listening, if you listen to the impulse you want to say to 1/3 , This may work well in places that I do not understand, it is a mysterious part that I do not know what the person reacts to, so when it happens, the return is only a counter punch, Since that word is left in there if I recall myself, or something of a word is not going go work in action is determined.

Because people are emotional animals, even if they are demonstrating reason, they are determined by that word. Then, I always think that there is a hint in the opponent's vocabulary about how to make counter punches and how to make a word.









"Get used to"

When the feeling of time that stretches and shrinks is connected with human emotions and is interesting, when you think about what you are doing, it is roughly when you are chased by something or when you have fun and can not help , Or when I want to manage this time now. Often, if you're doing something fun and you think there's a time when it's too much time, the deadline is fixed and it's time to go, or on the contrary Lectures and training that make you want to move the second hand somehow with your own hands are difficult when you are sitting, basically if the amount of time is the same, the time will grow or shrink depending on your mood If it feels like it's going to happen, then I think that there is a way to make the most of time.

If you control your feelings, think that you can control time and control time.

For example, if you always have fun, or if you are wrapped in fun emotions, the time will pass in no time, so it 's fun, but you ca n't say that you 're using it effectively. It can be said that it is wasted.

Even if you are chased by something, the time will pass quickly, but because you are still chased, you are doing something hard at that time, so it may not be efficient It may not be, but it may enter into the category using time effectively. However, it is not good for mental health to be impatient, so I want to do something.

When you have a hard time, you really want to do something, but depending on your thoughts, there will be a lot of time there, but if you change the hotness into fun, you have a lot of time. However, you can speed up and run away, so you don't need to change the spiciness.

After a little time, people have a special skill of "getting used", so if you get used to painful emotions while staying painful, think carefully that you can face a certain amount of time. I realized that "Inertia" is also the "Industry" of habits, so I came to the question that top athletes are routinely employed so that their performance is not affected by their mood.









"I get"

There is something that can happen without you knowing, it is not something that you were trying to produce a result, and you weren't conscious of anything. Anyone will have the experience of being able to do it.

What about knowledge? I think that something that can be done without knowing is rather like moving the body or gaining experience, and I think that there will be no such thing about knowledge End up.

As if the body remembers, something can be done unknowingly without knowing, if knowledge is remembered with the head, because the head is part of the body, the knowledge is obtained unconsciously There may be.

The more specialized a book is, the more knowledge it can get from a book. Certainly, I think that is true, but without knowing the book itself, of course, without reading the explanation of the book, you may know the contents of the specialized book.

That is, when you read a book that was developed or derived from that specialized book, it is written based on the content of the original book, so you will know the content of the original book. Of course, books that have been developed or derived have passed the author's filter once, so the impression of the original book may be manipulated, but you will still understand the basic content of the original book.

This is the same for things other than books, design, and ideas. If you were looking at the development and derivation of the original material, you naturally came up with the idea of ​​the original material. Of course, you were in direct contact with the original material. It is important to do this, and sometimes it is necessary to go back deeply. However, unless you are a researcher, you may or may not need to go that far.



クライアントとの打合せの時に感じることがある、その解像度の違いを、ただそれは、 その違いが生業としている人の所以でもあるのだが、そこに違いがあるということがわかっている人と、わかっていない人では、打合せの深度が違ってくる、なかなか深まらずに、浅いところでウロウロしてしまう。






I think that everyone is doing what is right now, thinking what to do now and what to do now by calculating backwards from the results, but at that time it is completely different depending on resolution or how much you can predict It seems.

The difference in resolution that you may feel when meeting with a client is just because you know that there is a difference, but that is also the reason for the person who is doing business. If you don't have it, the depth of the meeting will be different.

I really want to go deeper and deeper, but it takes time to get there.

If you are in the opposite position, you will first convey your requests, questions, and problems, so the blueprint, direction, and overall picture will be clear, so a detailed person should consider how to get there. In the first place, I don't want to ask someone who can do that, but because of my deep knowledge and self-consciousness, it's the cause of the poor resolution, but there are so many catches that I can't help it.

There are cases where hints are hidden there, so doing it well is also within the scope of architecture, but it's useless. If the resolution is rough, you can make it rough. However, if you don't realize it, you're halfway.











It's hard to judge whether to match, hail down, or argue. The answer depends on what the other party is.

This is a story about design. I received the coffee cup I had ordered. I bought a freshly made Wajima-painted coffee cup in the past, but it was easy to use, so if I ordered another customer, it would be out of stock and a new one would be made. What I had asked for.

It was a coffee cup, but it was the same type and had a tea cup. The only difference was whether or not there was a handle.

Is there something like an extension in terms of architecture? The newly ordered cups were different in color, so the handle should have the same shape, but the cup that arrived was different, the shape of the handle was different, and the additions had changed.

If you're designing a coffee cup from the beginning, of course, don't just add the handle later. Think about how to design the entire design including the handle. However, if you imagine designing a coffee cup, the handle is a nuisance, and if you don't have the feeling that it will be more complete as a design, you can attach it to both sides, Although it is strange, it becomes a soup cup, but the asymmetric shape is good, but the presence of the handle is large, so the shape of the handle has a great influence on the overall design.

So if you are too conscious of the handle, the whole cup design will go wrong. I have never thought that it was a beautiful design by looking at a coffee cup until now, and I often think that the shape of the handle is good, even though it is better not to have a handle. That's how difficult it is to design a coffee cup.

I drink coffee every morning, so I have a few coffee cups, but none, no, good design, so I want to make one.















Somehow summer vacation, mood is hot and it's hot days in the office, but there are people who are summer vacation this week, so when the project finally started moving, there were several simultaneously at the same time, for the time being before the Bon vacation I can draw a blueprint.

I haven't designed the cup until now, or I haven't designed a cup until now, I have never designed anything other than architecture. I have designed, such as toothpick holders, but it is almost like an amateur, I studied paint from scratch, hit old literature, I like cups from a long time ago, ceramics, glass, that is also the paint home I went to the museum to see the Jomon pottery.

No matter how many times you go to Wajima Lacquer, you can't deny the feeling of an amateur by yourself, no matter how many times you visit Wajima Lacquer.

I have an architectural meeting and the client may come up with a plan that I drew, whether it is handwritten or printed out, it can be an amateur no matter how far it goes, and then a strange preconception I can tell you what I want to do and then leave it to a professional, but if you think that you are doing well, you can't make it instinctively.

It's the same in cooking, even if you do your best to the extent that an amateur dies, it won't match a professional chef, for example, with the same recipe, the same equipment and location, but an amateur is not comparable to a professional, knowledge, technology, The architecture is the same because all of the sensations do not reach the feet and the differences are professional.

I experienced it on the professional side, so when I showed my sketch to the painter and explained about the free cup, I thought it was full of amateurism.

However, it is really fun, fun, and unavoidable to think about design with this amateur-packed design. Moreover, if the craftsman group is the highest level in Japan, and the highest level of lacquerware in Japan, it will be the highest level in the world.

The best craftsman group forms what you designed yourself, the same with architecture, but there is nothing so much fun, let alone this amateur feeling freely and fun, without being bound by anything, If you think about it, it was the same when you started building.

There are several positions in history, and there are multiple positions, but they are not out of place, studying to acquire that position, gaining knowledge, experiencing business, growing from amateur to professional However, I will be a professional only within the frame of that position.

The difficulty and difficulty, and of course, the fun and the fun, but the fun of manufacturing exists in a different dimension from the positioning and has nothing to do with the positioning. So, in order to get the fun of manufacturing, there is no relationship between professionals and amateurs, they can face purely design, and since it is something other than architecture in the first place, I was abandoned professionally.

Certainly, amateurs are not competitive with professionals, but I think it is possible for amateurs to create value that professionals cannot think of. However, since it falls outside the frame of the position of the previous story, it is not made a partner in the professional world. But there are certainly new possibilities and new fun there.









For the people, whatever they are, they are always working seriously, always doing the same thing, meaningless, and it is no wonder if there are many same people around them, each one is one person While thinking that they are different, they may not find value in any kind of thing,

The shop staff are all British antiques, but I will explain them every time, but I am always fresh and shocking, I have not heard each time, where are they, what is the age, and the value standard is clear The price tag is also appropriate, but only the side that wants it is not looking there, depending on the shape, the size, the thickness, the texture of the small part, the atmosphere that the material brings out, and so on,

There is an antique shop that is seduced on the way to the Chinese restaurant, which goes about 3 times every 1 to 2 months between Meguro and Ebisu. Because it is a spoon fetish like a cutlery, it is not good to go straight there or to go with a spoon, so the last thing you like is, so while you care about other things, it happens that you find a spoon and you're on the body As it was the third time, I used to use a spoon last time, so I took a straight spoon on the next time, but I just saw all the spoons there are holes, so there may be no fresh taste.

Perhaps as much as the Jomon people would use a wooden spoon, there are variations in shapes, sizes, thickness, etc., surprisingly, because they are primitive tools, functions that do not change, and so anything, because they do anything. Is it easy to make variations?

The first fetish point is the thickness of the handle, the thickness here is changing, it is thin and constant, or it is slightly bent, or when making the cutlery, let's try to slightly bend the portion of the handle intentionally, what it means No, but if this is bent, the meaning will be found later, and it will be something that can not be released as a tool, or such a natural, forgiving, kind of blurry place like this at the time of production will be the cutlery of today There is no need to attach to a tool, but it becomes an attachment point.







"As you feel"

Oh, I do, I don't care, I don't feel like doing anything at all, but I have a lot of things to do, and I'm hungry because I'm hungry, so I'm not motivated I think I will change my mind if I eat a lot of rice and eat it again, but I feel the same, oh yeah, how to do it, how I do a barrage of irritating, how I do, when I feel depressed But, when I feel good, the opposite is true, so I feel like I can eat a lot of food.

What to make, to make something that will not be done now, if it is, enliven all the mood, thinking that it will be useful for making.

Because there is a feeling that it is natural to move the body to make a choice, let's feel it here or there, so I think that it is natural that the mood is involved in the process of creating something, but it changes with the mood Even when it is caught in the negative.

So, if you borrow the mood of the person who uses it, I think that it would be better to get in the process, and I'm not sure about the mood connection, but there is a drink, there are people who drink, and the people who drink Wajima-Nuri's free cup was the first to think of a design that could only hold true, and a med's finally came with a sample of the paint.



応無所住 而生其心
(おうむじょじゅう にしょうごしん)








"Do not attach"

Several years ago, once a week early in the morning, under the guidance of the priests of the Rinzai sect, he was sitting. The feature of the Rinzai sect's zodiac is given the title of a torture question in the midst, and the zodiac is considered while thinking the answer, and the torture question is made after the zodiac. In the shame language taught at that time

Non-Resident Housing
(Study in English)

There is. It says, "If there is no place to live in Masaki, Shiro also produces the heart of Sagi."

A place where you live is a place where you stay, where you attach, and because there is no such thing, don't attach to "non-residential residence". Since the heart of a wolf is one's own mind, and the birth is to work freely, the "Gyusei's heart" is to work one's mind freely.

In order to make your mind work freely, you must not stick to anything.

However, saying that it is better not to attach to anything, it does not do anything, but if there is a lot of attachment to attach something, life is richer if the amplitude of attachment is larger Therefore, it is good to attach a lot more and more, but be sure to return to the original no matter how much the blur, not to leave the obsessed mind as it is, to return to the mind that does not attach to anything of the original. Then you can work your mind freely.

In short, no matter what, by always keeping the mind in a neutral state, you can touch the subtleties of the mind, including yourself, to various things, and be able to be yourself.

Attaching is easy because there is a lot of temptation to attach, and the state of attachment gives you a sense of satisfaction, so you may misunderstand that it is your own place, but let's go back to the original, originally It was a jargon of awareness that where I should be.








"Interesting picture"

When I'm sleepy, my head stops working, and I'm trying to get down, there's a time when an image of something comes to my head just before I fall asleep.

It may be an extension of what you have been thinking or thinking before, and there may be no connection at all, but reality and image, it may be a dream, but it is indistinguishable, continuous There is a time when it is deployed, and it is strange, impossible, and interesting.

The boundary between the dream and the reality disappears, and the door of the border between the unconscious and the conscious mind will be open.

As the image, in a sense that orderly and orderly in a logical way, an unconscious that is disordered and messed up comes in from the door and comes to a stir, the dream that you see while sleeping is insane, this unconscious In the state where the border of the unconscious is gone, a huge amount of unconscious that is more obvious than the unconscious consciously erodes the unconscious and develops the unconscious world.

So, when I am just asleep in a state of being sleepy, sleepy, unavoidable but I can not sleep, I think that, for example, in the case of a boring lecture that I just listen, I can see many interesting images.











It is surprisingly difficult to keep your eyes closed and still sleepless.

Being blinded and standing still is painful for some people, can not imagine anything, can not think of anything, can imagine something or think about something. Those who are not accustomed to darkness at that time can not have strange images, thoughts, thoughts moving around their heads and closing their eyes.

Even if you can not think of anything or think about anything, you may feel sleepy. There is nothing as painful as it is not to sleep in a sleepy situation.

Some years ago, once a week, I had a sitting area early in the morning. A certain place is not a temple, but a Buddhist priest from Rinzai sects on a business trip for about an hour, and there is a security measure, and although the time is twice as short as 20 minutes each, it was a full-fledged zazen other than the place.

The feature of the Rinzai sect's Zazen is where you think about the torture and answer plan during the process. A public draft is a problem, given the title of torture, and sitting down while thinking about the answer.

So you can close your eyes and stay still. You will not be sleepy, you will not be weird images and thoughts, your mind will not go around your mind, and it will be easy to eliminate extra clutter, because you will concentrate on thinking the answers I can think about things fairly clearly in my head because no information is included.

Even now, sometimes I do imitations of zazen at home or while sitting in a chair, but I give myself the subject, whatever I am, whatever I eat, these things get used to it, so the switch turns on and the head turns The feeling of going out is interesting, and it seems that there is a correct answer in the actual answer of the draft, but more than anything, the answer of one's own love and seems to be precious.









I remembered the words I learned recently.
"Cold and dry"
A man from the middle of the Muromachi tea ceremony, the words of Murata Tamaki, and quotes.

When I learned that it would be held, matured by age, I interpreted it. Because I could not imagine much maturity from "withered", it may have left an impression.

In a nutshell, there is only an image of decline. However, it is an image based on the premise that the opposite term, for example, "Heat up" is luxurious, and that it is good, and the light is "cold and dry" is good, there is a sense of beauty, and this word I will read and taste "Cold and dry" again.

There is a clear, cool, cold air filled, there is nothing arrogant, there is only a certain thing that is necessarily present, only something that is there to be.

I felt as if the figure of true maturity to be held is expressed in one word.










I remembered the words I learned recently.
"Do not master my heart, my heart will be guided by him"
A man from the middle of the Muromachi tea ceremony, the words of Murata Tamaki, and quotes.

Although it seems that various interpretations can be made, the norm does not exist in oneself, and it can be read as it seeks out, and the norm has nothing to do with one's convenience, and sometimes it is the opposite of oneself.

Discard your beliefs. You can listen outside of yourself and follow obediently to get rid of your assumptions.

It is known how much I can understand. Free yourself out and seek a broad vision.

The teacher does not make my heart, but the teacher makes my heart.

Anyway, I did not put a weight on the person I called, I doubted myself, noticed my mistakes, and interpreted that it was important to keep myself empty.








Being conscious and taking something into something is a lot more fun, interesting, surely, better than just looking, eating, and so on.

So I try to do everything myself, it takes extra time, and sometimes I wonder how to do it, but I enjoy it again.

After all, I think I can not enjoy my daily life without my part, but I am not satisfied with my daily events, but if I look back on it carefully or look in detail, it's better than things I should work on now. There are a lot of things to be organized and taken care of there, and in many cases they can not get out of there.

I used to think that there were a lot of hints and lessons in the surrounding area, and that was important, but I thought that there was more important, but it is only a escape from things that should be tackled now. So, I try not to stop my mind these days, but there are many trials and errors in facing honestly, there are changes, and there are also hints and lessons.







"Patterning routineization"

If I was wondering why I could not do something I could not do, I thought first of all I could do what I could do, the answer I came to was that I could pattern everything and make it routine.

Simple tasks and simple chores are all patterned and routine, not specifically intended to be so daily, so they are naturally patterned, routine, not conscious So, as it is convenient for me, just as easy, as I can think without doing anything, just as I can think of other things while doing.

I will try to make it into a routine and make it conscious of what I could not do. Does it really make it possible to do things that could not be done well until now?

To that end, you need to be aware that everything has the correct answer, and you need to set a time limit for everything, which is not a big deal with daily simple tasks and simple chores. Or, I wish I could make a lot of margins in my head.









"Do not act immediately"

I'm going to go wrong because I'm acting without a map, so I think I'm not going to do that, but I feel like there are a lot of people like that. Because there are many people who usually say, let's act immediately and for the time being, there are many books that sing such a thing, and it is good to act immediately and act for the time being, and while it is moving If you think about it, act on your intuition before thinking about it, otherwise you lose the opportunity.

The utility of the map is that if you know the route to the destination, you can know the route, so you can reach the destination properly.

So, first of all, to get a map, it is more important that the destination is good there, and it seems that you are doing gambling without base at the time you are deciding with that intuition, and gambling It may be hit, but it is good if there is no risk at one time only, but if there are many more and there are risks in the future, a proper basis is necessary, and it is a rational basis, it is a basis There is no need to rely on intuition if there is.

Even if you decide on a destination and get a map, you have to spend time in advance gathering and examining information, or you can not cope with risks unless you do it thoroughly.

If you take immediate action without having a map, for example, if you arrive at Tokyo Station and Shinjuku Station is the destination, you do not know which route to go to Shinjuku Station, so take a train that arrived at Tokyo Station from the other end It would be nice if I could get on the Chuo Line or Yamanote Line by accident, but I would not act with intuition to see the route map or ask people if I would not do such things in the first place.

If you are willing to act immediately, only when the destination is clear and have a map, conversely, if the destination is clear, if there is a map, it is easy to act, and self discipline Please.















Assuming that it is usual that the relationship between the viewer and the viewer is satisfied, it may be the one seen by the viewer, but the relationship itself may be after modern times , The external form will have some meaning.

The outer shape is the appearance of a person if it is a person and the appearance if it is a thing, and if it is more simplified, both of them can be said to be a contour.

The meaning of the contour will be purposefully created by the visible side, and conveniently by the viewing side.

I think it doesn't matter if I have no other meaning, but I think that the viewers make their own meaning, maybe it's a problem with the structure of the human brain, but by making meaning, that is, recognizing, Understand the environment around and keep your own safety.

So, the side to be seen uses the structure of the brain to make the intended meaning, and of course the side that looks as intended may not come to understand the meaning, but it is a common story. Since it is premised that there is a relationship between the viewer and the viewer, the relationship between the viewer and the viewer and the meaning of the contour become conspiracy, in short.

The outline is in various fields, but recently I got a table clock "Secticon" designed by Angelo Manjarotti. It is not reprinted about six years ago, but is an original plastic integrally molded and designed and manufactured as a cabinet clock 60 years ago.

The red rounded form forces the viewer to imagine various things. The side that can be seen, that is, the intention of the person who designed it, is immeasurable, but as a person imitating, it looks like a octopus with a head and a body, not as invisible as a head, and a face coming out of the water surface Or, of course, the atmosphere of mid-century comes from the form, and it is good to leave this watch in the room.

If there is no one on the side of the viewer, it even wonders if the watch itself is worthwhile.

So, I think that I can see it and design it consciously to be seen. It is a matter of course, but on the contrary, if there is no act to see, there is no need for the design itself.

The design is also in contradiction with the relationship between the viewer and the viewer, so the viewer's eyes also want to pull.

And while thinking about having a secticon, I think that it is important that there is no sense of sight.










"I wish for the stars", another scene is spread out, remembering the Japanese-style confectionery colored in the white plate of Lucy Lee on Tanabata night.

Sudden rain, the loud noise that starts to pop up starts at the foot, and notices that the liveliness of people has changed to the rain noise.

Although it was cloudy, the sun's light covered a thin translucent film, and it surrounded the area dimly, keeping people like a tourist destination barely, but in time, people replaced with people and raindrops could not be seen from the surroundings So make a dim curtain.

The occasional yang came to the water surface, the back white streaks pulled the tail, and the eyes felt the amber color of the water surface, but now the particles from the sky show a true moth, as if to show it , I was here alone.

Rain falls from above and from above.

And the cocoon melted in the water again.









In modernism paintings, the shade of the motif disappears, and the motif itself becomes only an outline, and it becomes two-dimensional. At a glance it made it easy to grasp the whole, excluding senses other than vision and trying to approach the essence. Actually I can not touch the painting, but only the canvas and the paint have the texture.

This painting is a reaction of the days before modernism, while in Japan there was a two-dimensionalized painting that used rock paint and had no shadows.

There is, of course, the texture as a rock paint and the texture of Japanese paper, but the texture does not feel on the front, and it colors in accordance with the motif and gives a moist impression Contributed to the Two-dimensionalization is by no means to make the motif easy to see visually, but rather, it induces a sense other than visual sense, and it is inspired by the texture and color of the paint as a pigment, and evokes various things on the viewing side , I made the motif feel more realistic.

The so-called foreign film was set to just receive what was expressed, and the viewer was set to just receive it, and the setting was modernism or it was historical.

The so-called Japanese paintings lack something or something is different from the real appearance, it is two-dimensional, making up for that, the viewer recalls, unconsciously, the same room for recalling the same Even in a two-dimensionalized picture, in a different place, in a place where the feeling is different, there is everything in front of the concept and how it feels, one who is not a reaction of the times approaches the essence of the motif as a painting You will be able to do it, you will not fall apart, and you will only be able to confront each other as a painting, so it's not a great thing to look at this culture.













Roughly speaking roughly, modernism is nothing more than repercussions after modernism, as it attempts to immerse itself in the essence without scraping it and touching all other senses.

In modernism, information that can be grasped by other senses, tactile sense, olfactory sense, taste sense, and auditory sense is all converted into vision, and it is possible to obtain features of 80% of information from vision, which may be characteristic of human perceptual structure So I made it possible to grasp the essence at a glance, put it in a picture, and put it in a light communication method called a picture when there was no internet.

So everything related to senses other than visual disappears.

In paintings, the shade of the motif disappears, the motif itself becomes only the outline, and eventually the motif disappears. Even in architecture, when the form itself makes sense, the space can not be grasped visually at a glance, so the extra lines disappear so as not to make sense, and it becomes the basic geometric form, which is the same for finishing as well. It becomes white, and like paintings, the space is only an outline, and eventually the space itself does not know how far it is.

There is no need for human beings, because when you are conscious of human beings, touch, smell, taste and hearing will appear. So, in architecture, a sense of life was not necessary.

After modernism, its reaction, the senses other than vision revives, and through the senses obtained by touching, the essence approaches and the person also intervenes there. Since communication methods other than photography have also been developed, a sense of life is also required, and so does the present, but because people do it, it is natural for people to intervene, but its modernism is only a reaction before modernism. Absent.

I had the opportunity to touch the teacup of the old art. It is not something that is rarely seen, so I took pictures from boxes and boxes to teacups. It is possible to leave it in the record and to look back later, but because of the urge to keep it in your own hands, you can not help but just try to take a picture first.

If you just look, you will understand if you feel the touch, but there will be information that can only be obtained by touching and knowledge that can be heard from the ear is important, but the most important thing is the feel when holding it, holding it and touching it What do you think sometimes?

So I touched it one by one. After touching it a bit, I thought it was a teacup, probably there was modernism.







"Before words"

Though the way of thinking and approach to architecture and the concept and concept are wonderful, there are times when they are struck by a sense of devil as seen elsewhere.

When trying to image architecture from words, the ability to convert words into actual architecture and space is questioned. Whether you have a lot of drawers, you know a lot of recipes, how far you can perceive, etc. Anyway, the architecture and space I have seen so far have a head, which is the more I consciously try to learn something from my predecessor architecture.

I often ask you to think about the concept later. Organize and organize your ideas later for the buildings designed in response to the conditions. Unexpectedly, because it is retrofit, it is natural that the architecture and space actually completed for the concept have not collapsed. Unexpectedly there is also no sense of sight.

Therefore, it is possible to try to create something that has no sense of sight from the beginning, and to organize ideas that lead to that later, and it is also a new thing that there is no sense of sight, so building space generation rather than words Aren't you good at first?







"Opportunity to explore the feeling of the sight"

A sense of prejudice comes at the stage of the rendition of the moment of seeing, various things, things that are not visible, in the process of feeling hidden parts, and whether they have been seen there.

I was thinking where in the human perception, the "no sense of sight" condition would occur.

Now it has become commonplace, but put a thin coat of mortar on concrete release, and concrete release is already familiar with a common finish, so similar colors, similar texture, but different, no visible finish It was common practice to paint the mortar as a foundation to make the concrete release some other finish, as there was no need to further coat the mortar on top of the concrete release and finish it. It was the first time I was aware of the feeling of being visible.

I was attracted to new architecture and new-looking architecture, so I thought it was a new architecture with only "no sense of sight", so I wanted to think about what it was like.









"There is no sense of sight"

What if you want to create an architecture or space without a sense of sight? A sense of sight is the sense of having seen it. Then, I feel that if you look at a quaint architecture or space that you have never seen, you feel that there is no sense of sight, but it is not so, it is unlikely to have been seen, until now If you do not think so well though, you can not say that there is no sense of sight unless it is a degree.

If you don't have a feeling of prejudice, you will come up with comments such as, "Do you think so?" "I never thought about it before", "It was a blind spot," "Oh, that's true too."

The weird architecture and space are just finished with a single word, "I'm changing." It is because I can not understand it at first glance, and I can not understand it at all when I do not have a sense of prejudice, but I can understand it, but I have never seen anything I've seen so far. I feel like that.

If you want to create a new architecture, there are two ways. Or something strange or alternative.

Odd things are things that exist outside of the context so far, so we can not immediately understand them. An alternative is something that exists as an alternative to the existing one in the context of that, so it is easy to understand, but new and never seen.

Architecture and space without a sense of sight are alternative things, and that becomes a new architecture. I would like to see new architecture, so I would like to create an architecture and space with no sense of sight.










"Relationships in space"

What should I do to represent things separately one by one as they are separately?

In a big container, put it as it is, one by one. Large containers serve to protect the environment, and the relationships of disjointed things are maintained and can be represented in disjointed states. And, the big container, the container which is stored in the broken state, is the name representing the broken state.

For example, museums and so on. Works and exhibits are stored in pieces in a large museum or museum space, and the relationship between pieces is kept one by one, and they are represented in a broken state, and that state is I call it a museum or a museum. It is a common technique.

The other thing is to keep things broken apart one by one, keep the broken relationships one by one, and express new things in another. In this case, the relationship is a name representing the disjointed state.

For example, in the case of the previous art museums and museums, things that fall apart one by one are works and exhibits, and by adding works and exhibits borrowed from those works and exhibits or borrowed from other art museums and museums, new items Hold a relationship and exhibit. The name of the exhibition is a new difficult relationship, which becomes "-exhibition".

Therefore, there are roughly two ways to represent things separately one by one as they are separately, one is to prepare a big container, the other is to prepare a new connection .

The former is also an architectural interpretation and has an affinity, but the latter is interesting, so to say, to design relationships, which is a useful method other than architecture, and to build relationships with actual space I want to make it.








"End time"

It can be internal or external, it can be changed in the scene, it can be external, sometimes it can be in the mood sometimes, it can be internal as usual. If such a space is made, the appearance will be different depending on the choice, whether it is inside or outside, and a completely different space may appear depending on the person who uses it or the person who lives there.

If it is a collective housing, the choice of space can differ by the number of people living, and it will appear in the appearance as it is. Indeed, it can only be realized in an apartment complex.

Having reached such a plan, the plan is so simple that it is not a space where only words first preceded, but is established as a usage as a real space.

Without searching for an answer, I have been collecting information, organizing it, and breaking up connections carefully in order to solve what I wanted to clarify. Then I understood the area that no one had put in hand, and I understood that I would like to put it at the center of the architecture.

But it's too simple, I think it's a good thing, I want to add something, and I'm still missing something, I mean, I want to set a problem, I get lost at the end.







It's half-baked, there's an image of something half-baked and bad, but everything looks like it's halfway, but if you look at the people around you, it's important to say that the kind "calls kind" is serious. I think that I know that I am true, I am in my heart, and I think that I can see someone who is half-hearted, if only I am a half-hearted person.

It's a common story that still has room to be packed, but it's not how you can do it, and if you can't do it this way, you will meet people who just explain why you can't do it.

Such a person seems to be really there, but, by the way, how to get into the main subject, what should I do, if all this goes, everything goes well and everyone can be happy anyway, so the story is simple, there Let's think of a way to somehow realize that it is a narrowing down of specialists, but it would be bad if a non-specialist could easily point out a trigger point, it would be a delusion of duty, not to say professional, not to say So I want you to be aware of it, but you can't speak words, you're talking with strange Japanese people, At this time, it feels like you used to scream at the scene, but it's for everyone In order not to have such a thing recently, I am trying to work with a person who never screams, "kinds call "So.







"Permanently to do"

Why did you start building? His father also worked as a carpenter and shrine and temple, so everyone was called a shrine carpenter. My grandfather also came out of Chiba from postwar Tokyo with my carpenter and my father, and started to work as a builder. So, in my third generation, in my memory of my child, I was still riding around my father's light tiger before going to kindergarten. There was another carpenter apprentice who lived in, three with him, I don't know why I was there before I went to kindergarten, but maybe I got rid of them and take them alone.

A long time ago, the garbage from the construction site was buried, and if I remember correctly, I went to the mountain of Kawasaki over the Tama River, and I was on the track together there, yes, in the old days I went to the district's cleaning plant to throw away the sawdust that came out on the site, and I was scared as a child, and I'm scared, I've never entered the cleaning work, big, big, there is a hole to throw away trash , But there is a scoop from the loading platform, but because it is still a child, because it is dangerous, I could not get it out of the truck and had to look over the window inside the car, but the fear of the hole of the cleaning work like a bottomless swamp I can not forget my heart.

If you say why you went to the father while having such a scary scene, there is only one pleasure after that, there is a shop on the banks of the Tama River in the old days, you have bought the bread you like there, and the father and the resident apprenticeship I was looking forward to eating it together, which was secret to my sister, and my mother was thinly aware, but missed it.

There are no architectural characters or design characters, but there is an architecture that has been imprinted from an early age, which is different from an architecture taught in schools and in society. There is a world that is understood only by those who have experienced, and together with the late-stage construction experience, I want to express architecture that can only be done by myself, and I think that I can not die without expression, it is this age, rich society Looking at and thinking extra.












"Unknown wall shaking hearts"

Since architecture must define everything, it will seek norms from philosophy, sociology, etc.

The language used to define architecture is not only philosophical or sociological; it also uses human senses, but sometimes it can not be words because senses can not be explained in words. Still, I try to define it.

People who try to define everything in words will be called theorists. There is no place where there is no provision in words, so everything needs words. The words in this case can be reworded as knowledge.

It is important to define the space that appears in front of the eyes with knowledge, regardless of attitude, whether it is a target, a target, a target, a target or a stigma.

What we want to realize is an unknown space that shakes people's mind, and it seems that it is a matter floating in a place that has nothing to do with whether or not it is defined by knowledge, but then it shakes the mind of people To the place, to the unknown, the vehicle that seeks space, sense, talent, experience, not giving up, or even knowledge, or all these, there is no one to tell me No, no one can teach, because it is unknown.

If you get blind, you can easily get the unknown and the heart shaking, but it's not the unknown you're looking for. However, the attitude of seeking unknown after knowing everything is like seeking full water in the desert, and the mind can not be shaken. So there is no unknown that the mind is shaken before you know, know and know.

There is no value in the knowledge that comes from fear of unknown things, and in the space that is based on that, there is no unknown, and the heart may not be shaken. What I remember now is an unknown architectural space that has shaken my mind in the past, and that time was immature.

Aside from whether they are now mature, are immature and blind the same or different? I think while writing, I write while thinking, this is immature, not write in the first place, it is blind not to think.

Therefore, if you are moving to receive knowledge, you can not create an unknown space that shakes the mind of a person, you can only shake the mind of a person by trial and error yourself, and you reach an unknown Even if it is out of place, it is unknown, but it is not determined whether it is out of place, but it is important not to give up if it is so, but there are not many people who can do it this time. But the fear of ignorance will be relieved, and no one will want to be considered ignorant.










Since architecture consists of a collection of routine things, there is basically no such thing that happens by accident or as a result.

Basically, if it is a new construction, we will start from a land area, so something on the land, for example, the ground is soft, something is buried in the ground, or a cultural property And so, even if there is, it will be a plan including it, but in the case of renovation, the part to be touched is limited, so the unexpected event is affected by the parts other than the part to be touched It can happen.

So, just in case of new construction, there is no chance or unexpected.

In that case, even when creating a space as a margin, it is necessary to have a space as a margin with anticipation and control of everything that happens in that margin.

When it comes to the margins, I would like to add elements such as how to do anything, I don't know what will happen at that time, the mood changes, etc.

Is there a branch between the architecture where only words preceded and the architecture where not so?






"Plan called margin"

Instead of creating a margin as a margin, instead of using this as a numerical setting for setting a margin when printing out, you decide not to use it as a margin, but if you notice it, it will become a margin, a beginning margin, etc. So today you don't have to always see the margin, even if it appears or disappears, or if you feel or don't feel it, or if the margin connects something to something.

Architecture must define the scope of space. In that case, it may be a wall, a floor or a ceiling, a site boundary, a ground, and depending on the interpretation, it may be empty, but the scope is definitely determined. So, to create an architectural space as a margin is to decide how to determine the scope and what to do in that case.

However, there is a feeling that the margin seems to be fixed and the range is somehow decided, so how to fill in the difference in recognition in oneself there and what to do, it is in making the plan while thinking about the margin itself I have something wrong.









"Margins of choice"

I think it's worthwhile to be able to make choices, it's more fun.

There is an antique shop on the way to the restaurant that I visited twice in the past couple of months, and when I look around my eyes go to the silver spoon. I love cutlery, find something that I like like spoons, hawks, knives, etc., I just buy, buy butter knives, even if it's not a set, even if it's loose, open drawers, cutlery only, it's fun just looking However, every time you eat something, it's fun to choose which to use, and coffee cups every morning.

It's not a big spoon, but I like it and my beauty goes into it, and every day, even if it feels like that, what suits the vessel at that time, what suits the cuisine at that time, I think it's very important to choose life, I feel like I take care of being alive now, I change every day, I change myself every day, it may grow, I am old It might be, but it would be better to have a choice to follow along.

There are a lot of options, a lot of prepared states, after all there is no decision, everything is fluid, it is a state that can be done, and if you decide on one thing, the other options will not be necessary. It can be said that there is a room where the waste and the waste can be tolerated, and a margin.

So it is natural to think that there is value in the margin, the possibility of the margin, and how you can create the margin.

The same is true for architecture, and the well-defined space of the architect's aesthetics is wonderful, and although there is architectural value there, a fluid part like the mood of the side using that space Undertaking margins is equally valuable, and I think that it is a category of design, and now I'm interested in what happens when the margins are full.










"See the margins"

Recently, I'm thinking about margins. It may be called room or play. Extra things, things you don't care, just things you don't need, things you have to do.

I'm drowning in perfect things that are crisp, clean, tight and tight. Beautiful things and beautiful
Things are usually complete and are attracted to it.

However, perfect things are too perfect and unfriendly, and touching them makes them want to refuse.

The margin is the leading figure of Matsubayashi Hasegawa, which draws the margin, stimulates the sensitivity of what the margin sees, and forces all creation in consciousness. When I look at it, in the margin of the pine forest, I feel the mist, the wind, and the scenery beyond that, and the pine forest comes up.

Nothing is drawn in the margin. Some people may seem unfinished. In that sense, it is incomplete, this Hasegawa and other pine forest sketch screen.

However, the imperfection gives movement and a scene to this Matsubayashi maple wind.

It appears that Togashi has carefully drawn out the margin while drawing Matsubayashi with ink.







"Not good"

I do not know well lately whether it is hot or chilly. When I open the window when I think it's hot at night, it feels chilly when I think it's hot in the daytime, so the wind in the daytime doesn't cool, so it's chilly and throat hurts when I turn on the air conditioner, I think it might get chilly in the morning when I go to bed, and when I got in and go to bed, I might have been unconsciously hot, and I'm taking off for some time.

It is also quite interesting that it is being swayed along with it that such feeling is kind of sloppy.

Because words are added to the senses, words are expressed with the senses, and back and forth between the senses and the words, there are shapes coming in there, so it is complicated, and because the experience brings in the width, the devil's I hear a whisper, so that area is no longer a dropout place.

So there is a limit to everything, so it's important to put it together, just because you can always put it together and you don't know how to tell it to others, it's not good to find the most stress free balance for yourself each time I always think.







"In the corner"

If you keep thinking, there is a sudden "inspiration", and the points and points are connected, which will also be a line here.

I do not notice it is simple, but I am convinced when I notice it and I fall into the trap, so I want to do it, so it is interesting.

However, it is thought that it will not be forced if it is not driven in to be troubled, and the quantity to think originally is not enough, and if the quantity is satisfied, it will naturally go to "inspiration" Because it takes time and effort to form "inspiration", it will also expose the blazing just before the deadline.

I'm just preparing and I have a backup system, so I think I'll have a little more room, but I'll try to use up even the room. What is it?










"Let's pull out the unknown with words"

I have words before the image, it feels like the image can only be known.

By any means, they unknowingly typify the architecture seen in the past.

"This is an extension of that architectural idea."
"This architecture is interesting, but the plan is just like that."
"Obviously, you are imitating"

And so on, it is quite easy to type out.
However, thanks to that, you will be aware of imitation while planning on your own.

The biggest reason I'm designing architecture is because I want to see an unknown space, so I can't do the same with that architecture in an instant.

I use words as a means to overcome that image. I believe that words can be expressed without an image, and I think that an image will be drawn by the words.

However, I came here, pulled by words, and an image came out, but reality does not accompany it. It does not reach the space as the image, it may not be possible because it is unknown, but what happened?










When thinking gets stuck, it's important to ask again what it should have been, a word that you have recited several times a day today.

I will go back to the beginning, what I started thinking about, I will walk around a different place before long, so I will correct the trajectory.

A strange preconception or knowledge may cause a gap.

Even if you are starting to make a clear path, the first question will be blurred later. Unexpectedly, there is it, and it is asking again how many things should be.

The hard part is pointing to what it should be, but if you find a blank part, a part where nobody gives an answer, along the way, you will want to do it, and it will not be harmoniously adjusted with the first one. I try, it blurs because it becomes quite difficult.

Anyway, it is interesting for the first question, and it's an unexplored land, so I'm passionate about solving it.








I am faced with the difficulties of building my senses. Until now, I thought it was more difficult to explain architecture in words, to explain architecture in words, to build on the basis of words, or which one is difficult.

Architecture is a form that includes the sense that can not be explained by words alone, so it may be impossible to explain even if you make full use of words, and conversely, being able to express in words is at that time And because the ambiguity would be quite gone, it would be possible enough to make it architectural.

So I thought that it would be possible to build enough if I could express my senses in words, and prepared the words.

However, since such an architecture has never been seen in the first place, it is overwhelmed. If you want to imagine easily, you can apply it to the past architecture, and you can do as many as you like, but if this is a test and you are asked for an answer within the time limit, you do, but it does not mean that you have infinite time Because I want to build my own sense properly, so what to do. What should I do?






"Destination point"

The landing point was faintly visible, but the means to get there were probably mist, although the whole image was unclear.

As I have never seen it, I have removed everything I saw and heard, and I'm going to dive, I'm diving towards the blank area I want to aim, but there should probably be a floor there, maybe transparent Because it's a glass floor, you can see if it's still visible if it's exposed to light.

I don't have much time left by repeated trial and error, so I'm confident I will always put it together if I can be halfway, but I can't do it, so I can't go to a place where I feel good. While writing here, I re-conscious again, the landing point.



大人になって、経験を積んで、賢くなると、無理だとはじめに思うことに手を出さなくなる。その判断は概ね正しくて、そのままの自分が普通にやったら、絶対に上手くいかない。 家族もいれば、それは無理だろう。






"I know that the solution is difficult but
If you want to do so, instead of trying blindly, it may be better to break down the problem into several stages and then set goals that can only be reached. "

Surely everyone remembers. I know that you can not break the ball.

As an adult, gaining experience and becoming smart, you will not get out of the way of thinking it is impossible at first. The judgment is generally correct, and it will not go well if the person doing it as usual is normal. If there is a family, that would not be possible.

However, events that are impossible for me do not occur in the first place. If you think so, the most wise decision is to think about how you can do it.

And if there is a split road, etc., I think today that only the person who goes forward can do it without thinking, and I wonder if I can do it now.

Surely, without thinking in this way, I would have achieved, the people of the past, so without thinking, try to continue to see a new self.







"Small seeds"

You can not escape from the space because you can not escape from the space because you can not escape from the space because you can not escape from the space because you can not escape from the space because you can not escape from the space because you can not escape from the space from the beginning. I think that's what it would be like.

Such a small seed will not leave the head for a long time, but I will forget it later, but when something happens or floats in my mind, then I sometimes make notes on my cell phone and use it as a material for blogs. Become a hint of, or something new comes to mind.

When I look at the outside of the train, sometimes the train passes by. At that time, people on the passing train can be seen. If I was standing near the door of the entrance, very close to that person's details. As you can see, as you are by your side, you are just a very distant person, and you are not conscious of each other at all, do not care, do not see, and do not remain in memory.

In the space, although it is a very close person, there is no presence at all, what is this state, but it is a small species and I somehow thought that I would like to start from there.









"I do not know what I do not understand"

When I write out and write down "I know" and "I don't know", I hardly see "I don't understand." If you change "understood" to "understood" or "ununderstood" to "ununderstood", you do not understand something the same as "ununderstood".

The story of the project currently being planned that has returned to the starting point.

I'm going back to the idea's memory, looking back at the information I've collected, reading it back and making notes in my own words, but I'm "I don't know." The fact that it hardly comes out means, from another point of view, that the project being planned is hardly new, so it is merely combining existing ideas.

So for the project you are planning, you think that something is not right, something is different, something is missing.

What can you do to clearly and consciously understand what you do not understand, or do you have to read in a little more collected information?

You know what you don't know, and solving it adds newness to the project you're planning, and that's where you want to see.









The white box is something symbolic in architecture. For some reason, in fashion, along with black, the color with high degree of dress.

White boxes are architecturally high color abstract, white is dyed in any color, so architects specifically hate living and living, so everyone is white by making it a house, It does not relate to living, claims that it does not relate to living, and innocence, but it tries to secure the work property with it. In short, I want to increase the level of abstraction and secure the claim of architecturalness and architect.

There is really a principle claim, I want you to understand there, but it is not understood easily, there is another training required, and if you try there you will be connected to sales, but it is necessary for you to live However, there is a possibility that there is no architect who is focusing on that.

However, since now architects are only people who can comprehend living and living, and can make their own claims, there are many people with white boxes with hope.

White boxes are barriers, metaphors for architects to be architects white, and recently gray.

If the architect becomes a more socially recognized entity, it accepts all of the client's needs and becomes client-colored, yet, if it is able to claim the principle as an architect, it is a person who can do it I have never seen in Japan.







The story of the project currently being planned that has returned to the starting point. It had been completed to some extent, but I was thinking that this would be fine. I didn't know what I was thinking about because I wasn't quite right, something was wrong, something wasn't good, but I didn't understand it, so I didn't know, so in the end I didn't know what I didn't know So back to the beginning.

I started from the place where I went back to the memory of the idea, and looked back at the collected information, in order to re-examine the question "what should I do?" I look back again, read back, and write down my own words again.

I changed the way of organizing notes. If something is interesting and something is wrong, there may still be something different.











"Do you want to record?"

Sometimes I wonder if I keep it in the record.

When we want to use it as knowledge we keep records, and when we want to use it as wisdom we keep no records.

If you want to use it as knowledge, there are many cases where you just need to use what you see and hear as it is, so I will record it and try to reuse it many times. It will be lost.

If you want to use it as wisdom, you will not use what you have heard or heard as it is, and you may apply or deform it, or use only the essence, which is often performed unconsciously in your head. I feel that I will not be able to do this if I record in my head, and I will try to learn with my head, not taking the record from the beginning. Of course, I sometimes forget as time goes by, but I do not forget how much time goes by, and I can use it as wisdom, so I think that it is a good sort to forget over time.

If knowledge should be checked each time on the Internet, there is no need to keep a record, and if it is used as wisdom it will not even take a record, so there is no need to record from the beginning itself.

So I don't carry paper-based recording media these days, but I still want to record, if I want to make notes, I can judge that it is really necessary for me now and I should do it now It also becomes a code of conduct.

But what if you go to see architecture?

Although it is possible to identify knowledge and wisdom, the part of knowledge can be searched on the net, but because it is in front of a corner, leaving a picture or a sketch, the part of wisdom unconsciously architecture by having taken a picture or sketch As I am impressed, I only feel while thinking about the architecture in front of my eyes.











"I do not want to abandon"

I want to live surrounded by my favorite things, so the house is full of things. It's a favorite thing, so it's not ridiculous to throw it away. As something to be used for the rest of my life, I only use what I cherish.

When you throw it away and ask for it, you can see that the word is generally used in a good sense as an implicit consent. It seems that it is natural for the world to throw away unnecessary things and keep things small.

So it's a good thing to say that it's an end, and there's an impression that you're not good if you can't.

I think that it is a common practice, but abandonment is a means to the last, as a result of abandonment, there is no meaning unless everyday life becomes rich. You will get rid of it, you will lose things, and it will be refreshing, but it is transient, and your mind will be clean, that is, it will be organized and you should be connected to the next thing, and eventually it will be the original It becomes a street and there is no sense of abandonment. Because the purpose is to break away.

I think that there are many ways to enrich my daily life, but I like what I like and I can't be bothered by the surprise, but I am always making things in an enclosed state. I think there are a lot of favorite dishes and I want to choose dishes that I use every day, and I have a lot of favorite chairs and I want to choose a chair that I can sit every day.

It is only a good story if the mind is clean and organized, and all you have to do is just throw away your mind, it's a clear mind and something that stimulates your sensibility. However, people who are surrounded a lot, including unnecessary things, will enjoy and enrich their daily lives.

Work, life, schedule, information, memos, while syncing with smartphones, tablets, and PCs, books are also digitalized, managed, and when finished, if there is no need, throw away data, delete it, need it I just leave things and think in my head.

Aside from the degree, I often keep thinking, so I want to make it easy to see the materials for thinking immediately and always, so I often make them act by hand, so I'm concentrating them on my smartphone. Necessity alone is sufficient enough.









"No correct"

The idea is to choose what out of all infinite things, while finding out what is the correct answer out of all infinite things, both ultimately narrow to one thing, but the process is completely different.

As a premise, there is something wrong, and you have to solve it.

As a starting point, predict that there will be many ways to solve the problem, and figure out what to choose from among the many solutions, while ways to solve the problem There is only one, do you come up with the idea of ​​trying to derive that only one correct answer?

It is the study of the so-called school exams and qualification exams that seeks to derive only one correct answer, and it is used when doing creative things what to choose among many solutions.

I'm not good at thinking about this one single correct answer, and although this is what I cultivate by training, it was painful for me to do the training itself.

Now, there is no need to do such training, and it is good because it is useful to have been variously delusions when I was young, but the way of thinking to derive this single correct answer is still poor and it is said that it is correct I also dislike the words themselves.








"Feeding with words"

Is the word ahead, or is it the first to feel?

I feel that I make it into words, but I feel that the order is correct, but when I feel in the first place, I feel that I have words as a preconception.

It feels like it is impossible to feel without prejudice at all, so I think the words are ahead, but if you feel that everything is controlled by the words, how is it? Hm?

The point is that the words may come first, the words may come first, or both may go first, but it will be a problem if one or the other restricts one or the other.

However, depending on the idea, the feeling limited by words and the words limited by feelings may be expressed simply and multilaterally by itself, resulting in deep reading and interpretation.








"I am seven years ago"

Seven years have passed, the baby has become a primary school student, and my brother and sister had separate voices in the room to carry out the partition wall construction that I was expecting.

When I have a meeting, seven years ago come back clearly. It seems to meet myself seven years ago.

Speaking of which, when I had intended seven years ago, I would be glad to see how it has become, now properly shaped and pervading everyday life.

The scenery around us has changed compared to seven years ago, but it's better than shiny, it feels good.

Apart from whether this house is good or bad, there has been a clear change before and after this house. Every time I work to make such changes happen, I meet new ones each time.










"The degree of perfection and delicacy"

It's a completely different scene, but when people bring in high technology, they can not cut any room, they are extremely complete and extremely fine, and if they are involved in the manufacturing of something, it is intended for a while I don't know when or when, but I think it's really good nowadays.

In terms of making things, it is good to have perfection and delicacy if you focus on single things.

If there is a person who makes it, there are those who receive it. There are no recipients in focusing on a single entity.

It does not matter how the extremely high degree of perfection and delicacy pole is transmitted to the recipient.

When trying to convey the pole of perfection and delicacy to the recipient, what if it were to create a pole by itself alone would it be different in something, process, perfection or delicacy? .

More than perfection, extremely delicate things that can not be divided into any room, parts that delegate to the recipient's imagination, sensitivity and ability, etc., but it does not decrease the degree of perfection and delicacy If there is an incomplete part such as a blank space, it might rather be transmitted that it is a pole of high degree of completion and delicacy.

While thinking about such things, comparing gardens with those of Western and Japanese ones, while Western gardens create delicacy to a high degree of perfection, Japanese gardens delicacy in the beautiful nature I felt lost in finding it.













It is said that it has done its craftsmanship and has achieved perfection and delicacy, and that it has reached its extreme. The place is very nice, everything is perfect, perfect and completely free. There is a voice of exclamation. I get a sigh.

The substance in the brain is secreted in the head, and the limit of the acupuncture, it will be pleasant and can not be helped. It is the limit of this world. I was waiting for this time.

However, in reality, my mind is confused and I know the splendor, but I can not enjoy it. Even here, something delicate and completely perfect is approaching. I don't know what to do.

That is, the polar land reached is an unknown place, not a well-known place already. If it is a known place, it is a place that has already been reached, so it will not be considered as extreme, but only as a passing point.

Because it is an unknown place, it is confusing, there is no time to enjoy it, it is natural to lose track of what to do, and it is not a problem of the receiver.

So there are two options.

Even if the recipient is confused, it may be said that the perfection and delicacy are adjusted, that is, whether the perfection and delicacy are adjusted according to the sensitivity of the recipient, that is, whether it provides a pole or perfection. .

The highest level of difficulty is that you must be skilled and extremely complete and delicate, and go to that extreme and say that it is a middle class. At first glance, when this contradiction is solved, it feels like the next new door opens.

For that purpose, it is necessary to be not only autonomy but also other laws, and I think that it is good if the balance between autonomy and other laws is moderate.








"I have not seen it yet"

From the words of Kawai Hirojiro at the "Poster / Kawai Hirojiro" exhibition held at the Museum of Modern Art Kyoto,

"A lot of me who I have never seen before"
"I always sing in my favorite things"
"I twist myself from the habit, because I have not seen it yet"

I was attracted to the part. I tried to make something that I liked, I interpreted it as saying that I had never seen it, I wanted to see a new one.

There is still an unknown self, who finds it through work, for that purpose, "twists from habits", does it change the way of thinking a little in everyday life?

I want to meet new myself, so I work.







"I at last"

At the "Poster / Kawai Kanjiro" exhibition held at the Museum of Modern Art, Kyoto, I was also attracted by Kawai Kanjiro's words. As Kawai Kanjiro did not think that he was the person who spun words,

"At the same time, the only thing being expressed is that of others"
"The first time you get to the last thing, the last to reach the last"
"The world without oneself is the real world of work"

I was attracted to the part. If you try to make your own favorite thing, you become selfish and, as a result, you think that you can only exclude something other than yourself, but Kawai is not so, it is your own favorite thing The best stuff that you can make yourself, in a nutshell, is the best stuff you have for others, and it is something that transcends you, or something else, that's true It is a job of

It is needless to say that I went over the mind about the last of me.








"Fine movement"

I would like to see things more neutral.

Seeing the world as it is convenient, inconvenient things do not come into your eyes, and things that you do not like are bothered because things that you dislike are convenient for you.

You're driving along a boulevard, and from what appears to be a good building, for a moment from the slight gap between buildings, it will be published in architectural magazines in months.

Though it may be different, it may be an individuality, but I think it seems to throw away a lot of possibilities, and if you notice it, it seems that there is only a negative thing to act now anyway .

I think things have timing. In order to look at the timing, if you are not in neutral state, and you are not able to move out immediately from the state of rest in order to adjust the timing, the preliminary movement or fine movement will always be that fine movement I think that will also deepen the knowledge.






"Most digitization"

If you decide the size and number of units in one business plan and meet it, you will try to design freely and start planning of multi-family housing, but you will want the maximum number of homes if you can, so there is no freedom Come.

So, without entering the business plan, from the direction of design, the concept, and the idea of ​​architecture, I just want to increase the degree of freedom, or just maximize the design space, but if I estimate it, the budget It doubles or triples, and it interferes with budget planning.

If you are sketching while thinking about what you're doing now, you will lose the lines because the stray lines will become useless lines, but of course it will disappear when you touch the lines if it is an iPad, it will be useful, it will be handwritten I need a brush in front of the pile of rubber waste, but I can get lost as much as I can.








"A little old story"

For some reason now, I want to go to New York and I can not help going.

It might be because I talked about New York at the bar now, but when I was young, when I was a student, summer vacation, spring vacation was long, instead of studying, tickets were cheap and I could go in 560,000 round trip, so my friend to Soho Because I had an acquaintance of, I was looking at museums and museums throughout New York while staying.

The Museum of Modern Art in New York has a corner of architecture, furniture and product design, and it is the first time to see the first drawing of Mies's drawings and models of Lochuisou of light, Corbusier, Shiro Kuramata, and chairs and stools of Yanagi Soran for the first time in architecture and design I felt touched and everything was my teacher.

That was 25 years ago, but at that time security was very bad, but now I hear that it has improved.

Everything I see and hear listens to blood and flesh, I sometimes remember the feeling of that time, but I certainly do not want to go to taste the feeling of that time again. Rather, I usually want to be naive.











"Strong more self-confident"

GW went to the hometown of his late father for the first time in several years to attend the funeral of his late father's sister.

Outside of Chiba, around rice fields and fields, the streets of chain stores where there is only along the highway, the signboard of the red-purple ○○○ mall, but it is still dark at night, but only around Combi is pale.

The old Ginza Street is a shutter town, the station is beautifully rebuilt, and the road is well maintained, but there is no shop to drink a cup of coffee, there is no bustling, and even if there is no bustling, people in shutter town somehow Nostalgic, inviting a little away, a section of the house is relatively large, there are no tall buildings, and a pleasant wind blows.

The reason why people are thinking about architecture that will open their sense of life without having a sense of autism all the time has come to see how the sense of life is transmitted.

If there is no bustling, if one section of the house is large, if there is no tall building, if there is a surrounding field, there is no need to worry about anyone's eyes, so it seems good to have a sense of openness It is self-closing, it is stronger than the city.

If you look at such a figure, it can not be solved only by architecture, but it is natural that people's psychology and human relationships are influenced, but it is natural, but if you are in a city, you unexpectedly misunderstand, such psychology or human relationships The opposite is that cities are used to the bustle and that human relationships are weak, and that planning can start from that misconception that architecture can define society, as a society is formed and that architecture reflects that society.

However, since the history of architecture starts from the point where architecture can define society, new architecture has come to be born. If architecture reflects society, the start is to recognize society, so there will be no newness, although architecture of familiar landscapes will be born.

When I thought so, I felt that I also wanted to see young people going to the city.










"Blank zone"

Trains passing each other, passengers can be seen near each other, unexpectedly close, but, contrary to the closeness of the distance, people who have no contact but have never met again, in fact, probably met somewhere It may be, but I do not remember because I am not interested in originally, I can not see each other even though I can see each other, I can not see it.

Because this train and the other train are doing different activities, there is no contact as if you were in another world. So I am not conscious of different trains.

If this is in the same train, even people who never meet again will be conscious because they are in the same space for the time being.

I can not open it on the same train, but I can open it to another train.

Furthermore, if it is a place between different trains, a blank zone will appear where nobody is interested or conscious. If it is a train, it will be easy to create this blank area, as the train itself will move with activity and it will be easy to create this blank zone, but in a static architecture this blank zone can be an open personal space, but it is quite difficult.

First, the activity or activity must be generated in the building. This activity is done by people. Taking advantage of imperfections to create a work that will try to be complete, in this case it will be a work of the mind, if this is an architectural activity, and if this activity generates several different ones, There is a blank zone in the area, which will be an open personal space.

Based on this idea, it is possible to repeat the study endlessly, but if you try to put it together all the time, it will do more than necessary because of the time.






"Design of means"

The space surrounded by different activities without contact becomes an open personal space, and the imperfection of the surface causes the activity to occur outside the surface and outside the building, and the imperfection of the surface is the site It was made from context / context.

As I wrote before, there are two ways of creating imperfections: adding something, or breaking or breaking integrity. A state in which something can be added is, for example, a tea room before setting up for a tea ceremony, which may be said to be empty, and a state in which the integrity is broken or broken is similarly compared in the tea room The symmetry is broken into a different shelf, and how it collapses and disturbs works on the mind of the viewer, moving the mind.

Since both imperfections generate activity, I think it is possible to use or combine the two methods, but it is intriguing to work on the mind of the viewer and the symmetry is broken down The design will be created, but the place where the goal is not to finish the design but to work on the mind of the person ahead is basically such design, and the design is the means I hope there is.









"I want to solve autism"

We talked about "surface and content".

There is no limit to the contents, but it is natural that the mind works like closing to protect the privacy and not wanting to see the contents works, but I want to manage or eliminate that closing mind.

It would be nice if you could do it openly, open the window to see the blue sky when the weather is fine, and want to take in plenty of pleasant wind,

I want to live that kind of life, but it is possible if it is in nature, but it is difficult in a city, or rather it is decided that it is impossible in the heart.

I would like to remove something like the barrier from the old days, that is when I was a student who started to learn architecture.

If a person is a special person who can do something like himself and nothing around it, it is possible to open it up regardless of how it is seen by people, but it is usually impossible. The position of the sun is calculated according to the time so as not to interfere with the surroundings, and after taking into account the client's lifestyle habits, the opening is carefully selected and opened, but the act is, as it were, a fault of the site. Because it is a coping therapy, it can not be said that it actually exerts the potential of the site that it has originally, but it will not open itself in the living without being closed, but it is fundamentally It feels like it's unhealthy, generates different activities, and wants to think about creating an open personal space.










"Let's overflow the life"

I think that there is an open personal space between different activities. I think that there is a space where there is no gap with nobody, or nobody's interested, or just a vacuum zone.

For example, you may think that you don't know because you are not in the usual place, such as between trains that go and go, but those on the train will not see you there.

So you can be open.

Life would overflow if it could be open.

When the city is boring, when the city is boring, shoulders, elbows, vignettes, crawling, when covered in a vanity, life overflows, everyday places are covered with a sense of closeness and a sense of intimacy I will be a part of myself, stress free, good in mental health, enjoyable, live longer.

So I want to solve the way of creating an open personal space as a general solution. I would like to create such a space intentionally, I have never seen such an intentional space.

So it makes sense to think and to make a try.








When I envision building from scratch, I begin to have something like a clue. There is nothing at all and there is no plan coming up.

The clue is architecture theory, thought of one's own architecture, the request of the client, there is also from the surrounding environment, it is to meet the thermal environment as the building performance, etc. There may be cases where these are combined.

In any case, we choose what to use as a clue, and proceed with the concept, but it is interesting to think of a clue first, and to be troubled, because it is the first directionality, when you feel an interesting scene or practice There are many occasions after which there is a sense of accomplishment, but when thinking about the overall directionality, it is only the first and every time after that, it is confirmed each time, but if this directionality is wrong, correction can not be made later, No matter how hard you work on the way, it will result in no reward, if the height of the architectural level is decided here.

So it's tempting to spend time, not easy to decide, but it's also fun, and it's mostly about the first things you come up with and clues that prove it's good over time, taking it as a starting point While promoting the concept.








"When handing to people"

It was said that it would be better to think about boxes and packaging.

I was making a free cup of Wajima-Nuri, but when I talked to the shopkeeper of the old art shop in Kyoto that I met the other day, I was told that.

There may be other ways, such as whether the box is good, the packaging is good, but I don't think about how to show it or how I want to show it or when handing it to the other party.

I had not thought about it until then, I was only thinking about making a free cup, and I was not thinking about handing it to people.

If you ask the storekeeper, you might have wanted to tell that thinking so far is a matter of course and making things.












When we are talking with the old art shop owner who used the bowl and used the language many times.

There is a trace of a dish of Mioyama-san, a museum-like one, and that also contains a dish. Aoi Yamato is not used for cooking, but for cooking.

Because it is used first, the shape and thickness of the bowl are decided because it is the same as the folk song, but somehow the folk song has strength and becomes thick, it becomes a samurai bone.

It doesn't have to be broken or durable just because you use it first, but it's another story. It's a regular use, so it's not broken, it needs to be strong, so it's good to be thick, the idea that thick is better is the idea of ​​people who don't know to use it.

To use it is your own hand, like your own self, your nature comes out there, also the sense of beauty. Then, there are those who are strong and have a thick aesthetic sense that does not break, but it is not intended to be thick as intended, but merely thick as a result of seeking for toughness, and there is a fragment of aesthetics There is also no.

To use it means that one's sense of beauty, sense and life level are also questioned.

For example, in order to make it look thin, thin and delicate, it is possible to make thick, thick and thick parts intentionally, and to make it look thin, thin and thin by contrast. As a result, it may become strong, but it is good if you use it only once, but the important thing is how to keep the dish in harmony with the dish when you use it. Therefore, seeking robustness is merely giving priority to efficiency and cost, and it can be said that a folk song will be a folk song because its awareness is strong, and it can be said that it seeks robustness to become a folk song. Then, the original part of the folk song will be the same as the modern day's spirit for efficiency, and the spirit of the folk song against the uniformed industrial products and the opposite, but in fact the uniformed industrial products and the element are together Of course, ironically, you notice it Even if the dishes are served in the bowl of a good folk song, I do not want to do it.









"Judging judgment"

A shop where I bought a cutlery before, talking with the shop owner at an old art shop in Kyoto.

When I watched Imari, I was told that Imari was handled after a long time. It was an Imari specialty store until his father's day, but he stopped.

Even now, I went to a restaurant in Tokyo once and dropped the dish to a restaurant that I had seen and heard, but it wasn't that he was told by someone, but I noticed that I myself.

Imari pottery is not used in the restaurant.

Naturally, I would like to ask why, and while touching the lacquerware of the Sasayama people and museum-class things, I heard a story that I can not write here, etc., a story of a long time, let me talk about the axis Well, that's not yet shown to anyone, Kumagai Moriichi's next year's tea ceremony meeting, this can not be written here yet, such a story.

As Imari is a bone, it doesn't suit you. Hearing the reason, in fact I had always thought, after all I was convinced, in the story of the folk song.









"Start with words"

Corbusier did "geometrical order" and "harmony of human beings and nature" in the picture, or "geometrical order" means human being, "geometrical order" and "geometrical order" It may be that he was trying to harmonize nature.

People are not constant, someday die and they grow old.

However, the concept of "human" in the 20th century is defined as immutable, and Corbusier expressed "human" as part of "geometrical order", which is modulol.

In order to bring human into architecture and unite with space by making human geometrically ordered, it is in order to reconcile with modernist architecture which insisted on invariance.

After all, human beings and space and architecture can not be invariant, and distortions occur, but all people seek for invariance somehow, like anti-aging, do they have a mind that likes absolute and invariant things Or is it easy to design modernist architecture, the genealogy of modernist architecture still continues, and we will get along with something.

Because modernist architecture is a basic design of modern and contemporary architecture, it may not be possible to escape from its genealogy, but it is also true that there is an implicit intelligible design within the building personnel alone, so a totally different design Because it is difficult if it is in the image, it will rely on words.








"Because we gather and live"

In order to treat light as a grain, it was imagined as a grain, and how to collect and handle the grains is a hint for building the architecture.

I am considering multi-family houses. I am considering its architectural nature.

I would like to create space and architecture that can only be created by gathering and living.

I 'm trying to treat light as things because I want you to feel the change in the mood of the day through architecture through light. That way, the appearance of the building will change according to the mood of the day.

If it happens as many as the number of residents, I'd like to rationalize that the architecture is so diverse and complicated, a little bit romantic, but also live and gather there, but it is quite something good, I have been thinking over the last few days.









"Aiming for Constancy Not Constant"

In the building we can use the light to be inserted into the space, the light changed like a springmaking gimmick, and it seems to be able to find a difference there.

I'm thinking about how to see how the appearance changes depending on the mood of the building.

For some reason, architecture has been considered immutable until now. Naturally, it is not a change that the building does not change so it is not a change, the way that architecture is caught by the times and society has changed, the design also has a fashion. However, since the architecture itself which accepts this is a sure thing, it does not change, so we could project periodicity and sociality there, the building itself was always premised without blurring. Since it is economically important and unchanged, a construction including a business property called real estate was born.

However, if construction is also things, it seems impossible to understand that it is immutable, of course, it is not a story of durability, but things other than buildings can be easily moved, sometimes the use side can sort it out However, it is easy to project moods and emotions there as things, which is directly linked to the existence value of itself.

For example, the mood of the day decides the existence value of the coffee cup, such as choosing a cup to make a drink coffee every morning, which determines how to see that coffee cup that day.

So, if you want to make such things happen in architecture, do not make it immutable, so that the daily life in that architecture will be fun.











"Delicacy in folk art"

It is said that folk art has no delicacy.

In that area, Yanagi Sorihi has traces of trying to bring delicate parts into folk arts, and seems to be applying treatment to eliminate the thickness.

Delicateness seems to be a work of art, folk art is on the opposite side of artworks, seeking delicacy is aiming at art objects, and for folk arts it is taboo.

The thickness of the thickness is a symbol of folk art, and it is strong, it shows that there are values ​​and beauty there as it can withstand decades for use in everyday life.

Therefore, the interpretation that the beauty of a folk art and the beauty of a work article are different for a person engaged in folk arts, and it is not convenient if it does not make it, it is not related to us.

Beauty is beauty, the fundamentals of beauty are the same, the difference between folk art items and art goods is only the story of some making mind and seller conscious.

After a while, perfect if slightly delicate, end, tip, 1 mm afterward, no more, 0.5 mm thin, if it is thin, nothing to say.

I learned it because I see Mr. Yoshinori's works and I use it everyday, but I think while swallowing Hoppy at the sweet shop at the end.










"Feeling of delicacy"

Even with handmade it would be possible to make things without leaving traces of manual work. The more you make the delicate things, the more you want to erase the trace of handwork. If there is a trace, you can get stuck with consciousness there, and you want to show it delicately, an extra meaning is born in the finish, it will not flow any further.

Traces can not be left in places without thickness, and if you want to show delicately thinly, it is better that the surface finish has no irregularities.

Then, leaving traces of handicrafts will not be delicate,

Then, there is no room for delicate things to be able to project the mood of the day.

Though it is a selfish image, folk art is thick, has irregularities, it is not delicate.

Though it is delicate, there is room / margin, moderate, those that can project the mood of the day, the face of the Buddha statue immediately comes to mind.

In a place a bit different from folk art, the possibility seems to be asleep.










"Traces of handicrafts"

He felt new possibilities for folk art.

I have been looking at the egg oven for a long time, why is this good? I am looking at a coffee cup all the time, why can I project the mood of the day to this?

It is irregular, not constant, probably meaningful, because it is attracted to not being properly decorated, such as processing to become decorative?

Kimoto's Kitamura Kazuo's worked egg baked goods is good because there are signs of design and folk handicrafts in the geometric order of shape and size, scale, so if you make a further break, shape Ratio, good balance of vertical and horizontal ratio, even if the size of the whole is larger than this, it is not good, it is not small, is not it exaggerated size, reinforcing the edge? rivet? Although the design of silver, copper contrast is good with accent, the handle can be thin with round steel, but the one with a slightly narrower width will make the whole shape beautiful and I think that it is easy to use, but this Perhaps, if actually narrowing down, I do not know, perhaps this is fine.

Is there any trace of handwork on this egg grill and does it feel that the corners or the edges are shaped properly neatly? Even if there is no trace of handwork, can you project the mood of the day?

Even without the trace of manual work, rough geometric order and design does not change, traces of manual work can be regarded as design, but only the trace of handicraft is merely a geometrical order It is just a bit disturbed, this disturbance is exquisite, and there may be room to be able to project the mood of that day.

Although it may not be possible to calculate and make traces of handicrafts, if it does not exist at all even without it, I think again that manufacturing is troublesome.












"I feel new possibilities in folk art"

In order to create room for projecting the mood of that person, we made a little geometric order, hands, unconsciously, even if we do not know how to make it a folk artistic way.

Every morning, it is the daily routine to grind coffee from the beans and chose a coffee cup for the day 's mood.

The trigger was that you got multiple coffee cups of Genju Nakai kiln and Izuno kiln that Mr. Yanagi directed. Even though it is a cup with different colors and shapes, even in the same color and shape, it is slightly different in size and slight difference in color that comes from the difference in riding glaze, putting your own mood on the day, every morning I am picking it while having fun.

And, by chance, this Nazu Nakai kiln and Izune kiln are pottery pottery representing the folk art.

The chance to start thinking about whether you can create a building that looks different by the mood of the day is to choose this morning coffee cup,

And folk art also leads to bricolage which was talked about before. Beginning and end were connected beautifully, and new interests appeared in folk art.

Now, if you are going to see the folk art, I will go to the Japanese art museum in Komaba first, but the items in the glass case are like works of art, they do not come nicely.

Before the Nippon Municipal Hall, the form and size were too excellent, I purchased a copper egg oven, which is beyond the area of ​​so-called folk art, but it is not a work of art There was beauty as a practical item.

Now, feeling the possibility of folk art may be a matter of course in the first place, but I found that there is still room to dig down.


去年、東京ドームで開催されたテーブル・ウェア フェスティバルの有田焼ブースで購入した急須、急須好きな私が今一番日常使いしている急須で、その時、湯呑をなぜセットで購入しなかったかと悔いる日々を送っていたが、

先日、今年のテーブル・ウェア フェスティバル、まず最初に有田焼ブースに行き、その同じ急須を見つけ、湯呑を探したが無い、近くにいた窯元の方に尋ねたら、今年は持って来ていない、とのこと。



















"Touch that does not touch"

I went to the tableware festival again this year. As I love vessels and cutlery, when I go there, I go to china, lacquerware, glass dishes, silverware and antiques, mainly in Japan, but also overseas, so I got acquainted and I got three admission tickets Then, I will immerse my favorite things at the Tokyo Dome, so I took a day to go and went out.

Although I went last year, it is an event to be held at this time every year, the shops and places that are open are almost the same as last year, so I was able to look around without last time as much as last year , Only the shops that I would like to visit last year and want to visit again last year, in order to buy things I did not buy this year, if I did so, I was remembered my behavior, so I did not have any items on the spot I promised to contact you later, I exchanged business cards, I decided to visit the pottery if I had opportunity.

There are many stores open for sale, but one of the main events is tableware coordination, tableware, container contest. Because it is a public contest contest, because it is a wide binding of table wear, the material used for that expression is various such as ceramics, lacquerware, glassware, glassware, wood and silver dishes etc, it is interesting only to go to see it, Although I was watching with interest, it was one wonder, or there was a point that I could not understand, I did not touch it.

Although it may be natural to not touch the exhibition, tableware is a tableware to serve food and drinks etc at the table, so it may not be necessary to actually supply food and drink, but dishes and coordination I was planning to make it a story that I can understand without touching it, but if you say so, in the competition of architecture, there is no shadow and shape, do not judge only with presentation materials, say more I was in trouble because I thought it was the case even in the usual architectural design places, even when explaining to clients.

Even feeling such as feeling is important in a part of the design, so it is strange not to touch, it can not be connected with.

However, since construction costs large scale money, it is not easy to make real thing so easily, so I do not know how it is at the time of appraisal after excusing it is inevitable, but if it is about table wear, I feel that when I hold it with my hand and the touch when I touch the lips, it feels very important and perhaps I can design one tableware with that feel alone and make it.

If you do not touch the exhibited tableware, you only have to judge by appearance, then if the author thinks that the feel is important, the goodness of one's work will not be conveyed.

Whatever the exhibit, I do not touch it, it seems like boring and unfortunate for both the author and the viewer, there is a feeling behind the attractiveness of the appearance and design, and also the things that you can see As it is one of the skills, the viewer is also asked by that.








"Time now"

There is a word which is a bit a little "Building property". It seems that it is like the thing that it is built, but it seems that its "architecturality" becomes unclear.

Although it is a funny story, building is established even if there is no building ability. In extreme terms, buildings can be built if they satisfy the function and keeping the regulations, such constructions are mostly.

For example, I believe that "building imperfections" have "imperfections and activities", "moods and feelings", and so on.

I do not think that it is not necessary, and I think that there was better being a good one, that is for people.

I am taking the most time to refine this architectural nature and make it exist as a building.










"Volume check"

Perform volume check. It is to confirm how much can be built on the premises, but at the same time it is also the original source for planning the income and expenditure plan to confirm the maximum number of houses in the case of multi-family houses.

In the former design office, about 25 years ago, when the real estate agent sent the site map at fax, the president made a volume check and created a plan for the site, which is a balance plan It was a plan for use, so I sent back the one that secured the maximum number.

In that case, it is natural to satisfy the Building Standards Law and ordinances etc, but since the information that you want to know is just how large, multi-united housing can be built on the premises, design is secondary, It is treated as a thing to add, in the meantime, it is only necessary to have a plan view, so you can plan the income and expenditure plan, so it seems that the design will come in when you plan the actual planning and consider the appearance.

While imagining the design and the planning draft attitude, but imagining that most of the design office would be, the first building I was in charge of designing was a collective housing that started with the plan drafted by the president was. So, the category that I can design as a responsible person is only about the appearance, which is important, so I thought that if I did not think about it from the plan, I thought that it was meaningless to think only about the exterior, I remembered that I was working .

I remember why I remember now that I am thinking about how to proceed from now on, because I am planning a plan that secures the maximum number of households for income and expenditure planning.

The only difference is that this plan is for balance planning only, for volume checks, Atari's drawings, beginning to design completely different things from here.

However, this plan was quite powerful and attracted, created by myself, but a troublesome one.








"Image to tailor the space"

In the past, I thought about differences in architecture "to follow" in order to capture the mood in buildings, considering "looking" to incorporate the feeling into architecture. Both thought that it was a method that I could consent to incorporate into architecture, but from another angle I wanted to think about a way to incorporate feel and mood into architecture again.

The trigger is a free cup of Wajima coat under construction now. Because I thought that it might be possible in architecture as long as things themselves become intermediaries for taking in feel and mood.

The whole volume becomes the most important because it treats architecture as space, but when treating the building as a collection of details, it first starts from how the detail itself is, so reflects the feel and the mood of the person at that time I thought that it would be easy to do, with the feel and mood accompanied, the space would eventually be finished.

Starting from the periphery that is close to people, starting from the surroundings close to people, reflecting the feeling of the people from time to time, create things including details from the details, spread more and more concentrically and tailor it to the space Some image.

If you can not do an image first, you can not make actual manufacturing, not all images, but I want something like a gist of a first bargain, because it is rough and good, but it seems that it has gotten step by step I will do.







"There are people, I feel, I have a feel"

I think that there is a way to create a space where people start from the periphery of people, with the feeling of spreading the necessary places with Bocoboko from the inside.

According to the explanation in the open house that I went today, I decided the shape of the ceiling of the 2nd floor upstairs private room, and said that he roofed in that shape. It is not to decide the roof and the ceiling to be decided, after designing and determining the shape of the ceiling in the room, the flip of that shape becomes the shape of the roof. When seen from the outside, you can see the shape of the ceiling in the room in the form of a roof. When designing the ceiling in the room, the roof of the exterior and the interior space are also designed at the same time, when designing the indoor ceiling, naturally it will clue the things derived from people, so people will also get involved there I thought it was excellent.

There is a volume check, there is a way that people decide at the same time as much as space and details, if there is a way to go to the details from there, deciding the volume, there is also a method involving people, and that is wonderful, but I guess the person is the last Even though some people are involved on the way instead of the last one, I feel that the feeling that people start with is thinner than the way I start from people's surroundings.

Why do you care about how to create a space to start from people's surroundings, mainly because people want to capture more feel and feelings in architecture. It is from the intuition that people who started putting them mainly can get more feel and mood in building.









"Hajime no Ippo"

There used to be people, there are clothes that cover the body, there is a chair that supports the body, there is a table to eat, there are tableware and cutlery used by people on the table, the light that illuminates the table There is a floor, a wall and a ceiling so that it surrounds the table, the chair, and the person, and a space is made, it is called a room, a number of rooms are connected, we want to try to make such a way that we can build a house did.

Perhaps, I feel that all the discomfort to the current design is concentrated here. I thought so, I felt very refreshing.

But I wonder if we can actually do this in reality.

By all means, when you actually start to design the building on the premises, you enter through the volume check. Volume check is to investigate the laws concerning the premises and see how big it can be built.

Although it is not volume, equal, space, I will start thinking about deciding on the space of space and if there is not there, I can not plan the first business plan.

So it may be good to do a volume check and then spread from people's surroundings, but at the time it will eventually end up with the result of the volume check I feel like I can not take the first steps.










"How to make architecture"

I like to design and I like to make things, so I want to keep doing it until I die, and now I'm busy making the environment, Wajima painted free cup making is waiting for samples of paint So, it can not be helped fun, and as soon as you come this far, it's fun to see what you design, what you want to make, and how to make it, so it's fun, I can hardly wait, in that cup There is no point in wanting to drink coffee.

Not only building but also manufacturing, but there is a different feeling in building the same thing outside of architecture and architecture.

To put it briefly, is it the difference between making things themselves or creating space? Even in architecture, when it reaches the details, it faces the thing itself and makes things themselves, but at first it is common to think from the space, starting with thinking from a big container, what should we put in contents, and how to make contents I think to it and it comes down to details. Although it is the same in interior design, architecture thinks space itself to do its interior design from scratch, so thinking to create more space becomes stronger.

Writing in a different way of speaking, is it different whether people can manipulate everything that was designed or whether people are parts of design. In architecture, space envelops people, treats a person as a part of the space, but outside the building, things are existed far away from people and designed to manipulate them all.

The difference like this is beginning to feel like a very big difference since I started making a free cup of Wajima coat, which is probably how I'm pointing my way of building a building from the space It is not at all, it is supposed to start somewhere somewhere, starting with things themselves.

There are people, there are clothes that cover the body, there is a chair that supports the body, there is a table to eat, there are tableware and cutlery for people to use on the table, there is a light that illuminates the table There is a floor, a wall, a ceiling and surrounding a table, a chair and a person, a space is made, it is called a room, a number of rooms are connected, we want to try to make such a construction that a house can be done.

If I think about it, I can make anything but clothes right now.











"Corochoric mood"

Feeling is sloppy, even if you are irritated a while ago, if you talk to someone you forgot to completely forgotten and return to the original, even if you are depressed, if you eat delicious things, you can get a little forward or you are dull When I take a shower, I feel motivated something, on the contrary, when I get up in the morning and the weather is good, it makes me feel happy alone.

There is no good image for the change in the mood, so I try not to be influenced by the mood, and I do not think it is proper.

Corocoro When speaking of the place to change, indeed, the mood is irresponsible, but behind the feeling of that feeling makes me feel that, perhaps because I do not recognize myself clearly, there are some factors, If you think so, the mood may be a signal based on the huge database that person himself possesses.

Then, the fact that the mood changes, depending on the situation scene, it makes use of the database that it owns, and it seems that it is more natural that the person who changes mood is more natural, and it is never bad It seems that it is not a thing.

Rather, it seems that people who do not have a change in their mood properly correspond to the spot on the spot, but it may still be good, but something is a waste or I am not affirming that I am alive now Like I thought.

So, I think that I want to incorporate things like a change of mood as much as possible into life, and even if it is easy, even if you choose a cup that makes coffee to drink every morning by the mood of the day, it is very important thing I think like.

I believe that architecture will respond to the change of mood. Architecture is solid.

If I feel like changing indoor patterns, the scenery in the room in the visible range will change, well, so. But, because the construction is not a translation, it is hard, does not move, can not move, so the architecture that can not respond to the change of mood is boring, the coffee cup will respond to the change of mood.











"Bring your mood"

I want to change it in the mood of the day. I want to be influenced by the mood of the day.

Every morning, we grind coffee from beans, but coffee beans, coffee taste has favorite, so we prefer sour taste, little bitterness, firm taste, so beans will be decided, I want to choose a different coffee cup every morning.

Because I do not carry gen, so today is absolutely a day I want to put out a result, I do not do such a coffee cup, I do not do such a thing, but I will do this morning while opening and closing the cupboard, I feel like this today I want to do it.

Coffee cups are smaller than people and can be moved easily, and as many can be prepared, it is easy to choose by mood.

Architecture is bigger than a cup of coffee, is bigger than a person, absolutely does not move and can not prepare anything, so I feel like that day, I will do this morning, I can not do today, I can not, can not be, Some people can do it, impossible for most people.

Since the building itself can not be moved, it can not be changed, so if you can not choose it, why should a person move in a mood and change places? It is common in the city that this cafe this morning, yesterday was over there. If it is a big building it is also possible.

For example, in a small site, building a ten-story building in a pencil shape, in each room one floor, then the view that can be seen on the first floor and the tenth floor is totally different, the scenery must be different on each floor, the mood of the day So, if you could choose the third floor today, yesterday to the 5th floor, weekend to the 10th floor, whatever you choose, something good, there was a person who had done such a plan in the past, what a wonderful way of thinking I was impressed.

Changing the place by mood is possible even in the city and in the architecture, so still it depends on the mood enough, but a little more, just a little bit more, to bring the mood to the building to bring the mood like a coffee cup feeling, feeling I guess the architecture will not change.










"Way is attracted"

Is the road a context? It is not easy to handle direct roads.

If the regulation is also the context of the premises, we already deal directly with the road by volume check, so the road will remain forever for the first time, we will be attracted to it.

If it is an open space, the road was also open space, when I was a child, there were plenty of open spaces, and I decided to make it a playground without permission, but one day I suddenly did not have a fence, and while I am a kid I predicted such a thing So, as this place was useless, it was like a sense of play to topple like flowing over there a little expedition here and today, sometimes it is not possible to use it suddenly I also did not think anything, but I was always attracted because it is always vacant, gaps, children like gaps.

That's why the road was an endless playground. That road, the road, the difference between the road and the road there was a difference in play, if you play this, if there is not this area, if the car does not come so often, if the road over there is comfortable There are good stairs of the place.

I want to treat the road as a context. If it is dealt with, what to do, sky, space, on the slope are angles, so there are features, for example.

In the first place the site to be built must be in contact with the road. It may be fun to think about this again. It can not exist on the site alone, it will definitely become a set with the road, you can not put a hand on that road. And the road continues indefinitely, always being an empty space.

Will the road get out of the way after closing the top, or the reverse of the way is a personal space? Although it becomes a nice space just by closing the top of the way with branches of trees.












"Perfect Order"

If we wanted to consider the order around the site as the context / context of the site, what is order?

The height of the surrounding building, the color of the exterior wall, the position of the window, the shape of the roof, the direction of the building, the size of the site, the size of the building, the state of chaotic, the position of the entrance, the smell, regulations etc Do you know what you can check and feel with five senses?

These are like an implicit code or rule that has been formed in the area around the site for many years.

From the order called these contexts, in order to create incompleteness, as an entity as well as a concept, we conveniently extract what we need and combine, explicitly state the order, but that is only around the site I think that it seems to be an order that is perfectly arranged in the region of.

First of all, if there is perfect thing and trying to get imperfections by breaking it, we need to extract the order that is perfectly arranged in the area around the site.

Then, it seems easy to obtain incompleteness as entity. Because it is good to see clearly incomplete by visually contrasting with perfect order.

As incompleteness as a concept is what people think and feel in their minds, it is based on the premise that the complete order around the site is known in the mind, is it to say as tacit knowledge , So if you do not extract the order that everyone is aware of, this may be difficult to understand, it may not be easy to understand, it may not be able to produce an activity.

The thing that is not refreshing at first is that there is perfect thing first, and getting incompleteness by breaking it is really how the activity will occur.

It is easy to understand and easy to enter from the perfect one, but it seems that whether incomplete things can be created from the beginning, that the activity is more likely to occur, I think at one corner of my head.












"Architectural aiming aim aim vol.1"

I'm thinking about living and living together, the context / context of the site, activities, order and personal space.

It is not alone, it is not just a family, it is not a reason to share it, I just gather and live, in short, it is not a merit of the business side that things that collective houses are good and those who think that their living is fun Whether it is a merit from the living side,

As it relates to the context / context of the premises, what kind of collections can only be done there and things like what seems to be the context of the premises decide how to collect dwells,

At that time spontaneous activity is born and its activity is complex,

Thanks to that, an open personal space is easily formed here and there,

The open feeling gives the building a gentle and extraordinary order,

Thanks to its architecture, its surroundings become somewhat nice atmosphere,

In order to be like this,

And I wrote so far, one architecture came to mind.
After all, that architecture is a masterpiece.
















"Multilateral moving residence"

Indeed, mixed cities and chaos are crowded, not only because there are so many activities but also because of the ability to form an open personal space.

Then, if problems such as security, garbage and infrastructure can be solved, the city in chaotic state will be more fun with various activities.

However, since such cities will be opposite to nature, no matter how much they make parks and bring in nature, it is the natural nature created, so it is not much different from artifacts.

Such a chaotic city may be interesting, but I think that I will settle down rather than being in nature, but again, some people would like to go in the midst of nature.

If the city concentrates and becomes chaotic, of course it will be a reaction and it makes me want to go to nature. At that time, you can use the depopulated area well.

I think that the depopulated area, that is, that there is no person, the place where I want to get out of the city is such a place where there are no such people, so to such a place, for example only on the weekend, if the work allows weekly I hope to go.

It would be nice if we could secure transportation means and communication infrastructure and even a place where we could stay, so it seems to be a solution in terms of cost, considering the centralization of urban areas and depopulation of rural areas.

In short, it is only necessary to complement a place that is not in a centralized city and a missing one in a depopulated area. It will be pleased if the means of transportation also increases in depopulated areas.

If so, city centralization and local depopulation is not a bad thing, rather it will be more convenient for you.

As the longevity of a century celebrates the era of energetic and lively mature age, even if I am also so, if I can easily satisfy those behaviors of those people, even if the birthrate declines and the market itself shrinks, Then, I also drop money here and there.

Multiple area moving residence.

In that case, it seems fun to live itself, family, or alone. After all, a lot of activities are prepared, it is good to select it easily, it is good for mental hygiene.

There seems to be a lot of people thinking about this, but I think that it would be easy to solve it if you put in taxes there, but I think that everyone seems to be able to live happily, but what is it like .











"What is important is placeability"

To create a space that can only be realized at that place.

It is not a space you do not need in that place,
I'd like to be a nice place because it's that place.

Because we are conscious about the location, good space is born,
I feel charm in the scheme.

Comparing the awareness of the place to a treasure hunt,
The architect is a treasure hunter.

Between good and bad, in that place, I sleep something.
It is up to the architect to realize it and make use of it.

Most of the buildings place importance on economy rather than placeability, it is not a bad thing to value economic efficiency, and building acts are aspects of economic activity itself,

However, if the place is undestroyed, it means that the charm and excellence of the architecture and the ability of the architect who can draw it out are not required, so then the modern architecture is a landscape It is devastating.

I do not want to worry about the city where I live, the landscape of the city is the same as other cities and other cities, as if I saw it anywhere, anywhere.









"The chance to be conscious of the site"

The chance of consciousness of the context / context of the site may be Colbusier's Savoya residence taught in the architectural overview of the university.

Savoya residence where all five principles of modern architecture (piloti, rooftop garden, free flat, horizontal continuous windows, free elevation) are realized is a house representative of the 20th century modern architecture completed in 1931, In the first place, modern architecture was the proclamation of architecture which can stand independent from the context / context of the premises wherever it is built in the world.

Therefore, modern architecture is not related to the context / context of the premises, and the reason that the context / context of the site began to emphasize was also a reaction from modern architecture.

When I taught Savoya 's house in the class of construction theory, the impression remained in the fact that the Five Principles of modern architecture are realized and that it is the architecture representing the modern architecture of the 20th century, It was planned to approach by car, park inside the house as it is, get on and off from the car in the house, and go out with a car.

It seemed to be an established theory of motorization in the 20th century, but it seems to me that it is interesting that a U-shaped roadway is planned on the first floor plan view, seeing that road When the image runs through the premises running through the premises and connecting to the city, if so, what kind of place is this housing built in, you can come in by car and leave by car The land was quite large, and there was nothing it was worrisome about the site rather than the architecture.

This Savoya's plan is that there is the site, and it seemed that there was no self-sustaining existence only in architecture.
















"Sakura blooms"

There is a cherry tree.
It is in a small park on the other side of the road.
Flowers in full bloom will dance in the spring.
Because it is on the north side, beautiful cherry blossoms that will emerge in the sun during the day will be seen from the room.

When trying to read the context / context of the site under planning, the cherry tree comes first to the eyes. I will first find something where the good place, the characteristic place, the place I want to make use of that site.

Just in front of the premises in front of the other side of the road, we will imagine a plan to make everyone as a designer to love it from the room.

We can enjoy cherry blossoms within a year for at most two weeks, plan to enjoy the two weeks. Three sides other than facing the road on the premises are surrounded by the neighboring house, so the eyes go unnecessarily to the cherry blossoms.

Is it a usual way to set up a large opening towards the cherry blossoms so that cherry blossoms can be seen well from the room? Even if you open a large opening, you will not have solar radiation and privacy as it is on the roadside in the north.

Does this site is still better, such of, or has been the site around the chaos, for example, or was a subdivision, and or was right in the middle of the city, in some cases context should respect there is no.

But I wonder if you can pay attention to cherry trees and plan to love it. If the cherry tree withers, what will you do if the cherry tree is cut. Still there is the strength that the building plan is established?

Is not it sweet to think that reading the context of the site, focusing on cherry trees?

The fact that there is a cherry tree, there in open areas as the scale of the city, or does not mean that space is present, the tree of the cherry blossoms may be handled as a parameter that changes in the space, because of the year 2 It only affects weeks.

What can be done about the space where the superiority or inferiority of the designer is questioned.

If you set up a large opening so that the cherry blossoms can be seen, then whatever you do can protect you from anything, then it is not convincing.

what will you do.

As an architect, the skill is questioned.



京都の開化堂の茶筒を使いはじめて1年が過ぎた頃、京都に行く用事があり、Kaikado Caféに立ち寄った。三十三間堂に行った帰り、夕方の新幹線に乗るまでの間、コーヒーが飲みたくて。
















"Lovely way of thinking"

It feels good to close with Su, and every morning, it is fun to open and close the coffee can, and you want to use it, you want to touch it. Just by placing the outer lid, because it is elaborate making, it falls naturally and suddenly, it closes perfectly and not crazy. That feeling is unbearably good.

I used a tea ceremony in Kyoto's Kaidokudo for the first time after a year, I had something to go to Kyoto, stopped by Kaikado Café. I went to Sanjusangendo on the way home and wanted to drink coffee until I got on the Shinkansen in the evening.

Because I was a bit tired, I made a long cookie with a cup of coffee, so I decided to leave the shop soon, I thought of going to the restroom before that,

The shopkeeper told me that "TV interviews are coming in from now," but the shopkeeper told me that, if it is too sudden and there is neither good nor bad, and answering "Yes, yes", people and cameras will soon I came in and interview started in front of my eyes.

I do not mind seeing it in front of my eyes, but as I looked at the state of the interview with raising my face, it seemed to be revealed as well, so I was asking about the state of the interview with just my ears .

The talent seemed to be asking questions about the tea ceremony, I could not catch what you asked, but I heard only the shopkeeper's answer,

"I treasure the sound, the sound when I opened it, thinking that if the sound of this opening is good, I will put some important things inside."

It was a bit surprising. Because I was not conscious of the sound. Certainly, as I remember the feeling when I opened the tea chestnut, as I remember it every morning, I remember it is a very pleasant feeling, but the sound, well, the sound is like a feeling.

At the same time, there was something that made me feel relieved in listening to this shopkeeper's answer. It is wonderful how wonderful it might be to put important things if sound is good. Sure it is, I think that you must take care of it if the feel is nice.

I definitely thought that the tea ceremony of the Kanjido is selling that it closes naturally only with the outer lid on it. Its elaborateness is famous abroad, and when I went to a shop, the Chinese came to buy alone and was talking to a clerk in English with a clerk, "It is famous in China."

So, there were things that I did not close naturally in what I bought, and there were things I had to rework. After considering it, the tea ceremony is metal, so it will expand and shrink in winter and summer. If I make it in winter, in the summer, if it grows even by 0.1 mm, it will not close, I want to hear what you are doing in the making.

Because I thought that I would go home already, I did not have any coffee, there was no water, about 30 minutes or so, because I was in front of my eyes so I could not translate into a seat and I thought what was wrong,

"I treasure the sound, the sound when I opened it, thinking that if the sound of this opening is good, I will put some important things inside."

I thought that it was worth to come to Kyoto to hear the story. To make precious things to be put in, make a tea ceremony pipe, therefore use their skills and knowledge to improve the sound, that is, feel.

If sound is good it will put important things, what a really wonderful way of thinking is wonderful.

I wonder what happens if you compare it to architecture, I have been thinking about it on the returning Shinkansen.



京都へ行くと必ず寄るカフェがあり、そこでの出来事。三十三間堂を見て、東京へ帰る前に、どこかでお茶でもと思い、少し歩いて「Kaikado Café」に来た。














"Real things change"

"I treasure the sound, the sound when I opened it, thinking that if the sound of this opening is good, I will put some important things inside."

There is a cafe where you will go to Kyoto without fail, and there happens there. When I saw Sanjusangen-do, before I came back to Tokyo, I thought that it was tea somewhere, came a little "Kaikado Café".

This is a cafe that Kyoto has been producing "tea ceremony" for many years. It seems that it was refurbished where the tram was running in Kyoto, it is a western style building, the ceiling is bright and the interior is bright and very comfortable, so when you come to Kyoto it is a place to stop by once.

By the way, there are seven large and small tea cranes in the Kaiden-do. Four tinplate, three brass, one of which is a brass coffee can that puts coffee beans to drink every morning. I liked the tea ceremony here, and I bought it a little at a time. I bought a brass coffee can at the very beginning, I wanted a tinplate as well, and it became necessary to have a different size.

Why is it a tea ceremony here, it's fun to change over time. Tinplate will be black and brass will be reddish or yellowish. Also, although I do not have a copper tea cupboard, it is browned with astringency.

Shiny when purchasing, glossy silver in tinplate, shiny gold in brass. Both of them are fabrics that have not been painted, so it rubs, oils of hands adhere, and so on, it seems that the color changes with nature, as it is used.

When I bought it I was told from the store people "Please touch the whole thoroughly with your hand well in the first week, so that color changes will come out cleanly and quickly" It was.

I did not buy copper. It seems that copper changes most quickly, so if you want to enjoy secular change quickly, it may be made of copper, so it was also good, but I bought it made of brass and tin.

The brass made by the oil of the person who uses it, seems to be reddish or yellow depending on what you usually eat usually, fish or meat, it seems different, I thought that the difference between the changed results is interesting. However, at least the result will be known 10 years later, so it will gradually change, so it may be known in a couple of years whether red or yellow taste, but I do not know as it is still a year.

Tinplate takes more. It has been 40 years for shiny silver to become black, I may not be alive anymore. Even then, even if it comes to the next generation, if the tea ceremony was handed down and it was used in everyday life, it seems that it is a wonderful thing if a black tea chestnut was used in daily life, and for that I have to buy it.

Although it may be possible to produce the texture in a pseudo manner by painting, it will not be enemy to the texture where real fabrics have changed. It is time consuming, genuine article is good, Tin tin is good there. There was a thing to hand down to the next generation.

I was intrigued by the secular change. It is likely that it will be caught negatively as a product in modern times, but it is commonplace to change over time if you use natural materials or fabric items, so that it will change over time While using it, because it is also natural materials and fabrics can be reworked, over the years can be passed down to the next generation.

I felt there was the original way of things, not disposable.

And another thing, I have looked forward to this morning that this tea cup is nice.











"Self-made performances"

The other day, "Nakamura's place has 3D printers, VR equipment and dream equipment, so it's fun like an honor" and more people said they wanted to go to the office. I usually do not stay in the office, so I will stay in the office accordingly, I will not refuse to come, welcome, I will talk.

As I said, 'Where are you heading?' Although it is not surprising, I was embarrassed and sprang one moment and in a low voice I said without thinking "self-made performance".

Both VR, BIM and 3D printers are tools to support self-made performances. Beginning with VR, at first it is just how VR's architecture looks awesome, I just wanted to use it for design, from there I got interested in BIM, changed from CAD used for nearly 25 years to Revit, from Revit's As the model has extensibility, I recommend CG software from people, start making realistic perspectives and animations, outputting models with a 3D printer I wanted from before to make models and members, I noticed And, not only the design, but also the environment where we can stepping in to the field of construction and making self-made performances has been set up.

Apart from these tools I can do my own self-performance but without consciousness, since I started this I can also do this, I can not do this because there is this, I've been interested in this for some time I listened to someone that he could do it, but when I realized I could create whatever I could with my own hands without much effort by my own hands. Basically, tools are important, because they think that there are lots of things to change depending on the tool, but it may be that what you really wanted is that you did not realize it without being conscious.

Self-made performances are self-made performances rather than doing something more fun than doing anything they like by doing self-evaluation on themselves without asking anyone to evaluate themselves, being able to complete with their own thoughts alone I am cherished. Even if you like or have fun, if you can not decide just by your own judgment, you will be somewhere to meet up and it is not good for mental health. If you have a place to do your own self-made work while doing architectural design as a work, you can check your ability, train and enhance, if there is a synergistic effect, it may be only your own self-made performance.

Thanks to the rebuilding of the design environment like this, I can design anywhere, I can finish it by one person, so I can deepen my thought on one more thing, It leads to enhancing my skills at home for self-made performances.

For example, making a free cup of Wajima coat. This is completely self-made, but I am developing into a design that I can not believe that I came out of myself, I think that I have been able to confirm my skills, train and enhance.

I will be doing more self-made performances from now. The environment where we continue to do it all the time is coming.













"Bim's silence"

If you would like to use VR as a tool for examination in the middle of building design, you can only introduce Revit (Revit) from Autndesk, regardless of BIM (Bim). Let's be more interested in BIM, but it was a challenge to start BIM.

At the briefing session of VR, we entered from the story of BIM for the first time. Starting with the basic concept of BIM, BIM will be mainstream in the future, especially already installed and functioning at the construction site. Among them, the story that was particularly interesting was the extensibility when I introduced Revit and started BIM.

In the case of architectural design, until now, we have created a two-dimensional drawing, and based on that we created a three-dimensional perspective or a model, but if we introduce Revit and start BIM, we will call it a three-dimensional model from the beginning We will build the actual building in software and retrieve the necessary information, such as drawings etc later from the model.

This Revit's model is extensible, and VR converts its model data and uses it, but if you pass this model to the Structural Design Office, you will enter and return the framework of the building to the model , You can see the consistency of design design and structural design on Revit and you can receive the examination of confirmation application paperless if you submit Revit's model as it is to the confirmation application agency and keep this model data as it is Since it can also be loaded into other CG software, more realistic perspective images and moving images can be easily created, and if this model data is converted and used, it can be outputted with a 3D printer, and it is white with a styrene board There is no need to make a model.

Since I do it from design to construction control, creating revit model data at design time can greatly reduce labor and time due to my actual movement, not only to greatly support the design Since I was one, I began to think that I could collaborate these things extended from the model of Revit well and proceed with a good response, so that the quality of design can be improved directly.

Also, thanks to this extensibility, designing will be possible if there are laptop and net environments, without moving anywhere, without moving anywhere. You can also carry a complete set of VR equipment, as long as there is a place at least 2 m square. Although only the place to place the 3D printer is limited, once you print out, you do not have to stay there for a long time, you can send only the model data and ask someone to do just that work. Then you will not need an office.

Will not it be possible to have BIM for the first time with scalability so far?

If you think so, changing the main OS from Mac to Windows will also increase the possibilities of increasing scalability and creating more creative architecture. Also, Autodesk's Revit will be used mainly as a BIM software all over the world, so if you create a model, it will become a common language and you can also possibly be able to do from presentation to construction simply by passing a model It was.

After considering it so far, I decided to throw away the CAD software that I've been using and using for nearly 25 years, changed the OS with attachment, introduce Revit and start BIM.

This is because I was thinking that I wanted to design more than 15 years and to produce better buildings, so for that I think that it is now necessary to reconstruct the design environment somewhere It may have been decided because it was in.






VRデータを作成するソフトとして勧められたのがAutodesk Revit(レビット)というBIM(ビム)のソフト。

BIMとは、Building Information Modeling(ビルディング インフォメーション モデリング)の略称で、建築設計する時に、今までは2次元の図面をつくり、それを元に3次元のパースや模型を制作していたのを、最初から3次元のモデルと称する実際の建物をソフト内で構築し、必要な情報、例えば、図面などを後でモデルから取り出すことを総称してBIMという。




ここは即断できず躊躇した。なぜかというと、Revitを導入することはVectorworksから乗り換えるということで、25年近く使って習熟しているCADソフトを捨てて、全く新しいソフトを1から覚えなくてはいけないのと、Vectorworksの前身のMini CAD(ミニキャド)から使っていたが、その当時はMac版しかなく、そのためずっとメインのOSはMacだったが、RevitはWindowsでしか動かないので、Revitに変えたらメインのOSも変更しなくてはならないし、また半年前に新しいMacBook Proを導入したばかりだった。



"Barriers to VR"

I decided to introduce VR, but the problem is how to create VR data, outsource or self?

Since it costs expenses every time data is created, it can not be changed by yourself, so even if you make a slight change, you have to submit it to outsourcing, which will add extra cost and time, but create VR data In order to do something, I do not need to memorize something specially, there is no capital investment and it is good to throw it to outsource even if I am busy.

If you try to create VR data yourself, you will have to introduce new software, you will need time and effort to learn the software, as well as the cost of introducing new software. However, if you can create VR data freely on your own, you can review it immediately with VR, and immediately check it with VR.

Considering that VR is not only used as an explanatory tool for the owner but also as a tool for consideration in the middle of architectural design, if the creation of VR data is outsourced every time, the cost and time, and the responses after consideration It is not realistic because it gets worse. It is inevitable to introduce new software and create VR data on its own by considering it as a tool for consideration in the middle of building design.

Authorized as software to create VR data, Autodesk Revit (Bit) software called Bim (Levit).

BIM is an abbreviation of Building Information Modeling. When designing a building, until now, it has created a two-dimensional drawing, and based on that it was producing a three-dimensional parse and a model, at first From the viewpoint of constructing an actual building called a three-dimensional model in software and extracting necessary information, such as drawings from the model later, is collectively called BIM.

From now on, it is said that BIM will come to be taken as a matter of course in the current situation, Revit seems to have spread all the way to major general contractors, and it is said that BIM is generally beginning to be done from the construction site first.

The VR data is created by converting the data of the three-dimensional model created by the Revit. Although it was anticipated that BIM would be commonly done in residential design, as I was not thinking of doing BIM at that time, at that time we had CAD software drawing Vectorworks (VectorWorks) drawing I was using it, I was able to seamlessly go back and forth between two dimensions and three dimensions on software and I thought that it was enough that BIM could be easily done with that software if necessary.

However, if you want to use VR as a tool for consideration in the middle of building design, you can only introduce Revit as it is without relation to BIM.

I hesitated because I could not make it immediately. For the reason, introducing Revit means switching from Vectorworks, so I have to abandon CAD software that I have been using for nearly 25 years and I have to remember completely new software from 1, and the predecessor of Vectorworks Although I was using it from Mini CAD (mini-caddy) of that time, at that time there was only Mac version, so the main OS was Mac all the time, but Revit only works on Windows, so change to the main OS if I change to Revit I had to get it and I just introduced a new MacBook Pro six months ago.

After all, there was attachment to the Mac as OS, I felt something that stimulated the creative, Windows did not have it. Moreover, although it may be prejudiced, it felt the same for Autodesk's products. So introducing Revit was equivalent to changing my existing design environment from the very bottom to completely different things for me.















From the beginning, I thought that I will go to Wajima this time and decide how to lacquer the free cup.

When I thought about making the lacquer coat feel as human skin, I created a sample paint and I thought that it was impossible to place a free cup painting unless I confirmed that the feel was really human skin, so I created a sample paint You can not do it on the spot, it will take a certain number of days.

However, even if you ask a sample paint, how can you realize the feel of human skin? Because I could not understand one technical thing, I wonder if I will go to Wajima and meet up, if there is no possibility at all , And so on.

So I was surprised at the feel of the stone eye lacquer. There were two types of stone eye lacquer at the painter's place in the place, Obon and the meal, but in particular the tray had a feel similar to the moist skin feeling, so we discussed up to feeling by e-mail or telephone I thought that it was worthwhile to come to Wajima.

Painter will keep in touch with each other during the meeting and Lu color craftworker who actually heard about the stone eye lacquer went to the painter 's trade fair, and the story of the feel became deeper. Actually moving the hand and finishing this stone eye lacquer, if we talk about this explanation "If you want to make it to the skin feel and talk to the painter and see the stone eye dry lacquer," a little She seemed to be interested with surprises, and explained her difficulty and how to sprinkle dry lacquer very hard, how to make it.

On the way, "I was designing just the lacquer coating on the wooden bowl that I could make in Kyoto before, but it was not satisfactory, so now I wanted to make lacquerware from the woodland If you talk to them,

Lu color craftsman "What are you doing?"
In Kyoto, I am in Imajima now and seemed to wonder,

I "It's architecture, once you are an architect"
Lu color craftsman "I used to do architecture a long time ago"

The distance shrunk at a stretch.
The direction of finishing here was like a stone eye lacquer, so after that it became a detailed technical story about what to do with the color and how to do it more closely to the feel of the human skin , I decided to ask the sample painting. No matter how narrow a meeting I thought I would not be able to proceed to the previous process unless I touched the final finish with the hand and confirmed that feeling.

As painters and Lu color craftsmen agreed with my offer, I decided to paint samples sweepily. It was just now that Lu Lu color craftworker was making a stone eye lacquer, so I asked him to show me the workshop later and decided to make further meetings there.

Even so far, I am happy, I am glad that all the painters and Lu color craftsmen are seriously facing the "feel of human skin" I mentioned, so that they can overcome technically Well, I was fully satisfied with the joy that the cup I thought might actually come true.

















"Grasp the clue"

"I'd like to feel the feeling of my skin when I had it, rather than what to do with color, is it different from the feel of lacquer painting?"

We met the painter of Wajima and cut out like this at the very beginning. Anyway I wanted to do what I wanted to do but I did not know how to do it, so anyway I had to tell the painter what I wanted to do clearly.

The office of the painter is using the building space unique to Wajima called Painter's House Building, the building which did the residence on the roadside, the workplace in the back, as the exhibition space of the office in the residential part and the main part looking at the workplace part Every time, I will go through a sample place and meet.

"I think that it is more likely that people with more roughness will be closer to the feeling of human skin" and normal? I touched the Wajima-covered coffee cup with my hands and handed it to the painter, who showed us a Lu color tray from the exhibition ground.

Lu color is the finishing to be applied on the top coat so that granular items called various lacquer lacquers are spread uniformly or sprinkled inhomogeneously to polish it so that finely granular irregularities can be formed Finish.

The tray that showed me was a finely sprinkled dry lacquer, certainly with zara, but there was no moist skin feeling moist, with a dry feeling, it was totally different feeling from human skin.

Next, the painter is also Lu color, but this time it showed us the tray of the technique called the stone eye dry lacquer (the thing of the image before polishing). This time the granular dry lacquer is spread inhomogeneously and the area of ​​the part where the lacquer is lined and the part which does not have lacquer is larger than it spreads evenly and when polishing it the part with dried lacquer was flat and it was held by hand Sometimes a bit of a close feeling comes out, the feel is moist.

It is intuition whether there is a feeling of human skin on the extension line of this feeling. The painter says when he enlarges his skin it looks like this.

About various stone eyes dry lacquer, I want to hear, how to do, how to do what I like to put out a favorite color, how can I get a more close feeling? If you question the painter after you in a row, suddenly I started calling on the mobile phone. The other party of the telephone seems to be Lu color craftsman. All processes of Wajima coat are divided into division of labor, each has a specialized craftsman.

I was talking to the left ear about the things I wanted to hear against a painter who was pressing a cell phone against my right ear with my right ear. Because I thought that this was important, I wonder if I could get up at 2 o'clock in the morning so far, until I came to Wajima, I could actually feel the human skin with lacquer painting, since there was not any technical clue, Finally I caught a clue, was feeling I was desperate to release.

Painter who hung up

"Since craftsmen are coming now, I should tell me that you should listen to what I want to ask." I heard that only the painter 's voice was heard, but that Lu color craftsman seemed to say that he would come to explain himself. Perhaps it may be the feeling of human skin, a happy moment when the possibility comes out.



















"There are mackerels"
As soon as the first customer returned to the counter, the general came suddenly.
I "Eh"
Admiral "There are mackerels"
Do not put on your hair,
I "Please"
The general suddenly spoke to us while smiling.

In the daytime, the painter taught me the recommendation of the shop. If it is now, it is a barakaba crab, cod white matter. Besides that, we also ordered Wajima's blowfish, tempura of white shrimp, vinegar oysters, drinking a bit of draft beer, also local sake from Wajima.

I thought slowly the sake as a baby crab crab and a foreign boy, but I hung on to that effect and at last it might have been seeing the local sake in the shell and eating cleanly, the atmosphere of speaking at all Because no generals were "no sausagi" without any precaution.

Mackerel was the most satisfactory while thinking of eating the cod attachment, the skull and the mackerel of the mackerel which was not in the menu, mackerel was the best,

When saying "Mackerel is delicious"

While making it nice
One word saying "Mackerel", silently peeled the radish, put it in, it is reasonable, feeling relieved is just right.

Since this general was introduced to the Painter, the Wajima-coat free cup production began.

"Work?" In addition,

I: "No, I wanted to make a lacquerware, I asked the general of the contact address of the Painter before, I made a woodland before and we had a meeting of painting today."

Point at the end seat near the entrance of the counter
Admiral "You were in the seat of ako"

After all, it seems that he remembered. I was pleased.
Then, while showing the picture of the cell, what kind of cups are making, the woodlands do like this and I want to paint like this, so today, this is the case, Talking to, I stopped the work in operation, put out the lacquerware of the cup used in the shop, and started to line up at the counter with feeling like this. It was also when I came to this shop for the first time about lacquer ware handling.

From the story of lacquerware to the story of the trip, it seems that if I was relaxing while the general caught friendly and spoken, it would have been around 4 hours, the most impressive thing in the generals'

"The way customers make money, how to make money is profitable, but customers will support the way of profitable business"

Wajima's painter and craftsman are all "how to make a profitable business", first of all technical story, the story of money is a secondary story, so the situation is like secondary story, so what kind of technology will be used for what we want to realize and how to make it Because it is easy to concentrate on the story, so that you can get a sense of fulfillment, realizing that you are having fun meeting.

Finally eating up to Kamoro, feeling good, with a stomach bumper, while looking at the moon, while seeing the moon, the general who only watches over the counter comes out of their way, noticing that I will come next year, while smiling next year It was the night of Wajima that I returned.

















Besides black and vermillion, the color of lacquer can be chosen pretty much as color taste even if the color names are different, such as gold, silver, red, blue, green, purple, yellow, orange, There is not only white. To be accurate, white lacquer exists, but the color is not pure white but it looks like a beige.

Previously, in the image there is a bowl made by using white lacquer and silver lacquer on the finished wooden ground in Kyoto, custom made only for painting.

I asked the painter of Wajima about that fact, I do not know the reason well, but it seems that even if the color powder is pure white, it will not become white when mixed in lacquer.

Wajima coat free cup production can be made to wood, and next time it is better to produce lacquerware at the stage of lacquering, in fact from the start assuming lacquer coating, but to produce lacquerware from woodland Since it is the first thing, I do not understand selfishly, because I want to make lacquerware I want to make myself, so there is no need to proceed harmonizedly, so first of all consider the wooden area, that is, the shape, the lacquer If I could think about painting, I thought that would be fine.

Actually I was thinking about shapes so it was all they could and my head did not turn until the painting, but as I was trying to incorporate the mood of people as a design in thinking of shapes, just thinking about how to do just the lacquer color I wanted to think based on something different without it. Also, taking out only the color of the lacquer is the same as thinking only by taking out the shape at the time of designing the wood land, just doing arbitrary operation and seeming to start doing something that does not have to be a separate lacquerware I hated it. I wanted to bring something specific to lacquer ware if possible.

You can also operate gloss. According to the story taught from the painter of Wajima, according to the story taught from the painter of Wajima, it is said that there is an oil in the lacquer, as a final process there is polishing with powder of deer horn, if it is ordinary top coat, with a mat finish, It seems that nature and gloss come out while using it. Just a painter seemed not to like taste artificially.

Only the depressed portion of the hand is polished in the final process to give a gloss and the other parts are ordinary top coat so that the gloss difference emphasizes the shape or vice versa, Since it is an ordinary top coat, since it is the part where the hand is hit the first time, gloss comes out and gloss comes out, and there is also a case to see what difference is made with gloss of other parts even if there is the same gloss.

There seems to be a technique to finish by painting transparent lacquer such as sand coat depending on how to color and gloss, how to finally do this and how to show it.

Incidentally, Wajima Coating is characterized by having a process called "clothing" that affixes cheesecloth and the like to wooden plants, it is not possible to paint the lacquer showing the woodland of the underlying like Yamanaka painting. However, clothing makes it more durable, durability rises, and even if it cracks, it will be repairable.

I have thought about how to color and gloss forever, but I can not draw a conclusion. Or, if you think about color and luster, you think about it, you lose interest more and more, no matter how it goes.

At the time of thinking about color and gloss, it is natural, but because it is a premise to paint lacquer, it will be inside a diagram called lacquer wrapping lacquer on the wooden piece of a vessel, which is really boring. It means that it is painting lacquer to make it a lacquer ware, and it makes me feel uncomfortable there.

As a container, I want to do this, because I want to do this, it is useless unless it is lacquer lacquer, so I would like to try painting under the idea of ​​painting lacquer to make a vessel, and thinking from the beginning Became.












"Underlying power of craftsman"

The finished wood land seemed to me like a Jomon style pottery for me.

When I was thinking about what to do with Wajima-covered free cup shape, I first saw Jomon style pottery. Its shape is wonderful, but because I was not in the shape I was looking for, I remembered watching the finished woodland that he wanted to take over the spirituality. Until then, I had completely forgotten about that, but I may have unwittingly taken care of that spirituality.

It seemed like a Jomon style pottery that felt the only spirituality that seemed to have risen from the Jomon people's DNA, looking at the free cup wooden ground, this woodland shape is my fundamental I was happy that I thought that I was able to express my spirituality.

When the woodland produced by the painter of Wajima was sent from the painter, it was pleasure to see the woodland, but I was honestly worried even though I trusted him. I woke up as a picture in the sketch, will it take away the intention of this, such as the condition of the curve and the finish of the corner.

In the first place, I was sketching the shape that I wanted, but when it comes to actual shape it should be different again, it will cause a gap, is the gap acceptable? If it is true, I would like to repeat the prototype, but I do not think so, for example, Mr. Yori Yanagi of my favorite designer repeated prototyping with plaster, but because there is neither that technology nor equipment, I was thinking about it It is about correcting the wood land.

As a result of this, we introduced 3D printers later. With this it is possible to prototype it to some extent even if it is not perfect.

Perhaps it was a totally unfounded situation, or maybe I myself underestimated the rude traditional techniques of Park Jukdo. It was eccentric, concave, finished as an asymmetrical shaped splendidly as a woodland. I understand the shape perfectly from the sketch, properly take out the intention of this, properly reaching the itchy place until it can not be expressed in the sketch, as I thought that I wanted this to be done properly It was.

I wanted to draw a smooth curve so that the thickness of the drinking mouth changes discontinuously in a cloud shape, so that the depressed portion as a handrail on the side of the cup also draws a smooth curve in the same way, but in the sketch, It was easy to understand the shape of the part that was not, and I felt that I could not express the smoothness of the curve by all means in order to put the reference numerical value. However, as I make it according to this sketch, it will be naturally smooth curves, so if I'm not smooth enough I thought I would correct it later.

This was absolutely wrong. As it is natural, what I wanted was done properly. After working with a truly skilled craftsman, this is always like this, it seems natural to think that it seems to me to see my mind, so it is natural that it is done, traditional techniques of Parkjik place craftworkers in Wajima I just had to admire the bottom power of the.













What gave me the chance to meet a painter in Wajima was the general of a cooking restaurant in Wajima. When I went to Wajima Island by chance at the store who happened to happen by chance, if I had talked a lot through the counter, I was talking about lacquerware and gently taught me the contact address of the painter.

Thanks to that, now I have the opportunity to grab the wood land and think about painting, so whenever I go to Wajima I definitely want to book the shop and I will go to Wajima next week There are reservations in stores.

Last time I went to Wajima with a sketch of wood land and even booked it at night. When I went for the first time, it was before the general of the Wajima coat counter, but at this time the counter was also the most distant from the general, before the general was a regular seeming person sitting. However, the general was cooking silently in the counter and it seemed that he was not talking to regulars in front of his eyes.

When I entered, the eyes met with the general, I greeted lightly and sat in the seated seat, but I went to the first time in 3 months, so do not you remember? Because I thought that there was something I had seen, because it was a reservation only for the seat, watching the menu to order something in an à la carte,

I drank local sake from Wajima with a fridge sashimi, baked baki, tempura of white shrimp and so on.

Until I came to the shop, I was thinking about various things, such as what I should talk about when I meet the general, from that time to today, whether I am surprised that it really is making lacquerware,

When I came to the shop and started drinking alcohol, I did not try to talk to the general general, in particular. I was busy cooking and had the opportunity to talk naturally, and it was feeling that it would not have been necessary if there was nothing. In this way, I came back to Wajima again and I was feeling that it was sufficient to just come to the general shop.

Taking a thought on today, I was careful about tomorrow, so I got better sickness soon, so I had no chance to speak with the general after all, but I set up a counter to go back to the hotel, in front of the general, When bowed lightly as if it was a feast, the general did not match his eyes, did not say anything, it was just a full smile.

At that time, this general is such a person, I surely remembered all of the previous things, I think that I came again, I felt like seeing that smile.













I do not talk about prices at all, there is no restriction that the term is also how long. It was said that the painter's husband told us to spare some time. I want you to make a wooden street according to the sketch I brought, my request is this alone.

That was the case for me to trust the painter's owner, Park Hui woodland craftworker. To maximize degrees of freedom, to minimize the restraint part, to be careful when I trust someone is this, if my request is satisfied, All ways are opponent, I just adjust it.

Because I think that it is my job to create an environment where people can best demonstrate their skills because I am going to trust that person's technology.

However, this may be the same as thinking the most stringent condition depending on thinking. Because, as well as the way, money and time all hope for you only, make full use of the technology you have and make perfect things, excuses you can not, he says it will not forgive you It seems to be said that it implies things. The more it becomes a first-class craftsman, the better it is, the higher craftworker of technology is such a thing, it is natural that no one feels that it is spiritual pressure.

Therefore, after consenting to this, we confirmed only the essential point and we had a meeting with Park Hwa craftmen in 10 minutes, and we left Park Hokkaido without saying anything extra.

Looking backwards, I also honestly wanted to tell a bit more. Although I handed it as a picture as a sketch, I'm relieved here if you supplement it with words, where you want the intention to succeed, whether it is between lines or nuance.

However, although I always think so, I do not absolutely do not confirm, tell, or instruct something because I want to be relieved with the relationship I trust to leave. It is a person who trusts that he is an intelligent person, so do not extra handouts beyond what I leave. Even if it temporarily fails, I will not act to put out my concern. If you do act there, trust and leave the relationship that you trust. However, there are times when it is necessary to communicate, to tell, to confirm, because this judgment is a difficult place, there may be times when it does not make it well for it, so at that time I will assume the responsibility, so Prepare minimum necessary for it to be good. If you do not go through this, you will never meet a trustworthy person forever.

By the way, there may be some people called risk hedging as a minimum preparation, but that is not the case. Risk hedging is a prerequisite that something will happen on the premise that there is a risk, but I do nothing but a noisy thing in the first place. If there are people trusted, there are no risks from the beginning even if you challenge. Therefore, he risks hesitating and calls for risk and becomes trouble. The more you risk hedge, the higher the probability of failure.

It was two months after the painter's husband arrived the Wajima-covered free cup wooden land. While touching the woods, I was thinking about how to paint while watching.








木の塊から削り出す、それは確かに可能だけれども、そんなことをするんだと、それは技術力があるが故の力技かもしれないけど、そこまでしないとやはりこの非対称の形がつくれないのか、 1個しかつくれないな、量産は無理だな、元々量産するつもりはないけれど、あと2個ほど制作して、知人にあげようと思っていたので、ただ黙って受け入れて、とにかくこの形が実現することが嬉しくて、朴木地屋さんを後にすることにしたけれど、




It seemed to understand immediately as I saw it. I attempted to explain in detail the asymmetric shape drawn on this sketch from the side, but I immediately switched to a brief explanation as I looked at the state of the craftsmen of Park. It seemed like how I could already make this asymmetrical shape, so I thought that it would be better to stop talking from the side immediately.

I learned that the idea sank down deeply and deeply. I'm thinking while drawing sketches of notes on white paper. No need to do this, no, if you can not do it, do it like this, the movement of the hand says so. Those who are watching by side are happy, they think seriously.

Even so, this sketch, what I say on my own, but I have written all the dimensions I need but it is awkward. However, I seem to be able to instantly image the shape I am seeking in my head, so I do not need any supplementary explanation at all. More than that, how to make this shape is the biggest concern, until the solution is resolved, nobody can talk to it, there is only an atmosphere that is silent is flowing to the workplace, I am a painter Your husband also did not speak a word, and waiting for the words that Park Mokuchi craftsman would give next. There was a feeling of tension there, but I think this time was lovely. Because, the design I thought is going to stand up, it is also handed by first-rate craftsmen. I wonder if there is not such pleasure for designers. Because what actually threw out with heartblood pouring actually forms in reality.

Halve the asymmetrical shape of the sketch, cut out the half shape from the wood chunk, finally make one in one and cover the bottom.

Although it is certainly possible to do it, although it is certainly possible, if it does such a thing, it may be a power skill of the late although there is a technological power, but if we do not do it we can not make this asymmetrical shape again , I can make only one, mass production is impossible, I do not intend to mass-produce, but since I was thinking about making two more pieces and giving to acquaintance, just accept it silently, anyway this shape is I am happy to realize it, I decided to leave Park Parkya,

The staying time was merely 10 minutes, I just had to admire the technical power of Park Jukdo craftmen who solved this asymmetry in the last 10 minutes. It kept the liver of this sketch down, and I thought that the place I wanted to show the most was here. When I talk about the thickness of the drinking mouth, the reason why I found out is that the thinnest part will be 2 mm, although it only holds one point, it will be true even if it is only 2 mm, I will not tell it all Because I understood it.

I do not know how other people are, but there is nothing I'm happy about as this is the sketch that I draw, that will be realized as it is.















"Leave it to trust"

Even with a meeting with a bowl of woodland craftsman, what was still a problem was asymmetrical form. In Wajima coat free cup production, we first went to the place of design that can satisfy ourselves as to how to shape the wood land. Even in the case of architecture, it takes considerable effort to design images, concepts and design as a design, sketch, but it is not the end of it, rather it is real from here, in order to realize this design, design and sketch So, who is talking to, talking to whom and talking to whom, thinking about who to make it, so prepare this, tell them how it is important to know how to do that. If you mistake one of these at the stage of realization, you can not do the design, design or sketch that you gathered together, which is disappointing.

I wanted to avoid that much, because I really liked the design of this woodland. However, this time for the first time since nobody gets tired, it is only the first time for all of you to meet up, so we start with relationship creation in a short time, so we can not control as much as we actually can realize , It was like a batting turnaround.

In such cases, experience is that if the consciousness of the craftworker who undertakes the request is high and the skill is not good, it will not work. There was no other choice but to trust the artisans of Wajima.

Even in the course of producing bowls and woods, if the entire shape is symmetrical and the thicknesses are different only if you change the angle of the fleas to the rotating wood and you can do it actually I heard that there was something I had and a sample (image one) was shown.

However, that is only a story if the whole shape is symmetrical, while seeing the sketch that I brought, with the painter's owner, a bowl of woodland craftsmen, and me, how to create this asymmetric shape I was thinking about what I could do.

I thought that it is easy to make a symmetrical shape and not an asymmetrical shape if it is a way to insert fleas into rotating wood. Since the arbitrary image of how my woodland craftsman worked was the way of making bowls and woodlands, from the very beginning I began drawing sketches, I was dubious about whether this asymmetric shape could really be done, but still change the thickness Because I can do it, I thought variously and made a suggestion.

For example, 2 to 1 and so on. Make symmetrical ones separately on the left and right, half in length and combine different ones on the left and right to make one thing. Although I felt that my husband and master of a painter could do it, it seemed that bowl of woodland craftworker did not think that I could do it.

When something intrinsic that it might be possible works, most of the time, even if you do not get rushed up, you can do it, even when you do not think you can do it, I do not even think that it might be totally. I think that it is an intuition that comes from many years of experience, but it would be much appreciated by those who told me that it can not be "clear" when it can not be done.

If this person can not do, saying that it is better to quit, I always think that I want to work with someone who seems to stop obediently, so if you are a painter's owner or a bowl of woodland craftworker, So I thought obediently when a bowl of woodland craftworker said "You can not do it at home."

The rest is left to the master of the painter. Your husband seems to have other attes, so we abandoned here and decided to go to another wooden store.

However, for this bowl of woodland craftworker, feeling as professional, feeling the height of consciousness and technology, I was able to make a very pleasant meeting and the time spent at this bowl of the wooden store was short but fun It was.














"Beginning of production"

Wajima-covered free cup production was at the stage of woodland production in Wajima, while showing the sketch drawn in the Shinkansen to the master of the painter while explaining various asymmetric shapes of this free cup . At that time, I did not explain why I was thinking about this form.

Until now I have not had experience of wood land production and I was not sure how far I could produce it so I could not produce the woodland as I did in the sketch I wrote so anyway I could explain this asymmetrical shape, Perhaps he wanted to hear words like production that could be produced in the field.

In the first place, if it is impossible to produce it, why is this form, what you were thinking is nothing to do.

As my husband asked me to visit the wooden store in advance, I decided to go skating and going to the lumber store with my husband and talking with a woodland craftsman.

While thinking that this situation is the same as usual in the moving car, I was talking with the husband over the matter. Since I'd like to create something with no sense of dead vision or space, I do different things from what I have designed so far, so it is always certain that I can not say how much it is practiced by craftsmen who actually move their hands I will meet up with you.

However, in the case of construction, since we know how far it can be constructed, we will not do anything that is impossible at all in the first place, so we sometimes have to wait for feathers to be squeezed but something that we are thinking right now Those who speak frankly talk about what they want to do are raising the morale of the people who are meeting together and the path of the talk is also clear, so let's try it, it will make it easier to comment, and in the first place you can not do it from the very beginning And without saying, I work with people who think about various ways, so I think that it is better to speak frankly what I am thinking and what I'm thinking now or more.

By the way, although I am selfish thought, I do not say that a skilled craftsman can do it at first, but I think how to do it flexibly if I do this way. A craftsman who says not to be able to do it at first can not have confidence in technology or just technology.

There seem to be 4 kinds of lacquerware wooden store. Bowls making bowls and the like Birch wood lining, Bon festival curved woodlands, things to make heavyweight woodlands, Buddhist wooden buildings, etc.

The first thing I went was a wooden bamboo shop. Here, we apply a flea-like blade to rotating wood and finish it in the shape of a bowl in a blink of an eye. It is the template that decides the shape of the bowl at that time. It is said that the curvature of the curve of this template is different depending on the bowl of the wooden store. It is said to press this template against a bowl and mold it until it fits perfectly.

I first got to see the demonstration of bowl making and then started meeting. It was my first visit to this bowl of woodland craftsman, but it was a craftworker with a nice atmosphere as much as I look forward to meeting up now.












"What is beauty"

Wajima-covered free cup is made up of wood, and now we are thinking what to paint.

The most difficult way to decide the shape of the wooden cup is to narrow down the size from the drinking mouth to the part that it holds by hand. The diameter of the drinking mouth of 85 mm is too large to hold by hand. So you have to shape down to the size you can hold with your hands.

First of all, how much is the diameter of the part held by hand as the first hand crawl? In fact, initially, I was thinking about how to narrow down the shape, what kind of diaphragm should I do? But not at all. The more you think about it, the less you like it. Maybe it is because I was just thinking about how to make it look beautiful, it was just a morphological manipulation and I was only doing arbitrary tasks.

I would like to eventually shape beauty, but I think that is not the only story about how to shape.

When I started thinking about what to do with this free cup, I first referred to Jomon style pottery. Okamoto Taro liked from long ago, especially liked the view of ideas and things than works, Taro Okamoto used the beauty of the Jomon style pottery and used it to create his own work, so that was the first time I went to the head, watched materials, and actually went to the museum to see Jomon style pottery.

As I look at the Jomon style pottery, I think that it seems to be decorativeness far apart from practical use, I only think that it is only manipulating the form, but there is a unique and unique firm that seems to be boiling from the DNA of the Jomon people I feel spirituality. Surely beauty of formality is not at the end of morphological manipulation, but I thought that it could be born only from the spirituality of the making hands that can fit in there.

There was also it, I did not want to do mere arbitrary form manipulation, I tried to eliminate it thoroughly, so I faced difficulty in narrowing down the size from the drinking mouth to the hand holding it. Because thinking about throttling is merely a form manipulation.

In order to avoid arbitrary form manipulation, I wanted to superimpose something else besides the purpose of squeezing it for holding with hand. It would be even better if it was like deciding the presence of the whole cup, but it seemed difficult to think hard.

In the end, it was in the Shinkansen to Kanazawa that I wrote the sketch of the woodland that I showed to the painter of Wajima.
































"The feeling becomes a form"

From the idea that everything visible in the living space is an architecture, I make everything, and of course I love those things, so I'm pretty sure what kind of things I can get and where,

Since the specialty is architecture, I have never made lacquer ware from wood, and even though I wanted to make lacquerware from wood, I had no point.

I was planning to go to Kanazawa this January, so I thought I'd better go to Wajima if I could go. If you go to Wajima, go to famous morning market, and hit one lacquerware shop out there, think vaguely that it will be some opportunity.

Because the evening was already arrived at Wajima, the hit was already dark, so it seemed that only the restaurant was open, so there is no habit of the land, I thought about eating something delicious for tomorrow, I made a reservation for a nearby restaurant from a business hotel.

The general who seemingly unfaithfully seats at the counter busy moving around. He was drinking relaxing sake along with the relish of the feature. It came to Kanazawa once long ago, but Noto was the first time since there was nothing around the hotel, there was only a shop for that cuisine, so the neighborhood was dark, but the light of this shop made me relax .

When I was thinking about how to get a bottle of local sake after one more hollowing, I wonder if the peak of the busyness of the store has passed, the general who held the glass containing beer on his right cheeks Loosen while standing in front of you through the counter,

"Where are you from?"

I was talking to him.
That tone is soft, friendly, and it was completely different from the impatient feeling until a while ago. Because, I have hardly talked to you until now, and never came.

The only time when ordering late server,

It is said that "There is no mackerel today."

"Well, if it returns,"

Later on, the paddle

"Because I could not get out of the server, this service was said to be out and it was about to show out.

Normally it is from "Tokyo is the story" And the story to that, it originally thought that the general came around the country, only the kitchen knife in front of the flow, whether it was to open the shop here, or really, I wanted to retire, but inevitably I was planning to retire I was asked to start shop now.

While talking about such a thing, lacquerware is nice in the stream, after talking, the general took the lacquerware that the shop is using at the counter.

Because I am also Wajima and I like lacquerware, I compare what I made custom-made and what I paint in a dishwasher and what the luster of lacquer is not much.

"We make it custom-made"

I said, I wanted to talk about myself, trying to make lacquerware from wood. Since I do not have any sheen, I should go into a lacquer store somewhere and find a place to make it.

If you ask the general to "Do you make it?"

"It's going to hit your thoughts,"

About one or two lacquer ware you want to make, roughly custom-made from wood land, would not make it unless you ask a certain number to a certain extent, since the general is used in the shop, so it can be custom-made Because I thought, it was an unexpected reply.

"Please tell me the place where you made the special lacquerware"

I tried to think on purpose. My intuition worked.

However, the general is good, I did not say it was bad, I went somewhere. Although I was a guest, I thought with a head that got drunk, thinking that it would be easy to teach a stranger to teach, so I started to drink alone, tomorrow, where I went to a lacquer warehouse.

After a while, the lady of the store was probably a general lady, and handed out small pieces of paper. When I think of something, there is a phone number and the name of a lacquer ware store from the general.

The general also came down to a beer with one hand,

"Because there are only people related to lacquerware, this town is also in the shop."

The image is a woodland that was made at the lacquer store's painter. That lacquer warehouse was a powerful place in Wajima, so I shaped my thought properly.

Next month is my third visit, I swallow at the general shop every time.


















"Making from wood land"

I am working on a cup of Wajima coat now.

When I told that my husband of Gojo pottery store I met in Kyoto wanted a lacquer bowl, I looked for something, but there was not anything I liked, the lacquer warehouse on the upper floor of the shop There was something I made a bowl there, guided by being there.

At that time, several types of wooden bowls were prepared in advance, we chose from among them and asked only for lacquer painting.

Black lacquer and vermillion as well as gold and silver lacquer and white lacquer were found.

Of course you can not touch the shape of the bowl, so I chose two from the woodland and thought about how to color the lacquer freely.

I did not have a bowl that I liked, but I can devise how to color the lacquer, so if you think about how to distinguish the color of the lacquer well using that shape, it will be satisfactory when finally finished , I thought.

However, this was a difficult flight unexpectedly.

Even though you imagine in the head, considering how to color and divide lacquer, it does not come nicely in any way.

It may be impossible for us to have experience so far but it was caused by being unable to fiddle the shape of the bowl without relation to experience.

When applying to the case of architecture, I think that thinking about how to color the lacquer can be replaced with thinking what to do with the color of the exterior wall, but in my case, I do not think about extracting only the color of the exterior wall While alternating between plan and erection of architecture, thinking about the shape of architecture, at the same time thinking about the material and color of the outer wall.

Therefore, considering only the way of coloring lacquer is equal to just painting, it is not enough, it becomes a work that supplements somehow the shape of the wooden which I do not like,

Because it makes a bowl of lacquer which I want, it is going far apart, so it has become something I can not make it even if I think about how much.

Although the bowl in the image was completed, as a result, there was a desire to do all that can be done at that time, so it was finished in a satisfactory range, but something was not enough in the next time The feeling of wanting to make lacquerware from wood land grows steadily and gradually becomes stronger. I am going directly to Wajima now and asking the painter a cup of Wajima from the creation of woodland.

So, I plan to go to Wakajima's painter next month and plan to consult about my third visit and painting, now I'm sticking and thinking a lot.


















"Cigar Socket"

Rover Mini does not have genuine cigar socket, it is a non-smoking car riding 23 years since 1995 with a new car, but still needed to charge the iPhone, to come here to install. . .

Last year, at the car shop asking for maintenance of all the company cars that had been requesting maintenance of mini for 22 years, engine stopped with Ston while idling, it was possible to repair without parts However, from the circumstances that I brought it to the mini specialty repair factory that I was introduced, when I contacted the repair shop to install the cigar socket, it was "troublesome".

There is space beforehand looking into the panel of the dashboard so that cigar socket can be incorporated. Since it is disgusting how to install it feeling that it is a retrofit everything, since most people take money, if you tell the repair shop that you want to install there, we will install only the socket with feet on the feet. Because it is disgusting because it is indeed a post-attachment feeling.

After all, there are those who think the same thing, if a mini specialized maintenance factory that installs cigar socket at the position of the panel of the dashboard comes out when searching on the net, if you inquire by email about 30 minutes from home As a matter of course, as ordinary, ordinary underwriting, to leave the mini in 2 days 1 night.

(Image 1st sheet: Installed with a green frame (from maintenance plant blog))

When seeing the real thing of the cigar socket at the maintenance factory, a green frame is attached to the socket mouth. Since the panel of the dashboard is black, its green is conspicuously unnatural, and it does not become familiar with the dashboard.

I "Green of that frame, are there no other colors?"
The mechanic "There is nothing, this green only"
I "Can not you take that green frame?"
Maintenanceist "If there is no green frame there will not fit firmly on the dashboard."

Perhaps the mechanic's person seemed to notice, why am I talking about the green frame?

Maintenance mechanic "Maybe later you will paint this green frame black, and if so, the dashboard is black, so it's not strange"
I "Please, please paint black, what do you paint?"
Maintenanceist "To scratch the paint, scratch the green frame with a paper and spray it."
I "Well, if you're bald, you can paint with oily magic,"
Maintenance professional "That's right"

(2nd image: After installation completed)

Although I am not stuck with genuine, I do not want to add extra items, I like the feeling at the time I purchased, I want to ride, I want to ride, I do not want to put extra hands, replace only consumable deterioration items.

There is no car navigation, no ETC, no CD, what is a cassette and radio. You only need to use the mobile navigation software, just give out the ETC card at the tollgate and listen to the music from the mobile. But, it is necessary just for cigar socket for mobile charging, if only installing it, it seems as if there was there originally from there.

From now on, we will not ask the repair shop to say that repair or vehicle inspection "is troublesome".

Even if it is one cigar socket, thinking without negotiating is to think that it is the idea of ​​a person treating an important thing carefully, I understand it, I think that it is professional that we can properly deal with it properly like normal, so also I Because I am doing, I would like to ask those people who want to go out with those people.